Jessica Jones – Trying to Save Hope

Spoilers for “AKA Crush Syndrome” and “AKA It’s Called Whiskey”

While “AKA Ladies Night” was all about introductions to the world Jessica lives in, the next two episodes were all about finding way to fight back. We also got more information about Jessica’s connection to Luke (other than the physical one) and got more than a passing glance at Kilgrave.

Stopping Kilgrave:

After talking to the cops about the shooting of Hope’s parents, Jessica goes to visit the poor girl in lockup to try to find out what she can as to where Kilgrave is and how he managed to survive getting hit by a bus. A distraught Hope tells Jessica that Kilgrave would make her do things and tell her she was never as good as Jessica. Hope blames Jessica for not staying around after the bus hit him to make sure he did die and allowing him to continue hurting people the way he is. The look of contemplation and sadness on Jessica’s face after Hope tells her she should kill herself makes me wonder if Jessica has seriously thought about taking her own life before, or maybe even attempted it.

Determined to not let Hope take the fall for Kilgrave’s actions, Jessica goes to Jeryn and begs her to represent Hope. The amazing thing we learn in this conversation is despite everything that has happened in the past (alien invasions, giant green angry monsters tearing apart cities, the appearance of Gods) people still live in denial for the most part about those with powers. Jeryn does not believe there is someone out there with the power control a person’s thoughts. The idea of it is utterly terrifying and no one wants to admit this is something that could happen. Jeryn refuses to help Hope because her case is hopeless. The devil made me do it is not an excuse that will fly in court. But if Jessica can prove the existence of Kilgrave and his powers along with finding those who will testify to being under his control, Jeryn will take on Hope’s case.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Jessica decides to start at the beginning and goes to find out exactly how Kilgrave survived the accident. She goes to the hospital where those who were hurt in the accident were taken and finds there are no medical records for anyone but the bus driver who was killed. I never figured Jessica to be a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and the pink heart-covered scrubs were just perfect. Eventually she tracks down the ambulance that picked up Kilgrave, but it never went to the hospital because the driver stole the ambulance. She finds Jack, the driver, and he is missing both of his kidneys, is hooked up to a dialysis machine, and has suffered from a stroke due to the shock from having that kind of surgery. Unable to question him about Kilgrave, she locates the doctor, David Kurata, who performed the surgery by looking up who provided the machines used to keep Jack alive. Jessica gets Kurata on the phone with Jeryn and he tells them both about Kilgrave controlling him and making him take both of Jack’s kidneys even though Kilgrave would have been fine with just one of them. Jessica also learns from the good doc that Kilgrave insisted on being awake for the entire thing because his control over himself and others is severely weakened when he is under anesthesia.

Now knowing Kilgrave’s weakness, Jessica sets out to hunt down the drug she needs to incapacitate him. After begging Jeryn’s soon to be ex-wife (she found out about the affair Jeryn was having) for the meds and getting a prescription for anti-psychotics instead, Jessica uses a bewildered and super high Malcolm to distract several hospital workers so she can run into the drug storage locker and steal vials of the drug and some needles.

Since the general population does not believe Hope’s story, Jeryn and Trish decide to put Hope on Trish’s radio show in order to tell her story and hopefully get others who have been hurt or used by Kilgrave to come forward to testify on Hope’s behalf. Things get a little out of hand when Trish starts to openly insult Kilgrave on her show. Kilgrave calls into the show and make some none too subtle and terrifying threats against Trish. Jessica convinces Trish to lock herself up in her apartment and to not let anyone in because Kilgrave may have sent them.

Trish has been training with someone to learn how to fight and defend herself, she also has security cameras and state of the art locks on her doors and windows. I really want to know why Trish has all of this security. Jessica asks Trish if her mother is back in town when she sees all of the surveillance and training aids and I’m not sure if that was a bad joke or a serious question. Trish does tell Jessica that no one will be able to touch her if she doesn’t want them to and that sounds a lot like something a person who has been abused or raped would say. Trish urges Jessica to stay with her until they can find a way to help Hope and catch Kilgrave. Jessica tells Trish about the drug that could help and leaves Trish in her apartment where they hope she will be safe.

Unfortunately a cop comes to the door wanting to question Trish about assaulting a man outside of her studio and he threatens to comeback with an arrest warrant. Feeling like she has no choice but to open the door, Trish grabs a baton just in case before letting him in. Of course we all knew he was going to try to kill Trish because Kilgrave is unable to deal with someone openly insulting him and it is just bonus points that she happens to be Jessica’s best friend. Trish does put up a pretty good fight, but the size and determination of the cop was just too much. He starts to strangle her and nearly gets the job done, but Jessica to the rescue! She pulls off the cop and tosses him around the apartment with ease and then fakes him out into thinking he killed Trish so he would finally stop trying to come after her. Jessica plants Trish’s phone on him (after she had it call her phone) and uses it to listen into his conversations as she tracks his whereabouts. He leads her right to the apartment Kilgrave is staying in and manages to save the cop from throwing himself off the building after Kilgrave tells him to do so. In the commotion to save him, Kilgrave spots Jessica thru the window and gives her a chill inducing “happy to see you” smile. He manages to get away by telling others in the apartment to not let her follow him. Jessica finds a room in the apartment covered in photos of her around the city as she is doing her work and one of the photos has his writing telling her he will see her soon.

