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Spoilers for “AKA 99 Friends” and “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me”

I swear I did not watch ahead when I wrote my little paragraph about Malcolm last time. To keep myself from getting too confused about what I want to say about each episode and avoid giving any spoilers away, I only watch the two episodes I am writing about and I don’t move on to the next two until I am done writing about the current ones. As much as I want to binge on the entire show in one sitting, I a) don’t have the time for that and b) I also know most of you only get to watch a couple of episodes at a time as well and I want all of us to experience this show together.

Feeling Paranoid:

Jessica is none too happy about the photos Kilgrave has of her walking around town and interacting with other people. The only positive spin she can put on this is he does not have photos of her with Luke so she managed to break up with him just in time.

Jeryn thinks Jessica is being too paranoid (“Everyone keeps telling me that, it is like a conspiracy”) about Kilgrave’s actions, but her office is full of people who claim he made them do things thanks to the interview with Trish. Several of them are attention seekers or crazies, but there is a handful that has been used by him for seemingly random things. One woman was to play her cello for him for hours at a time, another woman was only supposed to smile for him, a man was compelled to give him his purple suit jacket, and another man was to chauffeur him around.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

What makes Kilgrave an interesting and fearsome baddie is he has no need for taking over the world with his powers. Why deal with that burden when he can use them get whatever he wants whenever he wants and all he wants is to eat the best food, dress in the best clothing, and have people kiss his ass. He does not give a damn about who he hurts or kills to get his way because he is a sociopath. Jeryn is the more alarming person in this scenario because she fantasizes about what she could accomplish in the world with Kilgrave on her side. She is not totally sociopathic, but her vision of justice is a bit on the screwed side and she thinks her way of running things is the best way. Her musings of using Kilgrave feels like warning as to what will happen in the show later if Jessica manages to catch him.

One of the chauffeur’s stops was at 10am every single morning to pick up photographs. He didn’t remember where but he did remember the guy had a blue and white stripped scarf. Jessica goes back to look at the police surveillance video she got from Will earlier (more on him in a bit) and sees Malcolm following her wearing the scarf the man described. I feel like I should have seen Malcolm as the spy coming, but for some reason it shocked me.

Malcolm’s Choice:

Before Kilgrave got ahold of him, Malcolm used to be a social worker and a good guy. In order to keep Malcolm coming back to him day after day without the need of his influence which does not work all of the time, not even a full 12 hours, Kilgrave got Malcolm hooked on drugs. To get his daily fix, Malcolm must meet him every day with quality photos of Jessica and Kilgrave gives him enough drugs to keep him high until the next day.

Jessica cuffs Malcolm to the pipes in her bathroom and tells him he needs to clean up his life and free himself from Kilgrave. She gives him his daily allotment of drugs and tells him to find a way to quit and “save her for a change,” because she is tired of trying to save those who do not want to be saved. Kilgrave calls Jessica to taunt her about her plans to keep him isolated being thwarted and tells her that if she sends him a photo of herself smiling every day, he will leave Malcolm alone. Jessica hangs up on him disgusted with his proposal and determined Malcolm will find other ways to get high without Kilgrave, when she discovers Malcolm flushed his drugs down the toilet and is choosing to get clean. Jessica then sends a non-smiling selfie to Kilgrave.

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way:

The (attempted) killer cop, Will, who attacked Trish in her home and nearly took a swan dive off of a building, didn’t believe Jessica when she told him he didn’t kill Trish He comes back to Trish’s apartment with another officer claiming he got a tip a dead body was inside. Trish hides in her panic room and waits for Jessica to come and help. Jessica hops in Trish’s window and answers the door before Will beats it down with a battering ram. After appeasing the other cop and getting him to leave, Jessica and Trish try and explain that Jessica knocked Trish out with drugs to make it seem like she died and made Will think he jumped off the building so he wouldn’t try and continue to follow Kilgrave’s orders.

They explain Kilgrave and his powers to Will and he decides he is going to help them try to capture him. Will was in a military Special Forces unit, he has several contacts still in the military, and can be useful as a cop. Jessica eventually accepts his help mostly because Will refuses to leave her alone about it and proves himself to be useful when he procures both a van to transport an unconscious Kilgrave and a warehouse to hold him in with a sound proof chamber so he cannot use his influence over anyone. Jessica figures they keep Kilgrave alive long enough to get Hope off for murdering her parents, then they kill him.

“The best laid schemes…”

The plan is set and the Three Amigos follow Malcolm to his hand off with Kilgrave. The moment Will and Jessica have where they promise to not let the other stay under Kilgrave’s control if he gets ahold of one of them was adorable. Their antagonistic friendship really plays out brilliantly with him being a G.I. Joe like hero (how much you wanna bet he has a Captain America man crush) and her just trying to get thru the day without completely losing her shit. Jessica distracts Kilgrave and Will shoots him in the neck with a tranquilizer dart. Two men try and help Kilgrave, but Jessica shoves them away and fireman carries Kilgrave to the van.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

When the group arrives at the warehouse, a couple of black SUVs drive up behind them and a mass amount of big guys pour out. Malcolm told Kilgrave about Jessica using him to get drugs from the hospital and he hired a security group to extract him in case she managed to incapacitate him. Trish is immediately tasered and knocked out and Will and Jessica put up a good fight, but there are just too many of the security goons. The bodyguards managed to get Kilgrave out of the van and to a new location where he will be safe until he regains consciousness.

