Agents of SHIELD – In the Desert, You Can’t Remember Your Name

Spoilers for “4,722 Hours”

And the heartbreaks continue for Fitzsimmons fans like me. Last night’s episode was all about Jemma and her survival on the planet the monolith took her to and why she desperately needs to go back.

Quickie Summary:

The episode starts with the last moments of the season two finale when Fitz finally asks Jemma out and she says yes, and then gets swallowed by the monolith. We pick up with Jemma first arriving at the desert wasteland of a planet, and in the beginning she relies on her sciencey skills and curiosity to learn about where she is at and stays put because her training and faith in Fitz has told her to, but she knows she has to find food and water eventually. While in search of water, she gets into a sandstorm which nearly buries her. Not all is bad. She does manage to find water and food with in the water!

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter

While she is finding ways to survive, she is leaving messages on her phone for Fitz detailing her time there and looking at his picture for hope. Unfortunately, Jemma gets caught in a trap which drops her into a cage in an underground bunker. There is another human on the planet! But he keeps Jemma in the cage and feeds her some pretty suspect looking food. Jemma being smarter than your average bear manages a quick escape to the outside only to be caught in another storm. The man drags her back to the cave after panicking and telling her “it can smell blood!”

Meet Will. He is an astronaut sent by NASA into the monolith back in 2001 with a team of scientists to study the planet while NASA finds a way to bring them back and hopefully find answers to better space travel. While exploring the planet, the scientists go crazy due to a thing hunting getting into their minds and they kill themselves off. Will is the only one to survive and has been living underground off of the rations and equipment NASA sent with him. He was not sure if Jemma was a real person or the creature out in the wilderness looking to finish him off, hence the cage.

Will is all about the doom and gloom and tells Jemma there is no way off the planet so they may as well just survive together. Jemma still believes Fitz will find a way to rescue them and is not going to be deterred from exploring more of the planet by Will. She goes into the no fly zone only to find the bones and possessions of those who came before her and gets an idea as to how to get back. She also sees the thing Will was talking about and hauls ass back to camp. No matter, Jemma will track the stars using Will’s NASA computer and the last bit of battery on her phone Fitz had engineered to last for a super long time to map out where the portal will open up next. The rub, the computer will kill the phone, and no more Fitz for her to talk to.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter

Jemma manages to find where the next portal will show, but there is a small ravine in the way. Will is on it and builds a way to get them across. Only when they get there, it is not the small ravine Will swears it was before, it is a huge canyon. Plan B is shooting a message in a bottle into the portal so Fitz has the info to get them out, but that fails as well when the bottle shatters after hitting the area where the portal closed just a millisecond before. No more Fitz and no more hope to getting home, Jemma turns to Will for comfort.

Weeks later after developing a relationship, Will and Jemma venture out of their little cave of love to see the sunrise. Before the sun can rise, Jemma sees the flare Fitz fired into the portal before jumping down into it. Jemma grabs Will and they start to run towards the flare, but a sandstorm comes thru and the creature appears to try and keep them from leaving. Will yells for Jemma to run, there is a gunshot, and we hear Fitz screaming for Jemma.

Cut back to the present day with Jemma finish telling story of her survival to Fitz. Fitz being the man we love, shows Jemma that he is willing to work to get Will back because he knows that there is no way Jemma will be able live with herself if she left Will behind to die. We last see Will standing in the sunlight with his empty gun and walking off back to the bunker as the suns quickly sets.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

Can I have Fitz engineer my phone so my battery will last more than 12 hours?

Jemma screaming for the sun kinda broke me a little, but the “you’re dinner, biatch” was just so adorable.

Jemma said that the portal opens at different times and that is how she got pulled thru. I still don’t understand that because the monolith seemed to only go all liquidy and open when Inhumans were present, but somehow Jemma was able to detect when the monolith was going to open again. I don’t understand, will someone explain that to me.

