Jessica Jones – Truths Come Out

Spoilers for “AKA WWJD” and “AKA Sin Bin”

Things go from disturbing to disastrous when Jessica finally gets to challenge Kilgrave.

Playing House:

Memories of her life before gaining powers are a bit overwhelming for Jessica now living in her childhood home with Kilgrave. He used photos of the house before it was sold from the Realtor and even went so far as to use a magnifying glass in the photos of Jessica’s room so he could get the CD’s she had in her room right. When he had her under his control before, Jessica had admitted her childhood was the happiest time of her life and Kilgrave genuinely wants to make her happy. Mostly it just comes off as super creepy.

The only major differences in the house is Kilgrave has hired a staff to cook and clean for them and of course the bodyguards used to keep him safe if he is incapacitated again. Kilgrave may love Jessica, but he does not trust her. One of the guards searches her as soon as she is in the door and he finds her cellphone set up to record anything they say. Kilgrave looks genuinely hurt by the fact that she is still trying to trap him in some way, but he knows that she that she has a hard time giving up on people she adopts to save.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Trish calls (“It’s Patsy!”) to try and see if Jessica is safe, Kilgrave makes her put it on speaker so she can’t give anything away. She tells Trish she got out of town to lay low and get Kilgrave away from everyone else in her life. In a very clever moment, Jessica insults the hell out of Kilgrave to Trish and he takes it as her way of showing Trish that she is not under his control. He is delusional about Jessica’s feelings for him. Trish is upset because Will took time off and disappeared. Thankfully she doesn’t mention he disappeared while following Kilgrave.

That night at dinner, Jessica chooses to test Kilgrave by drinking heavily, not eating, and throwing a little bit of a temper tantrum. The cook and maid immediately rush in the room with knives to their throats. What is really interesting about this conversation (and many others to follow) is Kilgrave absolutely does not take responsibility for what he orders others to do. He told Jessica to take care of Reva and Jessica killed her, but he had to have murderess intentions or else Jessica would have done things differently. Kilgrave keeps trying to put it in her head that Jessica killed Reva because she wanted to please him.

At breakfast the next morning, Jessica’s old nosy neighbor comes by and starts to tell Kilgrave all about Jessica when she was little girl and gossip meanly about her parents and brother. Kilgrave probably wouldn’t have cared what the woman was saying, but it was upsetting Jessica. For a very intense moment, Kilgrave compels the nosy ol’ bitty to tell him why she would say all of those things and for a while both he and Jessica contemplate how good it would feel to make her hurt herself. But Jessica’s conscience takes over and Kilgrave lets the neighbor go without a scratch, for the moment.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

When Kilgrave tries to touch her affectionately, she gets angry at him and he thinks that reminding her of all the other times they did more than just touch would soften her. She tries to explain to him that his compelling her to have sex with him was rape, he again tries to place it back on her by saying she did it to please him, he didn’t know he was controlling her, his parents didn’t teach him better. Anything but the truth of him forcing her to have sex with him. To continue to gain sympathy over her, Kilgrave shows Jessica what was on the flash drive Reva was killed over. It was video of his parents running experiments on him as a child and he gained his powers thru those experiments.

What Would Trish Do:

After seeing the video and hearing about how Kilgrave’s parents ran away from him when he was 10, Jessica realizes that he was not taught how to be a decent person. She decides to take Kilgrave to the hostage situation being talked about on the news all morning and show him what it is like to use his powers to help people. The two of them use Kilgrave’s powers to walk right in the house (Jedi mind trick joke!) where a man is holding his wife and children at gun point. Jessica gets the mom and children out of the house and Kilgrave thinks the best way to handle the dad is to have him shoot himself. Jessica convinces him to tell the man to turn himself over to the police because that is the actual right thing to do.

Kilgrave is on a rush from having saved a group of people and the mom and kids looking at him with happiness and awe. He wants Jessica to stay with him to form a team because he needs her to keep him honest and erase all the bad he has done with some good. He truly believes that with Jessica’s help he could do the hero thing and it is bonus points that this could make Jessica love him.

Jessica needs to contemplate the responsibility of making Kilgrave a hero and goes to Trish for advice. I love that Jessica asks herself “What Would Trish Do?” She really is the moral center for her group of people. In order to harness Kilgrave for good, Jessica would have to give up her whole life and dedicate it to him, and there is no guarantee that he will not get bored, slip up, or just start controlling more people. Both Jessica and Trish contemplate the idea that Kilgrave can be used to change the world for the better.

Jessica does decide to hell with it, he is not worth giving her whole life up for because ultimately his is a sociopath who will get bored with doing the right thing in favor of doing the fun thing. She drugs him and takes him and the flash drive of the experimentations with her. While she is trying to get him out of the house she is stopped by the bodyguards, but Will to the rescue. He and his men want to put a bullet in Kilgrave’s head then and there, but Jessica manages to fly/jump away with him.

Chekhov’s bomb:

Even though it would help Hope (and possibly many other people) to keep Kilgrave alive long enough to get his powers on record, Will feels that he is too powerful to let live. He followed Kilgrave’s bodyguards and discovered his plans with Jessica’s old house. He decided he is going to blow Kilgrave up with a bomb he hid in the basement set to go off when the help goes to take out the trash. Will tries to get Jessica out of there, but she refuses to go because she needs to get Kilgrave to confess and save hope. She takes Will’s cell phone (hers is with Kilgrave) and then tells the bodyguards about the bomb in the basement.

