Quantico – Who is not hooking up while in training?

Spoilers for “The God”

Quickie Recap:

No wonder Grand Central Station ended up as a pile of rubble, the NATs were too busy getting it on during training to learn how to be good FBI agents. The sexy times continue for our coupled up NATs and we also find out Natalie and another NAT are hooking up on the side and Simon finally tells Nimah/Raina he is not gay. The NATs are supposed to be learning how to do surveillance, but really they are just learning about how much they can get it on.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Simon and Raina continue to make eyes at one another and Nimah does her a solid by sending him to their room for alone time while Nimah does the surveillance work even though Raina wants to follow the rules and not get too close to anyone. Simon tells Raina he pretends to be gay to set boundaries with people. Raina feels the same way about boundaries until she meets someone worth taking them down for. To prove her point she takes off her hijab and they share a really sweet kiss. Good times don’t last long when Simon comes to pick up Nimah for a walk and ends up seen the two of them trying to switch places. Simon freaks, hits his head, and knocks himself out. Nimah stays behind to look after him while Raina goes to get Miranda. While he is knocked out, Nimah locks Simon in the bathroom and he is all sorts of pissed off when he comes to.

Caleb wines like the bitch that he is about Shelby just using him for sex and pouts when she tells him she is going on a date with another man. He thinks it is a NAT named Brandon and uses his position of authority during a training exercise to send him off on a wild goose chase to ruin the date. Turns out Natalie is dating Brandon and Shelby was lying to him. She really likes Caleb and needs to keep him at arm’s length in order to concentrate on becoming an agent.

Even though it is super obvious many NATs are hooking up, Miranda does not notice because her son, Charlie, has been released from juvie into her custody. Miranda is afraid to leave her son at home by himself due to his lack of remorse about nearly shooting up his school. He accuses Miranda of setting him up by saying he was going to shoot up the school so she can send him away, but she found a note he wrote and saw the gun in his bag which is why she had him arrested. Liam tries to intervene and talk to Charlie, but the kid is super angry about the death of his father and Liam no longer coming around when Miranda kicked his ass to the curb. So Miranda devises a pretty genius (or a pretty crazy) plan to have the NATs spy on her so they can learn that things are not what they seem.

Ryan and Alex are paired together to bug Miranda’s house. Liam catches Ryan and manages to spill the beans on Ryan’s now defunct assignment to watch Alex. Alex decides she can’t share a bathroom with Ryan anymore since they loved to use that shower for some morning hookups and switches with Natalie who looks more than happy to share a shower with Ryan despite her shower times with Brandon. Alex asks Liam why she Ryan was assigned to keep an eye on her and he gives her a BS excuse that she thankfully does not buy and bugs his office.

In the present time, Caleb is using the FBI super surveillance software to look for evidence of Alex planting a bomb at Grand Central despite the fact that his father, Deputy Director Clayton (!!!!), is also working on the case. It is FBI policy, family members cannot work on the same cases. Clayton is not happy about Caleb in New York working the case, but Caleb sets Clayton in his place by pointing out the FBI trained Alex, Liam has a big history with her, and Clayton is going thru a midlife crisis (read: having an affair on his wife with Shelby). Maybe that policy can be shelved for this one. Caleb, as usual, uses his position for his own purposes and finds evidence of the affair between Shelby and Clayton to delete it and cover for his dad. He also manages to find video of one of the twins at Grand Central two days before the bombing! Dun dun duuuuunnnn!

Acting Shady:

Nimah and Raina are now at the top of the list! I’m not sure what happened with the two of them at Quantico after (presumably) Simon outs that they are twins, but everyone seems shocked as hell to see them in New York.

Liam takes the next slot on the list with the lame story to Alex about making sure she was there for the right reasons and that she didn’t show some of the danger signs her father apparently showed. Liam’s story about Michael Parrish keeps flip-flopping. First Liam tells Alex that he never knew her father. That was a big time lie, the two of them apparently got into all sorts of trouble together. Then he gives Alex a file telling her he was essentially a hero, which he might have been a good agent, but all the other not so good stuff was edited out. Then he tells her that her father showed some signs of danger and he needed to monitor her to see if she was going to be the same way. It is a wonder he actually thinks that she buys his latest story. I wonder why he panic called Clayton.

Shelby’s affair with Clayton makes me really doubt her. He is the main guy in charge of hunting Alex down, he had Simon try and lure her in, and he ordered the other agents to shoot on site when she took his lover, Shelby, hostage. How can she carry on with that guy and still want to help Alex? It is also pretty strange that she claims in an earlier episode that she was out of town when the bombs were set off, but it turns out she was at a hotel (with Clayton) that was not far from Grand Central at the time and well within the distance to set off the charges.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed.

Simon is always on this list even though he really didn’t do anything too suspicious this week, but Miranda did tell the twins to not get close to anyone, especially Simon. Why does Miranda not trust Simon?

Who can Alex Trust?

That list keeps dwindling. Ryan seems to be the only one who does not have some other thing going on the side, but he may not be any help anytime soon after Natalie snoops thru his phone and outs him as her contact at the FBI to Liam. Shelby is having an affair with the Deputy Director and Simon is Simon.

Who is Guilty of What?

Shelby mentions something about Caleb’s past when she is panicking over him being in New York. What happened in his past that has her all freaked out?

I really like Johanna Braddy. I loved her character in UnREAL, but I really hate Shelby. I would love it if the writers would just kill the character off soon so we don’t have any more of her sorry ass drama on the show. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but her taste in men makes me hate her. Plus it all makes her look pretty damn guilty of the bombing.

Charlie is denying that he was ever going to shoot up the school, but like a said earlier, Miranda found a note and a gun in his bag. I think it was a suicide note she interpreted as a manifesto and he was going to the school that day to kill himself. The poor kid lost his father, his mother works all the time, and the one guy he bonded with was sleeping with his mom and ran off when she dumped him. Now that his is out, he is talking to someone in a chat room. It could be some kids he made friends with in juvie that he is talking thru his issues with, or he could be contacting the people Miranda assumes is a terrorist group and is going to plan something.

What did you think of last night’s Quantico? So far we have Simon, Shelby, Clayton, and Nimah/Raina as the possible bombers. Are there any other names you would add to that list? Next week I think we are getting to the events which lead to Simon getting thrown out of Quantico. Any guesses as to what may happen? Let me know in the comments section.

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