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Spoilers for “Room Service”

I don’t know how, but I managed to hate Alex even more by the end of this episode to the point that I want to fast forward thru any scenes she is in. While transitioning, Alex goes to care for her dying measles patient, Max. In a fever or panic, she decides to give Max some of her blood to keep him from dying cause the whole Hippocratic Oath does not apply if it is a child. Max gets all better and is sent home where he drains his parents dry before going to school and turning a bunch of his fellow students who in turn drain several of the teachers dry. The school was placed on lockdown, but the police assume the children are victims in the attack and not the perpetrators so they are sent home.

Of course Alex has no clue what she has done, she is too busy being infatuated with her son to see the hell she has brought down on others.

Photo Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story Twitter Feed

She is now the governess to all of The Countesses children, taking the position from Iris (more on her in a bit). She has yet to mention or check on her daughter, Scarlett. Thankfully she has a grandmother who is taking care of her and teaching her how to make pies.

John is hitting rock bottom. He gets fired from the LAPD for ranting and raving to his Lieutenant about the dinner party he attended with people dressed as serial killers. John holds another pity party with Sally and a lot more booze and takes her back to his room for a night he quickly forgets. He is too wrapped up in his own world coming apart and he uses the alcohol and Sally to numb the pain. The next morning he tries to tell Sally it is a mistake and she tells him they are fighting fate not being together. I think Sally really does love John in her way and his dismissal of her really hurts her. He needs to be careful because she still has her little pet lurking around the hotel, in fact John saw it out of the corner of his eye while they were going at it.

Poor Iris gets to have eternal life, but she has to stay in an old, dumpy body (her words, not mine) and continue to work at her crappy job so she can spy on The Countess for Donavan and Ramona. No one sees her and the ones who do abuse her. Case and point the annoying hipsters who want a room at a discount (they are influencers and Will Drake liked a lot of their Instagram photos).

The ringing doorbell from the trick-or-treaters in their neighborhood bothers them, so they need a room to have a nice quiet night. Don’t they know they can just turn out the porchlight or post a sign that says they are out of candy and kids don’t come to the door? The highly irritating couple repeatedly insults Iris, calling her dumb or asking if she has Alzheimer’s and then they demand she tell the chef to make them grilled romaine and pâté. When she tells them there is no chef on site, they further insult her and tell her to go down the street to a restaurant get their meal.

Liz Taylor to the rescue! A little cat food, some chips, and a bottle of wine and the hipsters will eat anything that they are told is approved by Will Drake. In one of the best bonding moments, we get to learn about Liz who is actually Nick, a traveling salesman from Topeka. He married his wife because she was the same dress size as him and she married him because she was in her 30’s and had no other choices. After traveling to the Hotel Cortez for business, Nick meets The Countess who immediately sees he loves to cross dress and wants to help him realize his beauty. She gives him makeup and fashion advice and dubs him Liz Taylor. After getting caught by his co-workers who assume just because he loves to cross dress that he is gay and has AIDS, The Countess slits their throats and gives Liz a job at the hotel.

Photo Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story Twitter Feed

His story of self-discovery and freedom inspires Iris to take action against the a-hole hipsters and she kills and feeds off of them. She feels alive and happy for the first time in her life. She may be invisible, but she can use that as her weapon and not her crutch.

Last night’s episode definitely went off the rails crazy with the vampire kids attacking the school and I have no idea where that story is going, but I absolutely loved the moments with Iris and Liz. Kathy Bates and Dennis O’Hare just knocked it out of the park and had me wishing for a spinoff show just staring those two.

Now that John is fired from the LAPD, are we going to see any more of the Ten Commandment’s killer? Or is he going to continue to stalk John telling him that he is the only one to stop the killings?

What is The Countess going to do when she finds out about Max and the other kids?

What did you think of last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel? Were you freaked out by the kids turning? Do you want an Iris and Liz spinoff show too? Let me know in the comments section below.

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