Agents of SHIELD – Where the Lines Overlap

Spoilers for “Many Heads, One Tale”

Quickie Recap:

As the episode’s title suggests, all of the storylines converged this week into one crazy pants ride.

Mack is concerned with Coulson’s budding relationship with Ros and rightly so, she is a super spy and it is hard to not have trust issues when you are a group of super spies. Not to worry Mack, Coulson has a plan to use Ros and poke around the ATCU to see what they are hiding. Daisy uses the containment unit Andrew was transported in to set off some alarms within the IT department of the ATCU. Hunter and Bobbie go in as the FBI to “fix” the problem for the ATCU and continue to access more data for Daisy remotely. Hunter keeps some of the guards busy while Bobbie tries to find Andrew so they can get him back to base, but Andrew is not in the facility. Bobbie does manage to find the lab the ATCU says they are using to find a cure for the Inhumans, but the lab is not being used for finding a cure. They have employees taking the fish oil pills to see who has the Inhuman DNA.

Coulson locks Ros into one of the containment rooms and demands answers. He thinks she is Hydra because she knew all about T.A.H.I.T.I. but didn’t know any high level SHIELD agents. The only other way should would have known about that program is thru Hydra. After some arguing about who has the most trust issues and who fell for whom, the two of them realize Gideon Malik was playing her. I may have done a little bit of a happy dance when I realized that Ros is not Hydra and she is not playing Coulson and did actually fall for the guy. Ros makes a call to Banks (who is not a bad guy apparently) and he helps to get Hunter and Bobbie out of a bad situation with an Inhuman working with Gideon.

While all of this was going down, Jemma and Fitz look more into the symbol on Will’s uniform and figure out that he was a part of a cult that was sending people thru the monolith as a sacrifice to the creature banished some time ago. This mysterious organization eventually funded NASA to sending people thru the monolith so NASA could work on a way to bring them back. When Jemma and Fitz start to look more into the organization, they see that it eventually becomes Hydra.

Gideon is none too fond of Ward’s attempt to resurrect Hydra and tries to have him killed by some of his goons, but Ward is just a little too good. He takes the goons down and then tortures them to get info about which Von Strucker vault he needs to raid in order to get his hands on a powerful weapon Hydra has had squirreled away. After getting into the vault, he finds Gideon there, who is very impressed with Ward’s tenacity and ability to survive what has been thrown at him so far. He decides to keep Ward as his right hand and shows him the weapon. It is a piece of the monolith. All of those holes in the monolith before were pieces Hydra had carved out of it. They want to bring back a creature that was banished to the other world and Gideon is using the ATCU to make an army for it when it gets back. Gideon wants Ward to get info as to how SHIELD managed to get Jemma back.

Ward uses his new position in Hydra to not only use Andrew to get information about how they may have gotten Jemma back, but also to torture May. He will do what he can to make Andrew into Lash full time and turn him into a killing machine so she will lose him forever.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

I kinda sorta want Hunter’s “Damn the Yanks” t-shirt. It made me giggle especially when the main IT guy thought it meant he was a Red Socks fan. And Hunter’s slow two finger typing was freaking hilarious.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter Feed

“I was a bit of a pyro as a lad” line from Ward also gave me a bit of a chuckle too. It was a nice moment of dark humor.

Bobbie’s boomerang batons (say that five times fast) were super badass, but that fight had me excited because she was fighting The Chairman from Iron Chef. I love the Food Network and Iron Chef is a pretty awesome show. Mostly I love that show because of Alton Brown, he is my cooking guru.

I love that we get these little moments of Coulson’s back story every so often. He was a history major in college that started to see the thread of SHIELD within history. I wish there was more, but at the same time I love finding these new little sparkly tidbits in all of the sand.

May’s apology to Lincoln was sweet and really goes to show us how much she is hurting with everything going on with Andrew, but Lincoln may not be completely deserving of it. Another recaper I like talks about Lincoln being dangerous loose cannon for the still in training team and his actions in the last episode nearly got several people killed. I highly agree with her.

Fitz and Jemma kissed! It was so beautiful and sweet and heartbreaking. Especially when she said that she did love Will and he kept saying that they are cursed. Is Agents of SHIELD trying to kill us?

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter Feed

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD Twitter Feed

Gideon talked about a super powerful Inhuman who was banished to the other world and others were sent to him as a sacrifice. Hydra started funding NASA missions to the other world in order to find a way to get that thing back so it can take over the world or whatever. I still think that Will is the thing or to be more specific, the thing is Will. It may have taken over his persona (Fitz did find actual files on Will in the NASA database and in news clippings) because it felt something for Jemma and wanted to keep her so it became a person she could love back. Or I could be way off. Anyone else have any other theories? I am a little stumped because I feel like there is more than meets the eye with Will, but not all the facts line up for Will to be the thing.

It is nice to know that Powers Booth is playing the same guy from The Avengers, it gives a nice continuity for the events in Winter Soldier and it makes sense there would be someone on the World Council who would be a part of Hydra. Knowing Gideon is that close to the president and the summit meeting that happened in the last episode gives the whole superhero registration about to happen in Civil War some possible evil connotations. It also gives an in for Baron Zemo to be a part of the storyline if Gideon/Hydra was a part of the meetings.

I am thrilled that Ros is not Hydra. I really love Constance Zimmer and the character of Ros so here is hoping that she will stick around for some time.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Were you shocked when it was revealed that the organization that send Will over to the other planet is Hydra? Are you happy Ros is a good guy? Did that kiss between Fitz and Jemma melt your heart a little? Let me know what you think and any theories you have in the comments section below. In two weeks there is going to be a showdown between Ward and Coulson!

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