Jessica Jones – Crimes of Passion

Spoilers for “AKA You’re a Winner” and “AKA Top Shelf Perverts”

The emotions get heavier and the stakes get higher as Jessica continues her fight to bring Kilgrave to justice.

Secrets Always Come Back to Haunt You:

Luke hires Jessica to find the brother of a woman he is helping out. Serena loaned her brother, Antoine, money to pay off the loan sharks after him, and he skipped town with the cash. The loan sharks are starting to lean on Serena and Luke hopes Jessica can find Antoine to help his sister. Looking thru Antoine’s apartment, Jessica sees that he plays the lottery and enters to win various contests. Jessica leaves a fake voicemail telling Antoine he has won a prize and her forced cheerful voice is disconcerting. Another guy using Antoine’s cell phone calls her back claiming to be him and wanting to know where he can pick up his prize. Jessica tells him where to pick it up and when he gets there, she plans to follow in hopes to find out what happened to Antoine.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Luke stays hot on Jessica’s heels for information about the brother and when the two of them end up back in bed together he confesses that Serena is not a friend of his. She works administration for the Metro Transit Authority and possibly has info about the death of his wife, Reva. Even though Jessica killed Reva, it looked as if she was killed when the bus that hit Kilgrave hit her as well. Luke doesn’t quite buy that story because Reva left him a message telling him to go to a certain street corner and dig up a box underneath the concrete. The street corner she told him to go to was the one she was killed at and the box has already been dug up by Jessica on the orders of Kilgrave. We see in flashback the box contained a flash drive and could contain information on Kilgrave he obviously does not want out there. Why Reva had or knew where the box was is not known, but I am wondering what Reva did when she was alive? Was she a reporter? Was her occupation talked about and I just don’t remember or are we going to find out later?

Luke also learns out about Kilgrave from Malcolm, who interrogates Luke to make sure he was not sent to hurt Jessica. It is sweet that Malcolm is trying to look out for her, it is very brotherly. Luke asks Jessica about what happened between her and Kilgrave and she admits some of the truth, but mostly confesses that she hates herself for the things she has done for him. Luke tells her she “is not a piece of shit,” and that actually may be the best compliment one could pay Jessica. I absolutely love when Jessica tells him that she must go after Kilgrave alone, Luke tells her “good for you” and doesn’t force his help upon her. He knows that she needs to fight her own demons and his assisting will not give her the closure she needs. I may have fallen (more) in love with Luke at that moment. Too bad it doesn’t last.

Eventually the two of them find Antoine and Jessica attempts to get him to his sister before Luke so she can get the info from Serena just in case it points to her, but Luke shows up to collect the info just in time. The bus driver was drunk that night and the MTA covered up the transgression because the driver has a brother in high places. Luke goes to kill the driver, but Jessica stops him and confesses to killing Reva. In a really gut wrenching moment, Luke angry breaks down and tells Jessica she “really is a piece of shit” taking back his sweet compliment from earlier.

Divorces Can Be Painful:

To fulfill her promise to Jeryn, Jessica stalks Jeryn’s wife, Wendy, and threatens her to sign the divorce papers. Jessica, in a drunken fit, accidentally drops Wendy on the tracks of a subway. She manages to get Wendy out of the well with plenty of time to spare, but for a moment Jessica stands on the tracks contemplating letting the train hit her. After all of the things Luke said to her, I think she lets herself believe for a moment that the world would be better off without her in it. At the last moment Jessica’s survival instincts kick in and she jumps out of the way before the train can hit her.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Wendy is going to make the divorce hell on Jeryn and take plenty of her assets. Wendy goes to her office with proof of Jeryn’s law bending ways and threatens to go to the bar association if Jessica comes at her again. I don’t think Wendy is long for this world. Jeryn strikes me as someone who will arrange for Wendy to have a little accident to keep those papers from hanging over her head.

Overpaying for the Memories:

Kilgrave purchases the house Jessica grew up before the accident and then restores it exactly how it was when she lived there. For one that is just sick as hell, but what is curious is Kilgrave does not compel the owner to sell to him. Kilgrave gives the guy a little over a million dollars to sell it to him legally and be out in less than two days. I’m sure he does it that way so it is for one legal, but for two, the guy can’t come back and say the house is his after the compulsion wears off. Kilgrave wants to live in the house without any distractions coming in and interrupting his plans.

