American Horror Story: Hotel – A Killer Reveal

Spoilers for “The Ten Commandments Killer”

John wanted to know who the killer was, but he got so much more than what he bargained for.

Trophy Room:

After the death of Wren, John starts to put together some of the pieces in his head because the only thing he can see is his son lying in that coffin in the Hotel Cortez. He bursts thru the hotel doors and encounters a still grieving Liz (and it just now occurs to me that Tristan probably died earlier that day, I get confused with the two week break). John flips out on Liz for hiding the killer and she gets all sorts of scary to put him in his place. You do not want to mess with Liz. Sally shows up and volunteers to take John to TCK’s room. (TCK is much easier to type than Ten Commandments Killer btw)

They go to Room 64 and John thinks Sally is playing a joke on him. John had only checked out of this room a couple of days before. How can the killer be there? John pushes aside the amour at Sally’s insistence and he finds TCK’s trophy room. It is the corresponding body parts for each commandment the victim violated. The hand of a thief, the vocal cords of the gossips, and so on and so forth. John can’t believe it at first because there is a 90 year span between the first two killings and the last six. Sally tells him March started the killings and John has been the one who picked up his mantel.

Memory Lane:

The realization that he was the one to do the killings sparked John’s memories of when he first came to Hotel Cortez. After the killings that sent John into a tail spin five years before, John went to the Hotel Cortez to get a drink because it was one of the few places open that late at night. There he meets Donavan who sees the darkness in John and brings him to The Countess and March who are having their monthly dinner together. March immediately takes a shine to John and spends the next couple of days drinking absinthe with him while they ranted about the crappy justice system which allows so many criminals to go free. John is full of all sorts of rage that he keeps close to his chest and March is salivating at the idea of a new protégée.

Image Courtesy of FX

Image Courtesy of FX

While John is nearly passed out from all of the drinking, March brings in The Countess to show him photos of Holden in John’s wallet. March figures losing Holden will be the shove off the cliff John needs.

The disappearance of Holden is not the final push, but it does keep John coming back to the Hotel to spend time with March and eventually Sally. The two of them start and affair and even though John is just using Sally for physical comfort, Sally falls for him. After another murderer goes free on some crazy technicality, John has finally had it with our flawed justice system. This is exactly what March needs to hear and he shows John the beginnings of the trophy room.

It was to be his master piece, but alas March killed himself before he had a chance to really get started. Now with John starting to see things his way, March points him in the direction of Gamboa, a pedophile selling off his Oscar (false idols). Bashing the man’s head in gave John so much pleasure that he freaks out and attempts to hang himself in the bathroom of the Cortez. An ecstatic Sally stands by because his death inside the hotel would mean she would get to keep him forever. March can’t have any of that and he cuts John down. Sally is afraid John will get killed outside of the Hotel and she will lose him forever so she sends Wren to follow him and keep him safe when he is killing.

March finally gets thru to John that the happiness he felt when killing was not something to be afraid of, it is something John needs to embrace. He tells John to make himself the lead detective on the case (and all the cases to follow) so he can stay ahead of any evidence that would convict him.

Image Courtesy of FX

Image Courtesy of FX

Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Wife is a Big No No:

John confesses everything to his partner after Hahn realizes John was the one to assault the guard and break out Wren. The first trip to the Cortez, meeting March and Sally, the killings, all of it. Hahn at first does not believe him. Until John plunges a knife into his stomach. Hahn has been a good guy keeping an eye on Alex and having coffee with her while she talks about John’s mysterious disappearances, but that little crush he developed on her is against Gods commands. John initially wanted to make Hahn and Alex the victims for adultery, but Sally and March tell him he cannot be too close to the killings and they cannot be done at the Hotel. So he moved on to the other adulterous couple we met in the first episode.

Embracing the Real:

Since John confessed to the killings to Hahn, he had to get rid of him so Hahn wouldn’t arrest him. Luckily for John Hahn does fit into “Thou Shall Not Covet” and he returns to the Cortez to add to his collection. When he sees Iris, he confesses that he remembers everything. The new Iris continues to crack me up when she feels relief that she no longer has to walk on eggshells when John comes to the hotel. She was never sure which version of him she was going to get. She does try to encourage him to walk away from his crusade, but John does not listen. He gets the key to Room 64 and adds Hahn’s…ugh…manhood to the collection.

Now that John has embraced his calling March is truly proud. Two more killings to go before the masterpiece is complete. The last two are “Thou shall have no other gods before me” and “Thou shall not kill.” I’m thinking John is going to make himself the last part of the collection (he is a killer), but do you think he is going to make Alex his ninth? She does worship their son? It would be fitting.

What did you think of this week’s American Horror Story: Hotel? Were you shocked it was John the whole time or did you see that one coming a mile away? I admit I was not shocked it was John, but I didn’t think the show was going to go down that road. I wanna hear your thoughts on “The Ten Commandments Killer” in the comments section below.

Next week is The Countesses wedding. Will Donavan and Ramona be able to carry out their revenge before she walks down the aisle?

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