With that plan in the trash Will gets a hold of some of his boys from back in the day and they form a plan to wait outside of Jessica’s house for Kilgrave to come out. After Jessica flies off with Kilgrave’s body, the nosy neighbor comes up to Will with a gift from Kilgrave. She was instructed to give it to him if he ever showed up at the house again. It was his bomb. Will survives the blast, but the neighbor and his boys do not.

The Red Pill:

Badly injured but alive, Will calls Trish to bring him to a hospital and call a Doctor Kozlov to come and fix him up. Even though no one at the hospital has heard of him, the good doc arrives and Will mysteriously tells him that he wants to come back to the program. I wonder if it is another Super Soldier like program used in The Incredible Hulk. Will is given some Red pills to help him get better and there is a Yellow pill to stabilize him, and a Blue pill to bring him down if needed. Against doctor’s orders Will takes a few more of the Red pills to get better and stronger faster.

Before the explosion Will had told Trish that Jessica can take care of herself and the two of them can’t because they are not a part of that superhero world. He pleads with Trish to get out of Jessica’s way (and possibly his). Did he know then that he was going to go back to that program?

A bad plan is still a plan:

Jessica takes Kilgrave to the hermetically sealed chamber from the first plan to isolate him. She has everything rigged up to keep him under control. The bottom has about six inches of standing water attached to an open wire so she can shock him when he gets too out of control and the video of his parents experimenting him as a child playing in a loop on the wall behind him.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Both Jessica and Trish attempt to get him to use his powers on camera because any confession they get will be considered under duress and inadmissible in court. They need the evidence quickly and for a cop to witness everything so it is not considered forged because Hope is being offered a plea bargain of only 20 years (which is only 15 with good behavior). Jeryn is going to advise Hope to take the deal unless there is tangible and admissible proof of Kilgrave’s powers because Hope’s case does not look all that great for her.

The first video they make mostly ends up looking like Jessica is kicking Kilgrave’s ass while he is begging for mercy, but that video is every rape and abuse victims dream. It was a cathartic chance for Jessica to really confront Kilgrave with all of the pain he has caused her and he can’t break out his normal excuses because that would make him look less sympathetic on camera.

Jessica comes up with a plan B and gets Detective Clemens to be a witness to Kilgrave, of course he is not there too willingly and is handcuffed to a poll, but he goes along with it for the moment because he knows that Kilgrave is dangerous. She also finds Kilgrave’s parents (who have been keeping an eye out for him) and brings them into the chamber to confront him and get him to use his powers.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Kilgrave in the beginning is able to resist compelling them, but when his mother stabs him, he loses control and compels her to stab herself. Jessica tries to shock the group of them to keep her from killing herself, but the quickie wiring job screws up and nothing happens. (Did Jeryn have something to do with that?) Jessica tries to go in a stop him while Trish panics and shoots at him thru the glass catching him in the shoulder. Kilgrave gets free, but only after the camera catches him compelling his parents to kill themselves and compelling Trish to shoot herself. Fortunately for Trish she emptied her gun at Kilgrave. Jessica manages to make one last grab at him and he orders her to let him go, but she was able to resist. Clemens tackles Jessica on Kilgrave’s orders, but the realization for the both of them is there. Jessica has been able to resist Kilgrave twice. The first time was overshadowed by Kilgrave getting hit by a bus, but this time they both know that he may not be able to control her fully.

“I’m going to have to have you say that in cash”:

Wendy figures the best way to get Jeryn back is to go after her money. In the divorce proceedings, she asks for 70% of Jeryn’s assets and the number only continues to get higher the more Jeryn drags her feet. Jeryn is trying her best to make the divorce amicable, but Wendy just keeps poking the bear. Finally Pam issues an ultimatum, deal with Wendy and get your divorce, or no more nookie for Jeryn.

While Jeryn was keeping watch on Kilgrave in captivity, she gets a call from Wendy telling her that if she does not give her 90% of everything, then she will send an email of all of Jeryn’s illegal doings to everyone in her office and get Jeryn disbarred. Since Kilgrave can read lips (is that not one of the more creepy talents a person can have?) he starts to charm Jeryn with tales as to what he can do. Jeryn comes so close to letting Kilgrave go, but fortunately Trish and Jessica show up just in time to carry out their crazy plan.

I wonder if Kilgrave will help Jeryn now that he is out, or hold it against her that she didn’t stop the group from torturing a confession out of him.

What did you guys think of “AKA WWJD” and “AKA Sin Bin?” Are you like me and think Hockey when you hear Sin Bin and not Rugby? Did you think the series did well in giving the villain a backstory as sympathetic as his? Were you shocked to hear Kilgrave’s real name was Kevin? Somehow that just doesn’t quite fit for me. Do you think Jeryn is going to get help from Kilgrave now that he is out without her help? What program do you think Will is a part of and what in the hell are the red pills going to do to him? Were you pretty happy to see Jessica confront Kilgrave with all of the shitty things he did to her? Let me know what you think in the comments section. Please do not post spoilers for future episodes, not everyone has had a chance to watch all of the episodes just yet.

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