Spoilers for “Closure”

Sometimes loving a Whedon run show is almost like being in a sadistic relationship. You have the honeymoon phase where everything is great for a little while, then boom, your favorite character gets killed off.

Quickie Recap:

Image Courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment

RIP Cousalind we hardly had a chance to explore thee. Ward pulled one hell of a dick move with his revenge for Kara by taking out Coulson’s love with a bullet to the throat. After getting back to base and working his grief out on his office, Coulson starts to interrogate the original team to get into the head of Ward.

It is interesting that the person who would understand Ward the best would be Daisy. The two of them had a crappy and unstable upbringing and clung to the first real chance of family they could get. Ward adhered to Garrett and Daisy adhered to Coulson. I honestly think that if it would have been Coulson who recruited Ward, then things would have turned out very different for the original six. As it is though, Daisy understands that Ward kills because he is trying so hard to kill that emptiness inside of himself his family left. Coulson realizes that the best way to get a Ward is to track down the one member of his family that he does not hate, Thomas.

Image courtesy of CBS

Image courtesy of CBS

After smacking around Hunter for not doing his job in the first place, Coulson brings both Hunter and Bobbie in an off book mission to find Thomas. Mack is left in charge and the Interim Director. They rob the bank where Thomas works in and take him hostage. Thomas (played by Tyler Ritter) thinks they were sent there by Ward. Ward was telling the truth about his family, they were sick and abusive. Grant did his best to protect Thomas until Christian stepped in and had Grant push Thomas down the well. Ever since that moment, Grant changed and his bitterness and hatred took over. Eventually Thomas ran from his sicko family and to keep Grant from finding him, he changed his name.

In the meantime Fitz, Jemma, and Banks go to the old Distant Star facility to get as much info as they can about how they are planning to open a portal. Hydra is a few steps ahead of them as usual and the metal controlling Inhuman (hello again Iron Chef Chairman!) has Banks kill the other SHIELD agents and then himself (RIP Banks I was just starting to like you). Fitz and Jemma are taken to the Hydra base and split up. Jemma is tortured for info about how she got back from the Maven (we finally have a name for the Inhuman planet!) and Ward sat with Fitz and taunted him while they listened to Jemma’s screams. Eventually Fitz can’t handle it anymore and volunteers to go thru the portal because he knows how to get them back. He swears to Jemma that he will not allow the Inhuman monster to come back thru and he will bring back Will. I still think the two are one in the same and poor Fitz is going to figure that out after Will gets thru to the other side.

Coulson calls Ward to taunt him with Thomas and makes it look as if he is going to hurt him to get at Ward. Coulson is really too good for that and uses the rouse to track where the Hydra base is. While Ward is reeling from the call from Thomas, he starts to get ready to finally take out Coulson when Malick chides him for his trivial revenge plan. He wants Ward to go with the others to Maven and get the big bad Inhuman to the other side. Malick believes if Ward were to put his trust in him and Hydra fully than he could be the person that makes all of Hydra’s dreams of world domination come true.

Image Courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment

Knowing Coulson and co are most like going to be killed when they attack the Hydra base, Mack starts to look at the files for the two Inhumans they have at the moment and try to decide they are a team that could go in and save the day. He eventually realizes that he has no choice and he gets Lincoln and Joey (still a part of the show apparently) to suit up and join Daisy. I got all excited because we were about to see some actual Secret Warriors stuff, but it was just a tease for next week’s finale.

Before Team Inhuman can get to the Hydra base and save the day, Malick opens up the portal and the Hydra team, Fitz, and Ward go thru. Coulson sees the group enter the portal on the plane’s heat signature and (rightly) assumes one of them is Ward. Coulson jumps from the plane and swan dives thru the portal before Malick can close it and then hits his head on a rock when he lands in Maven.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

Me while watching that opening scene:

Image Courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment

Oh look at the two of them having their dinner. They are just too cute. She has a matchbook from their first drink together, and he is lighting candles, and she opened his ketchup packet. How freaking ador – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Seriously I yelled “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and UberApe ran into the room thinking I’m being murdered. When he realized I was watching Agents of SHIELD he just shrugged and said, “It’s a Whedon show, sweetheart. This was bound to happen.” You would think it wouldn’t be a shock to me anymore, but I fall for it every time. Poor Rosalind just got Whedoned and if Coulson had magical powers he would have gone full Willow on Ward’s ass. He did get some awesome kickass moments and I kinda love pissed off Phil.

I hope to see Tyler Ritter again. He feels like a big enough of a TV star (or at least his name is big enough) that it would be a waste for him to only appear in one episode and never come back.

Do you guys think Ward would actually get killed off in the Winter Finale? He has long crossed the line of no return and they can’t keep having him be the crazy bad of the show. His ark is going to have to go somewhere and it is barreling down to a bullet to the brain pan (squish) from Coulson’s gun. Eventually the producers are going to have to move on right?

I love Mack as the acting Director. I think he will make a great leader one day if the show goes on for that long. His speech to Joey and Lincoln, “Set up and do the damn job or let the bad guy win,” just perfect. Plus Mack making the call to put the team in action is fitting because he is the one person who would look at everything else before going to them.

Bobbie is such a great voice of reason and it’s an on the mark counter for Hunter when they get their own show.

Jemma’s screams were just the worst. I don’t know if showing the actual torture would have been worse.

Is anyone else creeped out by the fact that Ward is a little too proud of Jemma’s “Furiosa” like vibe?

Will has to be the creature they are going to go and get right? The twist just seems too obvious.

What did you guys think of last night’s Agents of SHIELD? Were you heart broken when Ros died in Coulson’s arms? Do you think Ward will survive the Winter Finale? I wanna hear your thoughts and theories for the finale in the comments section below.

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