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I have decided to start a new series of blog posts where I recommend whatever I stumble across that I enjoyed and I think you might enjoy as well. I could be a TV show, movie, book, website, article, or even recipes I just feel like sharing. I am in NO WAY getting any endorsements for these recommendations.

Master of None (Netflix):

This new comedy series from Aziz Ansari follows 30-some-odd Dev as he lives his life in New York City. The show tackles dating, struggling as an actor of color, relationships with parents, other people’s kids, and the battle of the sexes in its 10 episode, first season run. I am about halfway thru the series and I love how sincere the show manages to be while still being hilarious. The second episode, “Parents,” gives a brilliantly sentimental (without being sappy) look at the trials and dreams immigrant parents have raising first generation American children. Even though I am several generations in from my family who integrated to the US, I still wanted to call my parents to tell them I love them after watching. If you don’t have Netflix, find a friend who does!

Flesh and Bone (Starz):

This limited series takes a gritty look at the ballet world usually not seen as much in movies and TV shows. Unlike Center Stage, Ballet Academy, or any of the Step Up movies and shows (which I totally love), Flesh and Bone doesn’t paint the art form as something beautiful and mysterious while centering on the bonding relationships between dancers. Instead the mini-series follows in the footsteps of Black Swan (minus the crazy pants hallucinations of turning into a swan) and goes more into the cut throat competition of being in an elite company and the depths the company and dancers go to in order to be at the top. The show focuses a little too much on the main dancer’s, Clair’s, sexual damage and awakening, but it makes up for it with interesting side characters and beautiful cinematography. The entire series is available on Starz On Demand, but the channel also airs each episode every Sunday. If you do not get Starz, Flesh and Bone will be released on DVD in January.

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler:

For those of you who have seen Midnight in Paris (if you haven’t, then please go and do that now, consider that another recommendation) you may have a bit of knowledge about Zelda Fitzgerald, the crazy wife of F. Scott. She was a bit of a party girl and trouble maker in her time. This fictionalization of her life is beautifully written and fairly historically accurate. She was truly one of those people where her life and antics doesn’t need embellishment, she was almost too extreme to be real.


Photo Courtesy of ABC and The Bachelorette

Photo Courtesy of ABC and The Bachelorette

I am a member of Bachelor Nation. I know I should be ashamed, but the show is a like watching a car wreck, you just can’t turn away once you are looking. It is cracked to see the people participating start off as somewhat normal and then watch as the producers get into their heads to create unreal drama. It is like the strangest study of humanity out there. Anyways, the two “villains” from The Bachelorette season 11, J.J. Lane and Clint Arlis (pictured above), coined the brilliant “Villains gotta Vill,” and decided to create their own website for their brand of whatever they want to sell. Their posts about various things are funny in a snarky way and have me laughing at their own self-aware douchyness. There is also going to be a podcast to come! Thank you to myfangirllife.com for turning me on to this site.

Hope you guys enjoy the recommendations and let me know what you think of them in the comments section below when you get a chance. Do any of you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments section below.

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