Quantico – No Boom, but We Finally get some Answers

Spoilers for “Over”

Quickie Recap:

At Quantico, the NATs are given files for various cases the FBI works on, but it turns out that all of the cases are connected (no surprises there). The point of the exercise is to see that there are many pieces to the puzzle and they have to know how it fits together. Miranda and Liam take the NATs to the main FBI headquarters to present the information they found as if they were actual agents. Simon and Nimah were picked to head things up because the two of them were the ones to figure out the cases were all connected. After they make the presentation, the NATs are further tasked to look for the “suspects” out in the open in a park while not being spotted as agents by the suspects or cause a panic in the general public. Raina has to stay behind because she and Nimah cannot be seen in public together so they can still be the same person in the field when they graduate. The NATs find the suspect and Alex gets the guy, but they didn’t pass the test. The suspect planted the biological bomb on Alex when she arrested him so it would go off in the FBI headquarters. There was more info the NATs did not see which pointed to the FBI headquarters as the real target of attack. It is amazing that everything the NATs learned (which Liam taught them) would have cleared Alex’s name way back if they would have just remembered to do all that stuff.

Caleb and Shelby get closer, but Caleb can’t handle that Shelby is keeping secrets from him when he sees a strange number calling her phone. He gives the number to some of the higher ups in the FBI headquarters and they take her aside to question her as to why she has been depositing money in a bank with ties to terrorism including the $1,000,000 we saw her deposit in an earlier episode. Miranda to the rescue, she tells the other agents that she gives money to her half-sister in Saudi Arabia to pay bills and the $1,000,000 was for a deposit on a house. Shelby tells people that she doesn’t talk to her sister because she is ashamed by how her father treated her and her mother when he ran off to marry Shelby’s mom and frankly none of it is anyone’s business but her own. Caleb apologies to Shelby by telling her he was a part of a cult cough, Scientology, cough and his father came in to rescue him and others who were being brain washed into doing really harmful things to themselves.

Ryan didn’t take the position as Special Agent in the end, he just went to talk to a buddy of his about Michael and Liam’s relationship. Michael was Liam’s boss until the early 90’s when Liam requested a transfer for some unknown reason. While they were at the FBI headquarters, Ryan and Alex go to look for files around the time of Liam’s request to transfer and find out that Michael’s team (that included Liam) investigated a bombing in Nebraska that killed 200 people.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Michael, Liam, and some others went undercover in the Militia that cause the bombings and didn’t see the signs that they were going to bomb an event. They covered up the whole fiasco and several of the people involved are now high ranking people within the FBI. Michael couldn’t handle the fact that he got it so wrong and so many people were killed because of it that he turned to drinking and abusive behavior. Liam tries to pretend that it didn’t happen in the first place. One interesting tidbit that came from the investigation was Sita, Alex’s mother, was questioned as a person of interest in the bombing.

Alex goes to Miranda for confirmation of Liam’s story (it is true) and while she is at the house, Miranda gets a call from a neighbor saying someone is on her roof. Miranda hears a crash and goes to investigate. Alex goes to check on her after a while and sees a wounded Miranda in the hall outside of Charlie’s room. Alex goes in there to find Charlie, but his is not there and his window is open.

In the present time, things pick up right where we left them in the previous episode with the FBI looking for Alex and Ryan after arresting Nimah, Raina, Simon, Shelby and the other terrorists. Alex and Ryan break into a house and get the bullet out of Ryan’s side.

While Clayton gives a press conference to announce they have Alex corned, the investigation files on the Grand Central bombing are released on the internet by The Unknown. The media start talking about the big snafus in the case, like Miranda helping Alex and the fact that another agent was spotted at Grand Central two days before the bombing. Clayton thinks that emails are the next thing to be hacked and leaked, so he has Caleb delete any emails between him and Shelby so no one gets wind of the affair. While looking thru Clayton’s emails, Caleb sees an email from another Clayton’s assistant telling him that someone who is not Alex Parrish was using her badge to gain access to FBI headquarters the day of the bombing. Clayton wants Caleb to delete the email because he opened it while he was at the hotel with Shelby. He doesn’t want it to get out that he was in a hotel with a woman who is not his wife just moments before a major terrorist attack. The email is deleted, but Caleb keeps a copy of it. He also sees emails from Shelby to Clayton talking about how she is still in love with Caleb and worries about him.

