Best lines from South Park “Tweek x Craig”

Tweek and Craig were picked by the Asian girls at school as the subject of their Yaoi paintings. This is such an interesting phenomenon to me. I see Yaoi all the time on tumblr (mostly it is Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as the subjects) and to each his or her own, but it is a bit strange. Turns out that there has been Tweek and Craig yaoi art floating around the internet ever since the first time they fought many, many episodes ago and they have been dubbed Creek. There is also Kyle and Cartman fan fiction (dubbed Kyman) as well. I would post a link to some of the sites that I found, but it is some pretty hard core stuff. Just Google it if you really want to see it.

South Park managed to really pull out the stops with this episode. With Creek work floating all over the school, all of the adults assume the boys are gay and feel proud of how well they can accept them (except for Craig’s father). The boys at school are confused as to why the girls would pick those two even though they are not gay. The Peter Gabriel and A Great Big World music montages were just perfect and surprisingly gave me all sorts of romantic and heartbreaking feels.

The Best Lines from “Tweek x Craig”

P.C. Principal:

“Damnit Leslie, shut your f@%king mouth!” Even thou she is sitting quietly for a change.

“Now Craig, what would you say if you wanted to take a gander at Tweek’s asshole?”

“There’s not going to be any disciplinary actions since they are gay. We just want to be supportive, so we are just going to send them all home with some money.”

Cupid Cartman:

“You just need a little spark of magic (teehee) and then I’m gonna pee in your mouth. (hehe) Love is in the air!”

The best lines of the night were from Randy who was trying so hard to prove to everyone that he is super knowledgeable about being gay:

“Yeah, of course. Yaoi, anal intercourse, maui-zaui. I know all this stuff, Stan.” After Stan asked him if he has ever heard of Yaoi.

Trying to educate Craig’s father about what makes him gay, “you know a lot of people think the Asians decide who’s gay and who’s not, but it isn’t all Asians. It’s just specifically the Japanese, okay. Why do the Japanese make some people gay and others not? Well it goes back to World War II and atrocities that happened in China called the Rape of Don King.”

What did you think of “Tweek x Craig?” Did you know about yaoi before this episode? Let me know in the comments section. Just so you guys know, the art was made by fans after Trey Parker and Matt Stone put out a call for it.

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