Agents of SHIELD – When the Present Determines the Future…

Spoilers for “Chaos Theory”

Quickie Recap:

This heartbreak of an episode starts off with a flash back to Melinda and Andrew enjoying their beach vacation before things went terribly wrong.  You just know with a Whedon run show, if things start off with a sentimentally sweet opening, you are going to suffer all of the feels by the end credits.  While looking thru Jiaying’s books she kept about the Inhumans, Andrew gets exposed to a Terrigen crystal rigged in one of the books.

Flash forward to present day, and we have Andrew following Coulson and Daisy as they debate whether or not the ATCU’s treatment of Inhumans is the best way to go about things.  Daisy of course is completely against it, but Coulson and Andrew look at it from a more pragmatic view.  It becomes one of those situations where both sides have a valid argument.  Not everyone can have the same fairly positive experience with Terrigenesis Daisy managed to have.  With Afterlife gone and Inhumans transforming all over the place without warning or training, most people’s experience will be traumatic and dangerous.  But, most of the newly made Inhumans fall somewhere between Daisy and Lash and may want their powers to do good things.  Coulson wants to make that same argument to the President of the US (a meeting Rosalind set up) later that day and use Joey as a positive example after he has one last evaluation with Andrew.

Oh Damn!
Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD

On the way to the meeting, Daisy gives Rosalind a tour of the new bus and the two of them debate the ATCU’s handling of the Inhumans and Rosalind admits she is terrified of Inhumans.  Again both sides make very compelling arguments and Rosalind almost had me wanting to trust her.  Mack, with Lincoln in tow, comes on board the bus to give Coulson and Co some disturbing news.  Lincoln has been looking for other Inhumans he knew in Afterlife and most of them are dead.  He figures the only way anyone could have found them is if they used the genealogy ledger Jiaying kept which SHIELD confiscated after her death.  After Mack did some research, he came to the conclusion Andrew had to be Lash and May figured out the same thing (more on that next).  Lincoln also tells Coulson and Daisy that Andrew is still going thru the transformation and eventually he will become Lash permanently.

Strucker Jr. managed to survive the attack by Hydra goons and is in a coma, but his last words to Melinda still haunt her.  When she and Bobbie return to home base, May checks Andrew’s fight logs and medical records to see if she could confirm what Baron Von Younger told her.  Turns out, Andrew was in the vicinity of a few Inhumans deaths and the blood tests Jemma ran on him after his attack has been deleted.  After hearing Andrew is off site evaluating Joey, May runs off to confront him.

While May confronts Andrew, he panics and ices May to take her to his office at his university and try to explain what happened to him.  Lash is an instinct and when he becomes threatened or is near a dangerous Inhuman, he transforms and kills to protect.  When he kills the Inhuman, it is the only time he feels relief from his condition.  He tells May he is still in love with her and needs her help.  Coulson and Co find Andrew and after a confrontation, Andrew turns into Lash.  Eventually they manage to get him into the containment unit and May lets Rosalind put him in stasis till they figure a way to help him.  Lincoln decides he can’t run anymore and decides to join up with SHIELD to help find other Inhumans.

Jemma gives her broken phone to Fitz to see if he can get it working again and get some data about the other world so they can open the portal and rescue Will.  He does manage to get the SIM card repaired and listens to Jemma’s recordings she made.  Fitz’s face while looking at the photos (including one of her and Will) and listening to her voice is not something I can handle again.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter Feed.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter Feed.

Fitz does manage to make a discovery.  The symbol on the wall of the castle they took the monolith to in order to rescue Jemma looks a bit like the symbol on a patch on Will’s jacket.  Fitz thinks a different organization sent Will and his crew to the other planet, not NASA as he claimed.  My theory on Will is starting to hold some water!

Bobbie and Hunter have a big heart to heart about not wanting revenge on Ward take over their lives and give more set up to their own spinoff coming soon.

Ward and Gideon have a nice little chat about what to do about SHIELD and the conversation is interrupted by A PHONE CALL TO GIDEON FROM ROSALIND!  To make things worse they talk about getting Coulson to Gideon so Ward can handle him.  Then COULSON WALKS OUT OF HER BEDROOM WHILE GETTING DRESSED!!!!

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

Welcome back to the show Joey!  Hopefully you are going to be around now that your powers are more under control.

In NORAD, Global leaders are meeting to talk about what to do about the plethora of powered persons.  I am willing to bet we are going to see that meeting take place in Civil War so it is nice and convenient that Coulson and Daisy were not able to make it.

I love that Hunter says that Will is ugly to make Fitz feel better.  I am going to miss that bromance when he leaves for his own show.

Fitz and Jemma watching the sun rise while talking about her wanting to eventually settle in Scotland…

Crying Meme 1

The speech by May to Andrew/Lash just before he went into the containment unit…

And then again when May confessed to Andrew while they were on vacation that she felt she never deserved happiness…

I just knew we could not trust Rosalind!  What is her end game?  Is she another head of Hydra?  Is she using Coulson to get more Inhumans for her own purpose?  It looks like by the next episode SHIELD would have caught on to what the ATCU is really doing or Coulson knew the entire time and is planning to do more about it.

What did you think of last night’s Agents of SHIELD?  Are you suffering from all of the feels?  Do you feel betrayed by Rosalind?  Are you back to shipping Philinda or is it too soon for that yet?  Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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