Best Lines from South Park “Naughty Ninjas”

Things get a little out of hand for the residence of South Park after Officer Barbrady accidentally shoots an unarmed, Latino child in the arm. The citizens are tired of police officers not being held accountable and decide they want nothing to do with the police. With SoDoSoPa falling into ruins after Shi Tpa Town becomes to new big hang out spot and the homeless taking over, the boys decide they are going to take matters into their own hands by dressing up as ninjas. Hilariously, people think the boys are dressed as Isis followers.

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It is funny that Parker and Stone choose to make fun of those who are never going to be victims of police brutality getting up in arms over police brutality and also continue the narrative that the police in South Park hate minorities. Of course those people who consider themselves social justice warriors demand the police handle what they don’t want to see even after blasting “Fuck the Police” at them and claim they do not need a police force.

Here are the best lines from “Naughty Ninjas:”


“We don’t take kindly to folks who impose their authority on the underprivlaged.”


To the cop in Skeeter’s for a nice Pinot, “I bet you don’t even know what Farm-to-Table even means.”

“You’re the only cop this town needs, Barbrady. Now go shoot some kids.”

Cartman and his hilarious attempts to prove he was not the person who said ninjas were gay:

“That is a total lie! Why would I day something homophobic about the way Tweek and Craig make love. [Kyle] is a lying back-stabbing Jew!”
*Stan was the one calling him out on saying ninjas were gay.

After being caught one final time “I am Token. Why do I do these things, you ask? Black Rage.”

What did you think of last night’s South Park? Were there any funny lines I missed? What do you think Leslie has to do with the changes in South Park and how is Barbrady the one to help? Talk to me in the comments section below.

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