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Need something to do after suffering thru your turkey day hangover? Not interesting in fighting the crowds on Black Friday? Here are some fun ways to pass the time till Cyber Monday shows up and shopping can be made easy without all of the brutal fighting.

I get no compensation whatsoever for endorsing any of these things just so you guys know.

Z: The Beginning of Everything

Image Courtesy of Amazon Prime

Image Courtesy of Amazon Prime

To pile on from one of my last recommendations, Therese Anne Fowler’s novel Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald serves as the main story board for Amazon’s newest Pilot Season offering. Tim Blake Nelson, who is more known for his acting for now, directed the first of hopefully several episodes of the show based on the life of the newly adopted feminist icon. The sets and costumes are everything you would hope for in a period piece, gorgeous and colorful, making us long for that kind of subtle beauty in our ugly and terrifying time. The 30 minute run time feels like if goes by too fast because you quickly fall in love with our titular character played perfectly by Christina Ricci. She has that timeless look about her that allows her to play any person in any decade and the spunky personality that we would expect from Zelda. The show teases great adventures and sad tragedies for our girl and I hope to see more.

Into The Badlands

AMC’s newest show is inspired by the Chinese martial arts dramas largely popular in cinemas, specifically Journey to the West. It is exquisitely stunning in its visuals and the fight choreography is just as beautiful as any ballet I have seen and more brutal looking than a ballet dancer’s feet. The only thing is two episodes in and I couldn’t tell you what the story is really about. There are a group of Barons who rule the Badlands and now they are fighting over something. Power, land, who can chew the best scenery? It is not made entirely clear. There is also this mysterious kid who knows how to get out of the Badlands to freedom, but he has some kind of mystical powers. Since there are only six episodes, I’m willing to stick it out and see what happens and determine if it is something worth coming back for a second season. If anything else, it is supremely cool to look at.

The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn

I know I’m a few months late on this one, but I don’t care. If you haven’t picked this one up yet, go download it now! The newest offering from Jack White, Alisson Mosshart, Dean Fertita, and Jack Lawrence continues the experimental band’s stellar sound of blues, rock, and punk thrown in an electronic rhythm blender giving our ears something beautifully new to experience. The Dead Weather’s third album pushes the limits of creativity in mixing noises and lyrical riddles with my favorite songs being “Three Dollar Hat,” “Too Bad,” and “Impossible Winner.” I hope to see these guys tour this album soon or at least make a few appearances on the music festival circuit, specifically Coachella or Bonnaroo (two festivals I’m guaranteed to make this year). Hopefully the band’s next creative outlet will not take another six years to make, but if this brilliance is what we get when they are free to not rush into the studio, then please guys take all the time you need for the fourth album.

Knitting in the City Series by Penny Reid

I am a couple of years off from recommending some of these books, but the novella, Ninja at First Sight, which serves as a prequel to the latest installment, Happily Ever Ninja coming out in January, was just released and it is a really adorable look back at the beginning of a great marriage. The series starts with Neanderthal Seeks Human and the adorkably awesome Janie who finds her worst day ever may have led her to a better life. The other books in the series follow Janie’s friends as they navigate their love lives. You don’t have to read all of the books in order, but it does help. Each book is full of great nerdy references and wonderfully funny characters that you wish were real and were your best friends. Reid has also blessed Knitting in the City fans with a spinoff series all about the sweet and rascally Winston Brothers from Beauty and the Mustache. The books are great quick read and can serve as a great brain pallet cleanser when you have read a particularly heavy book.

Hope all of you enjoy the recommendations. Do any of you have some recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments section and I will check them out!

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