With Jemma noting that Will’s equipment was ancient and she asked what year he came thru, I for some reason half expected him to say something like 1969 not 2001. His awe over her phone was pretty damn funny. Technology is developing at warp speed it seems.

Random Pics

It struck me as strange that when Jemma came back thru, she behaved at times like she was recovering from constantly being hunted, but we only see her make contact with the creature a couple of times. Her reactions to bright lights and her taste buds adjusting make a lot of sense being on a world where there is no light and having to survive on NASA rations.

I know there are a lot of people who are angry with Jemma for taking comfort with Will, and I am a little irked that we will eventually have to deal with a love triangle between Jemma, Fitz, and Will when they rescue him (and you know they will rescue him). But the progression of the relationship does make sense, they became friends and did rely on each other heavily to survive. During that time, what helped to keep Jemma going was the knowledge that Fitz was on the other side looking for a way to get her back. His photo and the videos of him and her friends at SHIELD kept those thought strong in her mind. She was willing to sacrifice seeing Fitz and the videos because she knew that she would get the portal and get home. During her sessions with Andrew, she told him she lost hope of getting home. When they missed their opportunity to get home or get a message out, that was the moment Jemma talked about and she needed comfort. Will was saying sweet things about having hope again because of her and I don’t blame her for wanting to lose herself in another person, especially when he is the only person who understood how she was feeling. But the second she saw that flare, she just knew it was Fitz and all she could think about was getting home to him. I think she loves Will for the comfort and companionship he gave her, but I also think that her heart will always be with Fitz. Those first moments back on Earth, she glued herself to Fitz and took comfort in his tenacity to get her back. She even tried to think about getting back to normal, but at the dinner when Fitz ordered the wine, all she could think about was the wine her and Will shared just before seeing the flare and the fact that she left him behind. That is when she started to work on getting the portal open again and most likely confessed to Bobbie everything so she would help.

Fitz may be heartbroken over her moving on with another man, but he understands that he needs to help Jemma get Will back because he knows that she can’t just move on if Will might still be alive and Will kept Jemma alive so Fitz could find her. He feels like he owes Will.

Now for the big kicker about Will. I think he is an Inhuman and the thing we saw in the sandstorms. When Jemma first gets caught in the sandstorm, there was not creature in there stalking her. She was nearly buried in the sand, but she survived just fine. Will was the one to tell her about the creature and the moods of the planet causes the storms. The look on his face when she said maybe you are the one with the moods, not the planet, was a little hostile and at first I thought it was because she didn’t believe him, now not so much. When Will recounted the story of how he became stranded, he tells her about the creature got into the other’s heads causing their deaths, but we see Will killing one of his crew in flashback. We are made to believe it was out of self-defense, but what if it wasn’t? The only times Jemma saw the creature in the sandstorm was when she was without Will or he was out of view. With the exception of the first one she was caught in, the only times the storms start up is when Jemma gets too far from Will. When she initially escaped from him, when she went into the no fly zone, and when she started to get too close to the flare Fitz sent thru just before he came in to get her. When she was running to the flare and saw the creature, it looked like an astronaut and was covered in blood, was that Will showing her his true nature to scare her back to him? I think Will was an already made Inhuman and had been living on that planet for some time. Jemma did say that the no fly zone looked like people were being sent there to be sacrificed. When the NASA astronauts came thru, he killed them. When Jemma came around, he saw someone that he could maybe build a life with on the planet so he took on the persona of one of the other astronauts did everything he could to keep her there with him. He lied and said that the ravine was something small he could get them across, but he knew it was a huge canyon and they would not make it. He also seemed to delay shooting off the message in the bottle until it was just too late. Will may have let Jemma go because he knew that she was still thinking of Fitz and would not give up hope.

What did you guys think of last night’s Agents of SHIELD? Do you think Jemma was justified in taking comfort in Will? Did you heartbreak for Fitz when they showed to two cots pushed together? What do you think of my theory on Will? Let me know in the comments section.

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