Jessica Jones – Hard drinking, short fused, mess of a woman

The final trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones dropped this morning and this time the focus is more on the destructiveness of Jessica’s powers. The first trailer was more about her vulnerabilities and trauma, this time we get to see more of what in the hell she is going to do about it! Plus more of a look at Kilgrave, AKA The Purple Man, who looks like he is having some fun being very bad.

It is a lot harder to break down this trailer, mostly because there is more action than story being showed off in this one. I think the producers want us to see that it is not going to be all about the pain and trauma she suffered and there will be a lot of action involved. I would like to point out we see a bit more of Carrie-Ann Moss as Jeryn Hogarth and see a more of the potential relationship between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. So far the trailers don’t even hint that Luke is a powered person, but the producers of the show have confirmed that he has his powers by this point. I think they want to focus more on the Jessica and her arc and leave let Luke have his moment during his own show.

I cannot wait for this show to drop next week! I will do a breakdown of episode one on Friday, November 20th and then I will do a two episode breakdown every Monday and Wednesday until I get to the end of the series. Hope to see all of you there!

Tell me what you guys think of the final trailer for Jessica Jones in the comments section below. Are you excited for this series? Does Kilgrave freak you out?

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