Women’s Rights:

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

After finding out about Hope’s assault in prison, Jessica goes to scare the living daylights out of the attacker, but Hope paid her for the beating. Hope is pregnant and the beating was supposed to cause a miscarriage, but failed. Jessica and Jeryn smuggle the abortion pill to Hope because the prison doctor who could give her one will not be available for a couple of months. I appreciate how the show deals with the consequences of rape. Unlike what a certain former congressman thinks, there is a possibility of pregnancy after any kind of rape. If the victim goes to the hospital for treatment, they are given the Plan B treatment in hopes of prevention, but there are many women who cannot get help or will not get help after their attack. I cried when Hope tells her “every second it’s there, I get raped again and again; my parents are shot again and again… I wanna live, I wanna have children, but I won’t give life to this thing. I won’t do it.” That moment of a starkly painful reality some women have to face is almost out of place in a show about superheroes, but overall this is a show about a woman fighting back against the man who victimized her again and again and claimed it was out of love and doing her damnedest to try to protect another woman who was victimized by the same man.

Jeryn has the nurse at the prison collect the dead fetus and have it delivered to a medical facility for, I presume, testing. Jeryn becomes more and more alarming as the show progresses.

To Make Things Worse:

After her run in with Wendy (see above), Jessica finds a dead Ruben in her bed. He was compelled by Kilgrave to slit his own throat because Ruben interrupted him while he was hiding a present in her apartment. Poor Ruben, his only crime was falling for Jessica and Kilgrave was not going to have someone else vie for her. I’m actually going to miss that little weirdo.

Jessica decides she is going to claim responsibility for Ruben’s death and try to get herself locked up in a Supermax prison. If she is locked up, Kilgrave will have to use his abilities to get her out and they will be caught on camera for everyone to see. She tracks down the detective that questioned her in Hope’s case, Detective Clemens, because he is already suspicious of her, and finds out that he will not be in the precinct until eight that night.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Jessica uses the day to get her affairs in order. She stops by Luke’s bar and leaves him a message (he took some time off to get his head straight) telling him she is sorry for everything. She goes to Trish’s mother, Dorothy (played by a completely unrecognizable Rebecca De Mornay), to threaten her that “no matter where I am, even if I’m behind bars, if you try anything, I will find out, and it will hurt” if she doesn’t stay far away from Trish.

The conversation between those two helped to confirm what I had some suspicions about. Jessica feels like Dorothy “pimped out” her daughter for gain and I think she means that literary, Trish’s mother may have allowed people to do things to her daughter to promote the show. Dorothy also turned a blind eye to a doctor over proscribing meds to Trish (what meds we don’t know just yet) and Trish’s dependence on them until Jessica took her away from Dorothy’s influence. Trish’s pity party after getting knocked out by Kilgrave’s body guards makes even more sense because try as she might to protect herself, Trish has not been able to rescue herself from those who have done her harm once. It has always been Jessica that saves her.

Malcolm tries to thwart Jessica’s plan to incarcerate herself by calling Trish and explaining what’s what. They clean up the apartment and Malcolm goes to dispose of Ruben’s body. Trish tries to talk Jessica out of her plan, but Jessica tells her she needs to pay for what she has done so far and the trail of dead bodies left in the wake of Kilgrave’s need to get Jessica back. She finds Malcolm getting rid of Ruben’s body in the east river and Jessica jumps in after it, rips off poor Ruben’s head, and drops it on the Detective Clemens’s desk. When Clemens tries to find out why Jessica would claim to kill Ruben and why she wants to go to Supermax, Jessica demonstrates her powers to him.

Before Clemens can fully understand what is going on, another officer interrupts the questioning and says that Jessica is free to go. One of Kilgrave’s informants tipped him off as to what she was doing and he comes to the precinct to get her out. Half the cops have a gun trained on someone else or themselves and will shoot anyone who tries to leave or help Jessica. Kilgrave explains that he loves Jessica and wants her to willingly come back to him.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

I wanted to throw up after that conversation because a) Tennant delivered that whole speech with a demented and terrifying earnestness and b) the fact that Kilgrave believes he actually loves Jessica and everything he does is justified is truly horrifying.

He could compel her to come back to him, but he wants her to choose him because she cares about him too. Kilgrave erases footage that he and Jessica were there and commands everyone to think Jessica played a joke on them and they loved it and let her go. Back at her place Jessica finds his gift. It was her diary she kept and lost as a child. To either appease him or find out his plans for her, Jessica goes to the house she grew up in before the accident that took the lives of her family and moves in with Kilgrave. That smile of triumph on Kilgrave’s face made me nearly throw up again.

What did you guys think of “AKA You’re a Winner” and “AKA Top Shelf Perverts?” Are you pretty afraid of Jeryn right now? How heart-broken were you after that last moment between Luke and Jessica? I wonder when Robyn will find out what happened to Ruben? We are a little over halfway thru the series, what do you think of it overall so far? Talk to me in the comments section below and please do not post any spoilers for future episodes. I will be back on Wednesday with episodes eight and nine.

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