The Unknown somehow manage get to Ryan and Alex who are still in the house and bring Ryan some pain meds and a ride for the two of them outta there. While looking thru the files for evidence to clear Alex’s name, they figure out that there are supplies for another bomb and the wire Alex has is a part of it. Since she has the wire, the FBI won’t have all of the info needed to piece together the info about another bomb. The Unknown want Alex to hightail it out of town, but she tricks Ryan into leaving instead while she turns herself into the FBI so she can tell them about the info she found.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

That all sweet and autistic, but I have a feeling it is not going to work in Alex’s favor judging by the promos for next week’s episode.

Acting Shady:

Simon gets his place back at the top of the shady list! While at Quantico, he and Raina try to get to know one another, but he ends up liking Nimah more because she surprises him and all those stories he enjoyed were mostly about Nimah anyways. Nimah makes it pretty clear she is not interested in getting to know Simon on a deeper level and Raina starts to pull away from him after realizing that he is no longer interested in her. But that is not why he is on the shady list. On the news are reports of more fighting and killing in the Gaza Strip, one of Simon’s friends from his time there calls him to get him to come back to the fold. Since Simon does not feel he can do any good at Quantico, and he is not getting the woman he really wants, he tells his friend that he could better serve them. I think Simon is about to get himself kicked out of Quantico so he would be free to join back in the cause he was in before. Does this cause include setting Alex up for future use?

Charlie got to accompany Miranda to work for the day and see what he plays second fiddle to in Miranda’s life. He actually starts to like what they do and asks about whether or not he could join when Miranda breaks it to him that he can’t because of his record. Charlie is pretty distraught when he storms out of her office. We don’t know if Charlie ran off, was kidnaped, or if he was the one to hurt Miranda, but it doesn’t look too good for him. We also do not know what happens to him in the present time just yet, but again it doesn’t look good considering the twins were supposed to be assigned to infiltrate the group that Miranda thinks recruited him in the first place. I still think Charlie was not planning an attack on the school, he was going to kill himself not the other kids, but Miranda’s treatment of him since his incarceration may have pushed him reach out to those who would have liked for him to carry out an attack.

Who can Alex Trust?

I hate to say this, but I think Liam might be someone Alex can trust if she can talk to him. His past may open him up to listen especially when she can start pointing out the signs of her innocence he should have already seen if his own bias wasn’t standing in the way.

Caleb is making a surprise visit to this list which I also don’t like because I still think he is a raging douche-nozzle. I will talk about that moment at the end of Quantico with him in a bit, but Caleb is the only person not arrested that is not actively ignoring the information pointing to Alex’s innocence. He is also campaigning to his father to look past the surface info and look at the bigger picture. Next week when Alex is trying to convince the FBI about the other bomb, Caleb will most likely be her biggest ally in that argument.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter Feed

Who is Guilty of What?

I think the alias, Mark Raymond, Caleb was using is to get info on the leaders of the cult he was a part of so he can bring them down. On the first night they are able to leave campus, he goes to a meeting in order to be assessed by an unnamed group.

Clayton is guilty of being a selfish ass. He is not a part of some conspiracy to frame Alex I don’t think. He wanted Caleb to delete the email because he doesn’t want to be caught in an affair. He tells Caleb it is so he can protect his mother’s reputation, but it is all for his own sake. I don’t think Clayton gives a rat’s ass about anyone but himself and he doesn’t care if it could exonerate Alex and lead to the actual bomber because that would mean he would have to reveal himself as an adulterer and lose respect. I also don’t think he truly suspects Shelby of helping Alex from the beginning or of being a real terrorist, but he will destroy her or throw her under the bus to so when the affair comes out, he can play it off as her attempting to use him for info or her making it up to pressure him into not pursuing other matters.

Next week looks to be intense as Alex is brutally questioned about her involvement of the bombing and the info she could have about the other bomb she says is out there. It also looks like Ryan didn’t get too far in his escape and he is going to be used against her. We also get to catch up with Elias in the current time.

What did you think of last night’s Quantico? What do you think of Clayton’s explanation for ignoring evidence? Do you think differently about Liam or Caleb now that we know more info about them? Were you okay with the disclaimer at the beginning of the episode instead of postponing its airing? Talk to me in the comments section below.

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