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Spoilers for “Go”

The producers of the show have been promising answers soon, but apparently not in last night’s episode.

Quickie Recap: (Which I realize are getting longer and longer due to all the twisty turniness)

While at Quantico, the NATs are going thru their midterms which means they have to run faster, do more push ups and pull ups, and shoot better than they did when entering Quantico. Then there is the written exam which means they have to use all of their training to that point in order to pass.

The NATs and analysis in training get a blank sheet of paper and are told the exam is done when they figure it out. After Miranda leaves, the NATs gather up all of the papers to see if there is a hidden message. Turns out Brandon did not get a sheet of paper and assumed it was because that was Miranda’s subtle way of telling him he is out of Quantico. Brandon leaves the classroom and suddenly the air conditioning cuts off, the doors lock, and Elias finds Brandon’s phone with a countdown clock on it.

The NATs question Natalie because she is playing bedroom buddies with Brandon and maybe she has noticed somethings that she had no context for before. Brandon apparently takes meds, but not all of the time, and went for a long walk the night before the exam. The NATs look at the room’s surveillance and see Brandon placing a bomb underneath the podium and the countdown clock matches the one on Brandon’s phone.

After much debate as to whether or not this is a part of the test (Alex says it is a test and she is never wrong, she has instincts) or if Brandon has really gone over the deep end, Elias outs Simon as someone who has worked with bombs before and volunteers him to try to disarm it. Simon does manage to stop the clock and open the doors, but whoops, turns out there was a fail-safe and as soon as someone opens the doors, the clock starts back up faster. About half the NATs run thru the door to escape the bomb including Elias, but Caleb, Shelby, Alex, Natalie, Ryan, Simon, Raina (or Nimah?), and a few other NATs stay behind to continue to disarm the bomb.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Turns out that was the test, to see if you are willing to die to keep others safe. The ones who stayed were the ones who passed and those who left are sent home. The analysis’ who passed get to graduate except for Caleb, he is now a NAT again due to his bravery during the bomb test.

In a really sweet moment, Elias and Simon share a kiss after Elias tearfully packs his bags. Elias is upset that he is not the kind of person who would jump on a bomb to save others. It is a really disappointing eye opener when you have a not so great revelation about the kind of person you are when your feet are in the fire. After some begging by Raina to start trusting the other NATs with the twin’s secret, Miranda introduces both Nimah and Raina as twins to the class. Simon gets another sweet moment when Raina goes up to him and introduces herself to him.

Ryan confesses to Alex that while in Chicago, there was a blown sting and Ryan had to take the fall for Liam’s mistakes which is why he ended up spying on Alex at Quantico even though he knew it was not right from the beginning. Alex decides to make things right by storming into Liam’s office and showing him where she hid surveillance equipment. She tells him that she will no longer listen or dig into Liam or her father if Liam reinstates Ryan as a Special Agent. After getting his badge back, Ryan leaves Quantico without even saying goodbye. First he looks at a photo of what seems to be a younger Liam and I’m guessing Michael Parish. Is Ryan going to go looking for answers as to why Liam is worried about Alex’s digging into her father’s past?

In the present day, Simon, Alex, Shelby, and Ryan work to find Nimah and Raina after seeing them on the surveillance video in Grand Central two days before the bombing. Miranda gives Ryan a number they used during their last op to see if they cannot track them down. Meanwhile Natalie and Liam are tailing Ryan in hopes he will lead them to Alex.

Nimah and Raina are working a terrorist cell in Queens, but Nimah has gone off the radar for a few days. Raina is staying in an apartment across the street from the terrorist house waiting for a sign that her sister is still alive. When Alex and Simon track Raina down and show her the video of Nimah, it is the first sign she has had that Nimah is still alive. Raina claims Nimah’s innocence, but when Simon uses infrared binoculars to see into the house, he can see Nimah hanging out there. They make a plan to switch Raina out when Nimah goes into another room so Alex and Simon can question her.

Nimah has been working the main leader of the terrorist cell and turns out they had plans to bomb a major American landmark in the near future. She was in Grand Central looking for signs of a bomb when she was on the surveillance video. Nimah also thinks that Grand Central was not the main target, the landmark was supposed to be a symbol of American strength.

When Nimah and Raina go to switch places, Shelby and Ryan show up at the apartment with the FBI hot on their heels. The FBI manages to arrest Simon and Shelby, but get into a shootout with the terrorist cell who think the FBI are there to arrest them. Ryan gets shot again. Alex grabs Ryan to get him to safety, but they are cornered by Natalie. Alex throws her hands up in surrender and tells Natalie that she gives up if she can quickly get help for Ryan and Natalie decides to let Alex and Ryan go.

Acting Shady

Nimah is definitely on this list now. She claims that she was looking for a bomb at Grand Central, but how do we know she didn’t plant one for her terror loving boyfriend. She had time to go looking for a bomb, but she didn’t have time to check in with her sister to let her know what was up? Plus she says that she didn’t think Grand Central was the landmark they were targeting, but why go there and look anyways?

Shelby is thankful to Caleb for deleting the footage of her and Clayton kissing at the hotel. Is she thankful because he is covering up evidence of their affair, or grateful that he got rid of evidence she was a lot closer to the bomb site to trigger the explosives than she claims in earlier episodes? I still hate her.

When Shelby confronts Clayton at Quantico about not having faith in Caleb, he tells her that if he wouldn’t have stepped in and saved Caleb’s ass, that he and several other people would have been killed by something Caleb was doing. What in the hell was Caleb up to? Does it have to do with the mystery Facebook page and emails?

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Who can Alex Trust?

After a long absence from the present day storyline, Miranda makes an appearance to give Ryan info on how to get a hold of the twins. She seems still squarely on Team Alex, but is being held by the FBI for questioning.

I’m not sure what to think of Nimah, but Raina still seems to be a person Alex can go to for help and information if needed. Of course after nearly getting both her and Nimah killed, she may not be as helpful in the future. Both of the twins are probably going to be in FBI custody in the next episode and it will be interesting to see what they two of them tell Liam and Clayton.

Who is Guilty of What?

Alex did something to Shelby to piss her off big time and I want to know what that was. That was hinted at for a second time in this episode, they vaguely hinted at it back in episode four.

Natalie is still rocking the fake scar while at Quantico. What in the hell is the story behind that one? Does anyone else think it is a little too convenient that she decides to let Alex and Ryan go instead of arresting her and getting Ryan proper treatment? If she is in love with him, wouldn’t she want him to get proper treatment instead of him running off to possibly bleed out while hiding from the FBI?

Who in the hell shot Ryan the first time? It is so weird that it took me this long to circle back to this question, but now the fact that no one else is questioning that looks kinda weird to me. He tells Natalie that he fingered Alex as the person who shot him as a way to keep in the investigation, but NO ONE ASKS WHO REALLY SHOT HIM!!!!

How much do you guys want to bet that Michael Parish is not dead and he is the one who shot Ryan and he is keeping quiet about it to keep Liam in the dark? That would qualify to be the BIG TWIST Quantico is teasing for next week’s episode.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode of Quantico? Are you disappointed there are more questions than answers at this point? Who do you think shot Ryan in Alex’s apartment? What do you think Caleb did that nearly got himself and others killed? Do you think Nimah has crossed over to the dark side and planted the bomb? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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