Agents of SHIELD – So far one of my theories is right!

Spoilers for “Among us Hide…”

At lease Agents of SHIELD didn’t drag out that mystery for too long, but we will get to that in a second. First…

Quickie Recap:

Andrew is alive!!!! He tells Coulson and May that the SHIELD agent following him was able to distract the Hydra goons enough for him to escape before the explosion was set off. Glad to see Blair Underwood sticking around for a while longer.

Hunter is unceremoniously fired from hunting Ward down after his bull in the china shop approach nearly gets Andrew killed, so he starts to tag along with Daisy and Mack who think Banks is Lash. After icing him in broad daylight, Hunter brings Banks back to Daisy and Mack so they can test his blood for Inhuman DNA (which is negative) and they manage to find the name of the facility they ATCU uses as a cover.

Coulson decides he has had enough of the dance and decides he is going to go and see the ATCU facility one way or another. After attempting to divert him and making strives to get him to like her, Rosalind caves and takes him to the facility to see her cause. The Inhumans they find alive, the ATCU puts in a stasis gel to keep them and their families’ safe while she finds a cure. Daisy, Mack, and Hunter were able to look in on the encounter, but not hear the subsequent conversation. Daisy wants nothing more to do with the ATCU after seeing what they do.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter Feed

May is now in charge of finding Ward and she pulls Bobbie off of the sidelines to come and help her. Since Strucker Jr. went into the wind after the failed attempt on Andrew’s life, May and Bobbie decide to go and track him down as a lead to Ward’s new whereabouts. Unfortunately Ward is also looking for the kid, he knows too much and needs to be dealt with. Strucker Jr. goes to the mysterious Gideon Malick for help and he does help poor young baddie wannabe into an early grave by handing him over to Ward. Malick wants Ward to remember which side he chose when it comes time for Malick to call on Ward for help. Before the Hydra goons can fully dispose of Baron Von Younger, May and Bobbie come flying in and were able to talk to the kid before his death. He does not spill the beans on Ward, but he does manage to tell a very different story about the near death of Andrew. There was a SHIELD agent tailing Andrew, but he was quickly killed and Andrew ended up shifting into Lash (!!!!!) and killing off the other Hydra goons before setting the explosion himself.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

I think maybe 5% of the show’s viewers were shocked by the Andrew is Lash reveal, but thankfully the show didn’t try to drag that one out for too long. Why is Andrew so intent to kill Inhumans? I get that he doesn’t want to kill Daisy because she is out there doing good things, but what about the others? They can do some serious good themselves as well.

We have both May and Bobbie back in the field and this just gives me all the happies. Daisy is a great badass in training, but I really missed the fully-fledged women badasses.

Anyone remember Joey? Where is he hiding at?

I'm still a part of the show?!?! Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD

I’m still a part of the show?!?!

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD

Hunter advised Fitz to not work too hard on bringing Will back because you don’t buy your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend a plane ticket so he can visit from Phoenix (that is a really specific example there, Hunter). Fitz is at least following the spirit of the advice and doing some serious research into Will.

I’m so happy Powers Booth is on the show for a while! That dude knows how to be a serious baddie.

Lincoln is still alive and still talking to Daisy, but not giving up his location. Good thing too cause Andrew is lurking around corners listening in.

So Rosalind wants to hold all of the Inhumans so she can find a cure for them and she does this because she lost her husband to cancer. She does not want to see a whole bunch of other families lose their loved ones to an incurable condition. I want to believe her and I think Coulson does as well, but I feel like we should take what she says with a very small grain of salt. She is the ultimate spy and manipulator, plus she already told Coulson that she wanted him to like her. She does say this so he will react to how she is dealing with Inhumans better, but I think she wants the nice feelings so he will turn many blind eyes to the truth later. I think Daisy is going to be the voice of reason in Coulson’s ear about Rosalind, hopefully he will listen.

What did you think of last night’s Agents of SHIELD? Are you glad they didn’t drag the Lash mystery out for too long? Do you trust Rosalind’s story? How do you think May is going to react when she confronts Andrew? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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