Jessica takes the unconscious cop down to the street where he would have landed if he had jumped off the roof and makes him think that he did jump, but she caught him and her plus a bunch of trash softened the blow. He freaks out over the thought that he did kill Trish and she assures him that it was all in his head and he didn’t hurt her.

The deal with Luke:

Since the shooting takes place just outside of Jessica’s office, the cops treat her place as a crime scene. They see lots of photos of Luke Cage and around the apartment and wonder if he has anything to do with Hope’s case. She tries to tell them no, but the cops go to Luke anyways to question him about his knowledge of Hope and tip him off to the fact that Jessica has been following him. When Jessica goes to apologize, she tells him the husband of one of his lovers, Gina who we saw in the first episode hooking up with Luke, hired her to follow and get evidence of Gina’s affairs. Luke is understandably mad about being Jessica following him and his other lover lying to him about being single.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

When Gina comes back to the bar to try to get some lovin’ Luke tells her that he knows she is married and her husband knows that she is screwing around on him. Jessica was just using Gina as a cover because her husband didn’t know about the affair with Luke until Gina confessed it to him when she asked about hiring Jessica. Gina’s husband and his rugby buddies go to beat on Luke for sleeping with his wife and Jessica gets to the bar in time to help Luke out and knocks a few of the guys on their asses. Luke is doing pretty well for himself, he succeeds in tossing the big guys around like they are rag dolls and when one of them attempts to stab Luke in the neck with a broken beer bottle, nothing happens, the bottle just breaks further against his skin.

Luke later confronts Jessica about her strength and after she literally rips his clothing off and the two of them enjoy screwing someone without fear of hurting the other person, they bond over their shared weirdness. Luke was experimented on while Jessica got her powers in a freak accident. Luke choses to keep his head down about his powers because he thinks trying to be a hero does nothing but make you a target for those who want to do bad things. Jessica tells him that she did have a short career as a hero, but things just didn’t work out for her. The two fall back into bed again (and break it). After some pillow talk where Jessica tries to explain the existence of Kilgrave to Luke and she finds she can’t quite explain to him how she knows there is a person out there who can control people’s minds. Luke then catches her looking at the photo in his medicine cabinet. He tells her it is his dead wife.

Turns out on the night Jessica walked away from Kilgrave and he was hit by the bus, Jessica had killed Luke’s wife on the orders of Kilgrave. Shocked to see the blood on her hands, Jessica walks away from Kilgrave and is able to ignore him when he orders her to come back to him. When he is hit by the bus, she assumes he is dead and she is free of him. Jessica breaks things off with Luke and lets him assume it is because she can’t handle that he has a dead wife.

Noisy Neighbors:

While attempting to put various pieces of what may have happened to Kilgrave together, Jessica gets constantly interrupted by the noisy upstairs neighbors. She finally has had enough and goes to confront them. We meet Robin and Ruben who are fraternal twins. Robin is loud and verbally abusive to her brother and others and Ruben is kinda sweet, but mostly creepy. Ruben starts to develop a fascination with Jessica and creeps around the apartment complex hoping to run into her. Robin just mostly hurls insults at her when they pass in the lobby. There is definitely a twincest vibe with the two of them that I’m hoping is just them being bizarre. I’ve had enough of the brother sister hookups that have started to plague TV, movies, and books since Game of Thrones became so popular. I do love Jessica’s line, “I don’t give a bag of dicks what kinky shit you two are into, as long as you do it quietly.” And why in the hell do they have tin foil on their windows?

Photo Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

I would like to know the deal with Malcolm. He accidentally walked into Jessica’s apartment in the first episode because he was too high to know which door was his, and he managed to do the same thing to Robin and Ruben later on. Both times he went for the peanut butter. When Jessica used him to get to the meds, he looked at her as she was leaving like he knew that she was more than she makes herself to be and was hurt by what she did to him. He appears to just wonder around lost and overly high, but I can’t shake this feeling he is going to end up being something more in future episodes.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

MCU references:

No one actually calls the Avengers out by name, but Luke does ask Jessica if he thinks there are more like them, the big green dude, and his crew out there. On another radio talk show discussing Hope’s case, other people talk about how anything could be possible because aliens came out of the sky and attacked the city and people are making claims of being helped or hurt by someone with powers.

Random info:

The detective questioning Jessica at the beginning of “AKA Crush Syndrome” asked her why she had an overnight bag. She told him that she was going to Philly because they have great antiques and he agreed with her and talked a little about being a collector himself. Clarke Peters is the actor’s name and he played a detective on The Wire that collected miniature antiques. UberApe excitedly pointed this out to me. Any references to The Wire makes UberApe happy and he has to make sure I know they are references to the show I have never seen and make no plans to watch anytime soon because he can’t stop talking about how perfect the show is.

What did you think of Jessica Jones episodes two and three? Did they keep you hooked on the show after the stellar pilot? Do you think there is more to Malcom than comedic relief? What do you make of Robin and Ruben? Why do you think Kilgrave had Jessica kill Luke’s wife? Talk to me in the comments section below. Please be careful about spoilers for future episodes, not everyone gets to binge watch TV shows. I will be posting about four and five on Wednesday and I hope to see you back here.

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