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Spoilers for “Devil’s Night”

Before we get to the strangest party this side of Voodoo Fest, I kinda need to vent for a second about Alex. I know she is not real, but I still really hope John kills her for being the worst mother on this show (and that is saying a lot).

Alex brings Holden home only for him to eat their dog. She freaks and brings him back to the hotel so he can sleep in his coffin. Alex meets The Countess who explains to Alex that Holden ran off with her because he felt neglected by his father. She continues to explain that Holden is infected by an ancient virus that makes them all sensitive to sunlight, crave blood, and never age. Alex demands, at gun point no less, that The Countess change him back, but they both know that is not going to happen. He is what he is now. The Countess offers Alex a position to work for her and give her undying loyalty and in return she will let Alex be with Holden forever. Alex being a horrible mother and forgetting that she has another child who needs her decides to go ahead and do it. She is a stupid selfish woman and I hope she gets what she deserves on the show.

I feel so bad for poor Scarlett. She starts off with a dad that is not really all that present due to work and a mother who very obviously loves her brother more than her. Then she loses her brother whom she loved very much and her family falls apart from grief. Her mother kicks her dad out and he starts to go insane. Then her mother abandons her for her undead brother. Poor girl has no one to love and look after her. Hopefully her grandmother is a really nice lady.

Now on to the big story, the Devil’s Night Dinner Party!

Image Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story: Hotel

Image Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story: Hotel

John is having a very bad day after realized the sweet Mrs. Evers lost her son on Halloween to the Wineville Chicken Coop Killer. The thing of it is, those murders took place nearly 90 years ago. John freaks the fuck out (and who can blame him after Sally disappears on him when he tries to take her in and now this) and decides he is going to get really drunk cause to hell with control. While getting all sorts of sloshed on Liz Taylor’s mean martinis, John meets a woman who looks just like Aileen Wuornos. They continue to drink and rile each other up until she gets him to take her up to his room. Liz attempts to step in and says that he is too drunk to see how ugly she is, John claims he is too drunk to care. After a lot of fighting between the two in the room (she really hates cops and he really hates getting beat up after promises of sex), John gets a look at her ID which says that she is in fact Aileen. John has another bit of a freak out and goes to the front desk to call his people in to bring her in, but he gets an invitation to Mr. March’s Devil’s Night Dinner Party instead. Every year on Halloween, Mr. March invites his protégés (the ones who are dead at least, I’m sure there is more out there alive and going) to his hotel for dinner and dessert. At dinner Aileen apologizes to John and he gets to meet John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Jeffery Dahmer, and the Zodiac killer, who hilariously enough is wearing a paper bag over his head because he was never caught and he does not want anyone to know what he looks like even in death (why ruin the mystery).

While John is cuffed to his chair and way too drunk to hold himself upright, the group of killers start off their party with a pretty young boy for Dahmer make his forever and the dessert is a ritualistic stabbing of a high-as-a-kite Suit Sally brought in for them as payment for her room at the hotel for the next year. John is frightened and sickened by their actions. Mr. March just waves him off with disappointment. He tried to make John see beyond what his eyes tell him and open his mind to the supernatural things going on in the hotel, but John is just not ready yet (he is not one of them just yet). He wakes up still cuffed to the chair in the same room, but it is dark and empty except for Sally who has been trying to wake him. She tells him that no one has been in this room and she came in because she could hear him screaming and crying. Sally tells him that she is his protector. John believes her and allows her to lead/carry him back to his room. As they are going we get a glimpse of the party, still raging on, and Mr. March gives John a look as if to say “see you soon.”

I know John deals with some very dark stuff, but is he capable of going to the dark side? With everything happening with Holden and Alex, I think he could be very capable of turning himself over to those darker urges and become Mr. March’s new protégé. The things keeping John from fully slipping is his daughter and the belief that what he is seeing is not real and some drunken or stressed filled delusion. Once he loses one or both of those, it is buh-bye nice guy John and hello crazy killer Lowe.

Now I am wondering if the Ten Commandments Killer is one of Mr. March’s and he is reaching out to John because he sees himself in him and hopes Lowe will finally be the one who can stop him.

What did you think of last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel? Were you creeped out by the dinner party antics of Dahmer? Do you kinda hate Alex too or am I over reacting to a character? Let me know in the comments section. Sorry for using Wikipedia links for all the different killer’s info. I had to get this written quickly and didn’t have time to find better sites.

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