Supergirl – Saved by the Lead

Last night was the premiere of CBS’s Supergirl and I had my reservations. Some of my those were not too far off, but overall it was an enjoyable show to watch and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Let’s start off with the bad so that way we end things on a positive note shall we. A big problem for most pilots is there has to be a lot of exposition and repetition so the names and functions of the characters don’t get lost. The premier of Supergirl was no exception. We had to meet Kara Zor-El and her relationship to Kal-El and why she hasn’t been around this whole time. Then we flash forward and meet present day Kara and all the crazy cast of people she works around and the whole love triangle thing that will happen soon. Kara is happy to be just kinda normal because the world already has Superman in it and so why over crowd things (subtle stab at Marvel?). But then things happen and she gets the rush of being a hero. Now Kara wants to save the world less than 12 hours after claiming she totally wanted to fit in. Then we have a villain, who is working for another villain, who is actually working for another villain. And everything is Kara’s fault because her mother sent those guys to prison because they were bad people. Somehow they hitched a ride on Kara’s pod when she finally made it to Earth and have been here the whole time, but they are only just now causing havoc cause the plot told them they needed to wait for Kara to want to be a hero first. Oh, and there is a military branch her sister secretly worked for all this time that is dedicated to containing the alien threats and protecting people from them. Hold on I need a second to catch my breath.

Other bad is contrived conflict and dialogue. Dialogue has been an issue for other comic based shows like Arrow, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, and Gotham. Is dialogue a problem because people have to talk about superheroes and powers like they are real and doing it with a straight face? The forced conflicts were what got me a little. Like the whole shocking reveal that Kara’s sister, Alex, has been working for the military group for a long time. All she had to do was sit Kara down and say “hey, this group exists and they know all about you. They are leery of you using their powers because they are afraid it will draw out some seriously bad people. But if you decide you need to fight the good fight, let me know and maybe we can figure out a way to train you so you can kick some ass with us. Oh, and we have this message here from you mom that you might want to see eventually.” But having that conversation meant we wouldn’t have that whole sisters all sad at each other moment, and then they hug because they love each other and girl power, yay.

Also, Calista Flockhart’s discount Miranda Priestly was kinda blah. She came off as a cut-and-paste bitchy boss, nothing we haven’t seen many times before. Hopefully things get a bit better with her as she grows into the role and makes it her own.

The good. Melissa Benoist is perfect as Kara Jor-El. She is sweet, smart, and I want her as my friend. Not just because she could fly me around if I am running late or spy on a possible cheating boyfriend for me, but because she is one of those people that makes you happy when you are around them. She exudes the cheerful feels. Plus she just strikes me as one of those who loves to go to both balls-out crazy action movies and rom-coms and will laugh at the silly-awesomeness of those movies with you, which is the perfect movie buddy by the way. Benoist’s Kara saves the show.

Mehcad Brooks’ James Olsen was good too, but we didn’t get to know him too much other than he is a handy co-worker to have around when they boss is about to fire you.

I look forward to seeing how Supergirl works out the kinks, as all new shows have to do, and grow into something fun to watch each week. There are some issues, yes, but I’m hoping that is just because it is the first episode jitters.

What did you think of the Supergirl premiere? Was it too clunky for you? Do you want to be best friends with Kara too? Let me know in the comments section.

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