Civil War Teaser

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. showed up on Jimmy Kimmel to reveal the official poster for Captain America: Civil War. Take a look after the jump.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Disney

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Disney

But they did not stop there. They also gave us the long awaited and much begged for teaser trailer. The YouTube video on Kimmel’s channel has a bit more. Take a look after the jump.

Holy good god, it all just looks intense. “He was my friend.” “So was I.” Ugh, heart broken.

While some of the plot does seem clear, Bucky may have caused or was somehow involved a big terror plot and now he is being hunted down by various world governments (and maybe the ATCU?). Steve thinks he is being set up and should be protected. What is not so clear is what may have happened and how is Hydra involved.

We do get a few glimpses of Black Panther all suited up, but we don’t know why he is involved with the fighting just yet. There are some theories floating around that Bucky may have killed T’Challa’s father and he is looking to take him to Wakanda for a trial.

I’m pretty damn worried for Rhodes now after that shot of him laid out in Tony Stark’s arms. I really don’t see how this movie will end without some of our central character’s dying. It can all be taken back once the Time Gem shows up, but for some time we are going to have some big character deaths.

We do see some clear sides (which were shown in the clip art release earlier this year), but we still do not see what side Vision takes in all of this or Peter Parker’s involvement. It seems pretty evident to me that those two will be big deciding factors in the movie and they will be kept close to the chest in any of the promotional material.

All in all this will be one hell of a movie.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Disney

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Disney

What did you guys think of the Captain America: Civil War poster and teaser? Is your hunger for this movie satiated for the moment or did this make you want May to hurry up and get here already? Sound off in the comments section below!

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