Supergirl – Stronger the Second Time Around

Spoilers for “Stronger Together”

This week’s episode of Supergirl had a much better go of it. The pilot had its ups and downs, but overall the show was enjoyable enough to come back for more. After this week’s episode, I am pretty excited for next week. The set up for the tone of the series was done in a much better way and it seems like there is going to be a lot of the girl power message (which I am all for), but also the value of the team and working your way up to being a badass.

The episode starts with the DEO putting Supergirl thru her paces when Winn calls and tells her about a big fire down at them marina. As soon as she gets there she attempts to blow the fire out (her cousin would have had the fire out by now), but that was making things worse. She decides to move the tanker of oil away from the fire so it does not explode, but ends up causing an oil spill.

Photo Courtesy of CBS and Supergirl Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of CBS and Supergirl Twitter Feed

Cat expresses her disappointment to Kara telling her that Supergirl needs to “calm the hell down,” in a great speech that made me start to love Calista’s better take on Cat. The series finally pointed out the obvious from episode one. Kara saves a plane and stops a super powered bad guy, but Kara can’t go from wanting to be normal to big time hero overnight. It is like any other job out there. Starting at the bottom with the basics is the best way to go and learn how to not only use the powers, but keep from getting too overzealous and making mistakes. This show did the most brilliant thing it could do by pointing that out and be able to reset itself to work at the basics. What makes a hero interesting when introducing them is seeing how they learn their powers and evolve into a much more mature character as the show matures into something great to watch each week.

The idea that Kara wants to work in a team as opposed to Superman wanting to go it alone really makes me happy because this means a lot less of the whole martyr syndrome Superman has a tendency to display which is one of my biggest problems with characters like him. It is okay to work as a team to keep everyone safe and backup is great when in a pinch. Kara can work with James and Winn to get the little stuff right and the DEO with Alex (who kicks serious ass all on her own) to learn more about her powers and what they are up against.

The only thing I feel like the show jumped the gun on is the first confrontation between Astra and Kara. This is probably an altercation that could have been built up to for the winter finale or even the season finale if done right. Maybe they wanted us to see how inexperienced Kara is at the beginning so when they have their next exchange, it will be more of a big deal. Still it came too early in the series for my tastes.

There was a quick glimpse of Peter Facinelli as Maxwell Lord bringing up the excellent point about escalation of crime now that there is a super powered being in National City. He is not wrong. Look at how much damage the fight between Superman and Zod did! Look at Gotham after the appearance of Batman! I am guessing Lord is going to be popping up a lot after more of the super beings that came here in Fort Rozz start to make more public appearances.

Photo Courtesy of CBS and Supergirl Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of CBS and Supergirl Twitter Feed

Kara gets a Fortress of Solitude like place inside the DEO where she can talk to the living memory of her mother much like how Superman did in Man of Steel with his father.

Kryptonite, never leave the base without it.

What the hell is up with Henshaw’s eyes? Why did they glow red all of a sudden? Did I miss something?

What did you guys think of last night’s Supergirl? Did you think it was a huge improvement over the pilot? Do you think they rushed into the first fight between Kara and Astra too fast? Are you happy to see Facinelli back on your TV? Let me know in the comments section below.

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