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Spoilers for “Guilty”

I hope all of you have recovered from all of the overeating because last night’s Quantico demanded all of your attention to keep up with all of the nutty happenings.

Quickie Recap:

Liam is falling way back into his sad sack ways of drinking too much to drown out the mistakes he has made. Alex goes to Liam’s house to get him cleaned up and back to work, just like she used to do for her dear ol’ dad. She feels for him having to carry around the guilt for the mistakes he made and tries to help Liam in the way she couldn’t help her father. Alex finally gets thru to a very drunk Liam when she goes to pick him up at a bar where his daughter likes to hang out. He went in hopes of getting to see his daughter and Alex convinces him to leave before she sees him like this. He tells her that Miranda’s attack scared him and begs Alex not to become like him or her father.

Images Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Images Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

After sobering up at home, Liam goes to visit Miranda in the hospital and runs into Alex there. Liam thanks Alex for helping him the night before and the two of them share this look like they are developing feelings for one another. With him it makes sense because he is attracted to women who will take care of him, but with Alex it is just creepy. Talk about daddy issues. Ryan is angry at Alex for constantly helping Liam after he tried to ruin both of their careers. He tells Alex that he stayed at Quantico for the wrong reasons and he is going to take his new position elsewhere.

Miranda obviously survives the attack in her house. She never got a look at the person because she was attacked from behind, but she believes it was Charlie. Liam later finds out from the police that the knife used to in the attack was found in the woods by her house and Charlie’s finger prints were not found on it. The police think that he had nothing to do with the attack and may be a kidnap victim.

The next phase of training at Quantico is an introduction to profiling. The instructors bring in Dr. Susan Langdon (a criminally underused Anne Heche making her guest appearance) a medical examiner who caught a very famous serial killer. Dr. Langdon has the NATs break up into groups and they are each giving a file and they are to find the one person in the group who was not a victim of the serial killer they were assigned to look at. Everyone passes the test and Langdon tells them the second half of the lesson is to compartmentalize what they have looked at. First round at the bar just off campus is on her. Teachers who like to drink with their students are always strange and desperate by the way.

Image Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Image Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Simon can’t let one thing go and thinks there was another non-victim with in his file. He thinks there is a twist to the test because there is always a twist to these tests (nice little meta moment on the show). So while they were all drinking to the creepiest drinking game ever (name the serial killer with the higher body count? Really? That is just disturbing), Simon corners Langdon and tells her all about his theory on how the body of a victim was staged to look like the serial killer did it. This is the case that made Langdon famous by the way. Langdon quickly becomes the scariest medical examiner on TV and tells Simon if he doesn’t keep his thoughts to himself that she could make it look like he died of an embolism right there and no one would be the wiser. When she tries to take Simon out of the bar to deal with him, Ryan follows them out to see what is up. He doesn’t think that Simon is leaving of his own free will even when Langdon tires to tell him that they are going to go and get a room for the night. Seeing that she will not be able to convince Ryan that she is looking for a hookup with Simon, she lets him go with a kiss and a promise that no one would believe him if he ratted her out.

A few days later it hits the news that Langdon falsified evidence that convicted the serial killer and the he may go free. Simon tells the other NATs that he was the one who handed the info over to the media and they are understandably upset at him. His actions will cause a guy who killed several women to go free and they all felt Langdon’s actions justified the means. He gets angry at them because the FBI didn’t hold themselves to a higher standard and allowed a guy to go to jail for the only a murder he didn’t commit while the guy who did actually kill the woman is still free.

Shelby and Natalie start to bond a bit after Natalie confesses that her daughter’s birthday was the day before and that is why she was so bitchy to everyone (what is her excuse about all those other times she was a total bitch to everyone?). She tells Shelby about her baby daddy taking custody away because she went to Quantico and she needed validation that she was doing the right thing. Shelby of course gives it to her because she is doing what is best for her career and does not deserve to be punished for it. I could see these two forming an “I Hate Alex” club after the impending blowup of Shelby’s and Alex’s friendship coming up soon.

