Best Lines from South Park “Sponsored Content”

To hell with the Starbuck’s fake war of Christmas, let’s talk about South Park’s real war on the PC Bruhs and Ad culture taking over the news.

Just like in Agents of SHIELD all of the separate plotlines are starting to converge into one big story. I know there are many of you who do not like this season of South Park, but I think this is the most mature and smart way Parker and Stone have ever chosen to tell a whole story outside of South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. In past seasons, the show has mostly just told one story week to week and sometimes there was a tread that continued on for several episodes, but it was mostly to serve as a running joke. Last season, Parker and Stone had some crossing storylines over the whole season, but it was just mostly a series of different stories week to week. This season has been working to tell an entire story over the course of nine episodes and build to an overall conclusion or maybe just setup for more linear storytelling in future seasons. Frankly this makes me excited to watch South Park every week, not just for the funny jokes and biting satire, but to see how it will all play out in the end.

Some great moments in the episode included the PC Bruhs having a party to celebrate the handicapped kids in the school. The bruhs toasted to them and then promptly started to ignore the kids in favor of showing off their mad-tolerance to all of the ladies in attendance. The guy screaming “celebrate diversity,” at a party attended by only affluent, while persons was freaking hilarious. PC Principal’s discomfort with Jimmy was played brilliantly especially when Jimmy tried to tell him it is okay because most people are uncomfortable around him and PC Principal screamed he is “totally not uncomfortable” while shuffling things nervously on his desk. The safe space crime scene tape around the frat house!

Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central and South Park

Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central and South Park

The best was the subtle tributes to Blade Runner like Principal Victoria walking around with the cane or Jimmy talking to Leslie who does not understand that she is an ad.

Here are the best lines from “Sponsored Content” most of which came from the PC Bruhs and PC Principal:

PC Principal – “Who’s in charge of the school paper because I’m about to break their f@%king legs!”
Stan – “He’s in charge of the school paper.” Stan motions to Jimmy. “You gonna break his legs PC Principal?”

PC Bruh – “I think you are really pretty and interesting, and I kinda like to take you upstairs and totally crush your pussy. Would that be acceptable to you?”
Woman at Party – “Oh, well, I guess it would.”
PC Bruh – “No, I’m sorry. I need affirmative consent. I’ll need you to say ‘Yes, you may take me upstairs and crush my pussy at this time.’”

Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central and South Park

Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central and South Park

PC Principal – “Rise and shine guys. If you scored last night I need your consent forms. Whoa, Barker. Did you perform cunnalingus last night? There’s a different release form, bruh.

Sharon – “Ever since you joined this PC thing you just bully people and wait for people to say anything improper so that you can jump down their throats for whatever words he or she used.”
Randy – “He or she is an A-gender phobic micro-aggression, Sharon. You are a bigot.”

PC Principal – “PC people are under attack, that’s what this is.”
PC Bruh – “Hey, yeah bruh! We’re the victims now! Like, we’re being marginalized. Like, that makes us pretty cool.”
Another PC Bruh – “Yeah, I’ll bet now we can get a lot more puss.”

Mr. Garrison – “I’m just having a hard time swallowing all this and between me and this one over here,” gestures to Caitlyn Jenner, “we can swallow just about anything.”

Did you enjoy last night’s episode of South Park? Do you get trapped by all ads disguised as news stories?

Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central and South Park

Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central and South Park

Are there any great lines I missed? Talk to me in the comments section below.

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