It’s Patsy:

To keep Kilgrave from sending more people to attack her, Trish (at the insistence of Jessica) makes a public apology to him on her show. Kilgrave sends a little kid to Jessica to tell her Trish’s mea culpa appeased him and she is now safe (for now). The little girl cursing Jessica out for leaving Kilgrave behind was funny and disturbing. You could almost hear his voice in hers scolding Jessica for disobeying him.

Even though she trained herself to be a badass, Trish feels unsafe after not being able to defend herself against Will. I get how she feels, but if Kilgrave would have sent most any other guy to kill Trish, she may have been able to fight him off long enough to at least escape him. But Kilgrave sent Will who is massive in size, has Spec Ops training, and is filled with determination Kilgrave compelled him to have. I seriously doubt anyone (man or woman) without superpowers would have been able to defend themselves against Will when he was under Kilgrave’s control.

When Will comes back to the apartment after Jessica explains Kilgrave to him, Trish still refuses to let him in. In a sweet attempt to make her feel better and in his own way apologize to her, Will brings Trish a gun. The two of them get to know each other by telling stories of their childhood thru her front door. Will tells her about how he sacrificed his G.I. Joes in a fire to save his sister’s Barbie from bad guys. Trish tells him about growing up as Patsy, the TV show star, and dealing with fan’s love. Eventually Trish lets him in the door, but she still holds on to the gun while they continue to bond over coffee and then more in bed.

We get a sense in some of the flashbacks (get to those in a bit) Trish has had to deal with peculiar fans her whole life, but I think sometime after Jessica is traumatized by Kilgrave and cuts ties with her, Trish ended up being terrorized by a fan. It explains her need to feel safe and be able to defend herself and why she feels so helpless and distraught when she is taken out twice even after all of her training. I think the crack about Trish’s mom was more about her being a Kris Jenner like momager than an abusive mother which some people might think makes her worse than an abusive mother. Her loading the gun at the end of “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me” makes me nervous for both Trish and anyone else in her life. You do know how Chekhov’s gun works right?

“That sounds like a stripper name”

The fifth episode starts to give us a look back at Jessica before her foray into being a hero and Kilgrave’s entrance into her life. It is pretty interesting to see that she was not extremely different from she is now, she is just a hell of a lot more broken. Not sure what she wants to do in life, Jessica bounces from crappy job to crappy job doing as little as possible to get by. We do see she already possesses the ability to snoop things out when she wants to, like finding evidence of her boss’s embezzlement scheme, but she uses that info for her own gain and not because she wants to right some wrongs. Trish is disappointed Jessica does not want to go and be a hero like those who saved New York from “the incident” and works on her to at least give crime fighting a try.

In some great Alias Easter Eggs, we see Trish’s design for Jessica’s crime fighting costume and she thinks Jessica should call herself Jewel. We also get some references to Hellcat which is Trish’s superhero alter ego she eventually develops.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

But the do gooder in Jessica is quickly stomped out when Kilgrave sees her tossing around some thugs who were going to kill Malcolm (long before Jessica ever officially met him) and decides that he must have her after she tells him that she wants to use her abilities help people. Seeing this young, wide eyed girl who wants to be something good, Kilgrave just couldn’t resist having fun stomping all of that out of her. It is heartbreaking to watch all of that potential and innocence erased simply because she crossed his path.

Hero Blowback:

Jessica is hired by a woman wanting her to get evidence of her husband’s infidelity, but Jessica is wary that Kilgrave may have sent another plant into her office. She follows the woman around for a day to see if she comes in contact with Kilgrave at any point during her day. There is none so Jessica goes ahead and follows the husband to what she thinks is his tryst with his mistress. The whole thing was a trap, but not something Kilgrave set up. The couple has made it their mission to kill all of those who are “gifted” out there because her mother was killed during “the incident” when a building came crumbling down. In a really intense tirade by Jessica where she nearly brings the room down on all of them, she tells them that they are not the only people who lost someone and threatens them to leave town or her and her “99 gifted friends” that live in New York will come and hunt them down.

I don’t know if she was telling the truth about the 99 other “gifted” people living in that area of New York. Given everything that happened at the end of Agents of SHIELD last season, it would not surprise me. I also wouldn’t surprise me that Jessica would have investigated possible “gifted” persons near her just to know her surroundings.

What did you think of “AKA 99 Friends” and “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me?” Were you giddy to see the references to Jewel and her costume and Hellcat? Was Ruben asking Jessica on a date when they carried Malcolm back to his place adorable or creepy? What do you think Hope needs the cash for and do you think she is okay after that beating she took in prison? How heartbroken were you after the flashback of Jessica meeting Kilgrave? Will you be able to watch the 10th Doctor the same way ever again? Talk to me in the comments section below and please be courteous and no spoilers for upcoming episodes. I will have more Jessica Jones on Monday, hope to see you back here!

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