American Horror Story: Hotel – Beware the need for Immortality

Spoilers for “Flicker”

More of the chaos starts to ramp up in this week’s episode and we get more of The Countess and March’s story and John gets closer to answers about the Ten Commandments killer.

John is checking in again:

Only this time it is to the Los Angele’s Health Center. At first we are lead to believe it is due to last week’s events at the hotel and his house. Even though he does tell the truth as to why he should be there (he can’t sleep, he is seeing things, his daughter is terrified of him, and he attacked his partner), John is actually there because he managed to see in the Ten Commandments Killer case file that the suspect is being held at that facility. John knocks out the guard to the criminal holding area and steals his keys so he can question whoever is being held in connection to the case. When he gets to the room he meets Wren, one of The Countess’s blond creepy vampire children.

Photo Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story Hotel

Photo Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story Hotel

She tells John that she was there during the killings and quite possibly helped. John tells her that he will get her out of there if she will take him to the killer. When they escape, Wren tells him that he needs to go back to the Hotel Cortez and then throws herself into oncoming traffic.

I think the Ten Commandments killer is Holden. Somehow that seems like a fitting twist that he would be the killer and John finds out about him and Alex. It also makes sense as to why the killer keeps contacting John to make him stop. Holden would want his daddy to help him stop especially since he knows his mother would only protect him and possibly help him kill more. Or maybe he thinks this will be the best way to get John’s attention and bring his family back together again.

Love in the time of Flickers:

Photo Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story Hotel

Photo Courtesy of FX and American Horror Story Hotel

When The Countess was still human, she was working in the 20’s as an actress when she met the beautiful Rudolph Valentino (Finn Wittrock doing double duty this season), a big Silent Movie star. The two of them start a romance which included his wife, Natasha Rambova. While at a party hosted by Mr. March celebrating the opening of the Hotel Cortez, The Countess finds out Valentino has fallen ill and died. She looks to throw herself out a window, but March stops her. The Countess decides to marry March (told ya) so she could at least live out her life in luxury and she did enjoy his blood lust. Eventually Valentino and Natasha come back to her. He tells The Countess about how he was turned by the director of Nosferatu, F.W. Murnau. He let the press think that he was sick and dying so Natasha would come to him and he turned her as well. The two of them faked his death and decided to lay low for a while. Eventually they came back to turn The Countess and take her away. Unfortunately for them, March was listening in on the entire conversation. He kidnapped the couple and locked them away in a walled off hallway. That is until the contractors Will hired to start the remodel of the hotel knock down the wall leading to the hallway. The two starving and nearly mummified vampires drain the contractors and several hotel guests before deciding to leave the hotel and learn all about the new world they find themselves in.

The Countess’s immediate infatuation for Tristan makes sense since he looks just like her first love. Her killing Tristan also makes sense because her love would never choose someone else over her. I wonder if Valentino is the father of baby Bart or if it is a product of her and March’s relations?

A couple of quick tidbits we learn about The Countess, she is originally from Bensonhurst, her family is from Sicily, and her possible real name could be Pola Negri. There was an article written which talks about the funeral of Valentino and an actress by that name collapsed while in attendance.

On another note, Will tells his son, Lachlan, that the two of them are going to live in the hotel full time and he and The Countess are going to be together forever. Does Will know The Countesses secret or is he just being wistful about marriage to his son? I love that Lachlan is confused by this announcement because his father is gay. Lachlan also tells Will that he made friends and I’m wondering if those friends are the vampire kids.

At the monthly dinner The Countess and March always have, she tells him she is going to marry again. He wants her to kill Will off site so he doesn’t have to keep running into her other dead husband in the halls. I don’t know why that cracked me up so much hearing March say that. She claims that she may not kill Will as she originally planned. Did she fall for Will or is she just trying to get under March’s skin? I think it is the latter. To get back at her, March tell The Countess that he locked her love in the hallway and now he and his wife are out.

What did you think of last night’s American Horror Story: Hotel? Do you think Holden is the killer or someone else? How do you think Valentino and Natasha are going to react to the modern world? What happened with the vampire children Alex created? There will not be a new AHS: Hotel next week due to Thanksgiving coming up so we will have to wait a couple of weeks to find out who the Ten Commandments killers is. In the meantime talk to me in the comments section as to who you think the killer could be.

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