In the present, Alex is processed, but not read her Miranda rights just yet. Just as the agents are getting ready to question her about the second bomb and Elias shows up as Alex’s lawyer to make sure her rights are not violated and to help prove her innocence. But he is too late as well when a presidential order comes down for the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group (or HIG) to take Alex and get a confession out of her one way or another. These dudes are scary as hell and do not give a damn about what is or isn’t legal or moral. They have one job to do and that is to get a confession.

Image Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Image Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Caleb, Shelby, Simon, Elias, the twins, and (all of a sudden) Natalie work together and find evidence that Alex was kidnapped in a surveillance blind spot not too long after leaving her apartment the morning of the bombing. Alex was knocked out and stuffed into a duffel bag and carried to the Hyatt just outside of Grand Central. The man who did all this checked into a room at the Hyatt under the name of John Stein and they figure that he placed Alex at the bomb site after he set the bombs off. Caleb also found the agent, Goodwin, who witnessed someone using Alex’s badge at Grand Central. She was found dead in the rubble of the bombing, but her cell phone is missing and it looks as if she was staged to look as if she was killed in the bombing. Team Alex takes all of this evidence to Liam and he gets the presidential order for Alex’s interrogation lifted. Good timing too because the interrogators found Ryan trying to escape the area and physically torture (and nearly kill) him to get Alex to confess.

After Alex and Ryan are rescued, Liam goes to Alex and tells her that the charges of terrorism could be dropped, but if they do that the terrorists might change the plans they have for the second bomb before the FBI can find them. He convinces Alex to publicly take the blame for the bombings so the terrorists think they have won and continue with their plan so the FBI can use the evidence they have to find them. Frankly I think this is all going to come back and bite Alex in the ass. Even if Liam is not up to something, having her plead guilty in court seems like the dumbest of the dumb ideas.

Acting Shady:

Simon should have the number one spot again, but this time I have to give it to Clayton. He calls Caleb while he is in training at Quantico and tells him Shelby has been transferring money to her half-sister, but Shelby doesn’t have a half-sister. We saw Shelby talking to a woman about the house she is going to buy with the money Shelby gave her in the last episode. If she is not Shelby’s half-sister, then who is she? Clayton wants Caleb to spy on Shelby for him to find out who she really has been giving money to. I think Clayton is playing Caleb and that is Shelby’s sister. I also think Clayton has something to do with the bombings. He has Caleb delete the email about Goodwin seeing someone who is not Alex using her badge and now Goodwin is dead. He and Shelby were staying at the Hyatt the day of the bombing and could have easily carried that duffel bag in, triggered the bombs, and dropped Alex at the bomb site in between his nookie time with Shelby. Why would he bomb Grand Central and have another bomb ready to go off somewhere else?

Simon is angry about the sliding scale morals of those in the FBI after outing Langdon as a fraud and calls the bomb specialist (who I had just realized is the same one he brought Alex to) and decides to join whatever cause he is a part of. The bomb guy gives Simon a flash drive containing the blueprints to all of the train stations in New York. Because this show prides itself on all sorts of twists and shocking moments, I don’t think Simon is a part of the bombings. If just feels too obvious. But he is up to something else, I just don’t know what.

Maybe in some way he is involved in the bombing, but his part was super small. Maybe that is the big twist. Everyone played a part in the bombing and framing Alex, but it was all small parts and they didn’t know until it was too late. Somewhere there is a puppet master pulling the strings.

Who can Alex Trust?

Welcome to Team Alex, Elias. It is nice to see you in the present time. It was cute his reaction when meeting the twins. I never realized before that moment he wouldn’t have found out Nimah was actually Nimah and Raina after he was kicked out of Quantico.

Image Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Image Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Natalie did help to convince Liam of Alex’s innocence, but is she fully on Team Alex? She came around a little too quickly for me.

Who is Guilty of What?

Miranda’s stabbing and Charlie’s disappearance makes me wonder if that whole ordeal is somehow tied into the Grand Central bombing. Has Charlie been found before the day of the bombing or is he still missing? Is his kidnapping the reason why Miranda was the first person to really believe Alex was innocent and helped her escape FBI custody the first time?

What did you guys think of last night’s Quantico? What do you think Simon is going to do with the plans for all of the train stations in New York? Who was the woman Shelby was talking to in the last episode? What is Clayton up to? Do you think we will ever find out who shot Ryan the first time in Alex’s apartment? Tell me your theories in the comments section below.

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