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Watching episodes 10 and 11 was intensive. There were a lot of things that happened in just two episodes so I decided I’m going to give the last four chapters in season one their own breakdowns. This also allows me to hypothesize how all of this is going to set up for season two.

Spoilers for “AKA 1,000 Cuts”

Death by a…

Picking right up where the last episode left off, Kilgrave escapes the CDC lab and manages to get Jeryn to stop as she was driving off and got him out of doge. Trish injured him pretty well he demands Jeryn take him to a doctor she trusts to fix him up. Jeryn is ever the schemer. She takes Kilgrave to Wendy’s house so he can get patched up and then he can compel Wendy to sign the divorce papers. Unfortunately for Jeryn, Kilgrave is angry at the ungratefulness of Jessica after he gave her childhood home back to her and did nothing but love her. Wendy understands completely, she took Jeryn on a beautiful vacation to Paris only to have her on her phone the whole time along with all the other ways Jeryn has mistreated her over the years. Kilgrave decides he is going to let Wendy get some justice by telling her to get her revenge for the thousand emotional cuts Jeryn has caused by killing her with literally a thousand cuts.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Wendy manages to get in about 20 some odd slashes before Pam shows up and hits Wendy over the head with a vase so she would stop, but the blow caused Wendy to hit her head on a corner of the coffee table killing her. I just knew the poor woman was not long for this world when she refused to give Jeryn a divorce. I don’t feel nearly as bad for Pam. She was the one who pressured Jeryn to take action and refused to see Jeryn for the person that she is, relentless and without a conscience.

While waiting to be processed by the police for killing Wendy, Jeryn comes in as Pam’s lawyer and tries to tell Pam that she will fix it. Pam has had a chance to think and realizes that Jeryn took Kilgrave to Wendy to compel her to sign the divorce papers. When Pam tries to get Jeryn to see she is a big reason why Wendy is now dead, Jeryn takes a page from the Kilgrave denial handbook and places the blame squarely on Pam. She didn’t have to hit Wendy over the head with the vase, she made that choice and that choice was what killed Wendy. After Pam fired Jeryn as her lawyer, Jeryn is effectively left all alone with the knowledge that she drove away the two women in her life that loved her. Please let that be the end of this whole storyline.

Why didn’t I Take the Blue Pill?

Loaded up on the Red pills Koslov gave him, Will goes to the hideout to try and kill Kilgrave while they have him. Of course he has long escaped and Clemens is working on getting officers he trusts to help him process the scene and evidence of Kilgrave’s abilities. Will is so obstinate in his mission to kill (not capture) Kilgrave that he shoots Clemens in the head and sets the whole room on fire to destroy the evidence. Anything that could get in his way, like a detective who wants justice or a scientist who wants to find a cure for Kilgrave, has to be destroyed.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

The drugs are most likely a spinoff of the Super Soldier program, but I wonder if the Red pill makes a person crazy due to the high amount of adrenalin and nerve suppressors, or if it just brings out the crazy in another human being? Is Will another victim of experimentation or was this darkness inside of him the whole time? I think he was a sinister person to begin with, but what do you guys think?

A Very Angry Bird

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Robin can’t let Ruben’s disappearance go, he was her brother and she loved him very much. Malcolm tries to play along in looking for him, but Jessica’s indifference towards helping Robin and the secret of having to bury the body of a friend is getting to him. He confesses the whole ordeal to the Kilgrave support group and of course Robin followed him and overheard the whole thing. She places the blame squarely on Jessica for pissing off Kilgrave. I’m not entirely sure why she wants to blame Jessica other than she is still mad about Ruben having a crush on her that Robin couldn’t control. It all feels like a bit of a stretch especially when she riles up the two guys in the group into helping her get Jessica.

Hope for Albert

Albert thinks he can make an antidote to the virus Kilgrave emits that bends people to his control out of Jessica’s blood. Albert and his wife had been working on a cure for some time and they have gotten fairly close. Jessica may have naturally developed antibodies in her blood and Albert thinks they can have a vaccine in about 24 hours. He and Trish go to his hotel where he has some lab equipment stored away.

Of course Kilgrave has no idea about Albert’s little side project when he comes to Jessica with a sweet little offer. Kilgrave went to the DA and convinced him he will not be able to prosecute Hope with the evidence they have and he signs Hope’s release papers. Kilgrave will not stop the paper work from going thru and stay far away from all of them if Jessica gives him Albert. Jessica does the smart thing and knocks Kilgrave the fuck out and ties him up so the deadline for Hope’s release can come and go without his interference. Jessica calls Hope with the happy news, but Hope is depressed about not having any where to go afterward. Everyone thinks Hope killed her parents in cold blood and her brother was told she was dead. Jessica tries to get her to look on the bright side, she has her freedom and her sanity. It is not much, but it is something.

Robin succeeds in foiling the plan with her rage at Jessica when her and the guys from the support group storm into Jessica’s place and attack her while Robin frees a conscious Kilgrave not knowing who he is. When Jessica comes to in the morning Hope has been released and picked up by Kilgrave. Jessica receives a message telling her to come to their restaurant and bring Albert or else. Albert thinks he has the vaccine all ready to go, but he is not entirely sure. The only way to know is for the two of them to go and try and trade him for Hope.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

When they get to the restaurant, they find Hope at a table with Kilgrave while he dines and Malcolm, Robin, Trendy Guy, and Chauffeur Guy standing on a table with nooses around their necks. When Kilgrave commands his father to come to him, the vaccine fails. Hope realizes the only reason Jessica will not kill Kilgrave is because she is still trying to get justice for her, so she takes a broken wine glass stem and stabs herself in the neck. In order to escape with his father, Kilgrave orders the group to step off the table and hang themselves. Jessica manages to save the group, but can’t get to Hope in time to stop the bleeding. As she is dying, Hope makes Jessica promise to kill Kilgrave and when she agrees, one more big piece of her soul and chance at redemption dies.

In episode one, Jessica starts her hero’s journey to salvation when she chooses not to run away after Hope shoots her parents. Her redemption for all of the horrible things she did when under Kilgrave’s control is tied directly to Hope’s freedom from Kilgrave. You can argue the only real freedom one can have from him is in death, but I don’t think Jessica sees it that way. Hope dying means she no longer has to be the hero and is does not have to follow the rules of justice, just good ol’ fashion revenge. The idea of killing Kilgrave sounds great at first, but when you think about it for a little while you realize that Jessica can no longer be a hero if she gets revenge. Yes, she is putting an end to a villain who has had others kill for his own gain, but there is no redemption in his murder. This series went super bleak all of a sudden.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

A Trick of the Memory

Before Jessica knocks Kilgrave out, the two of them have a very fascinating conversation about whether or not she ever really loved him. Kilgrave is determined Jessica stayed with him for as long as she did because of an 18 second period of time when he on purpose didn’t have Jessica under his control. He remembers it as a beautiful day they spent together having lunch on a roof top and when the time came up for her to be out from his control, she didn’t run. In fact she kissed him and started to clean up after their lunch. Jessica remembers that day clearly as well, but very differently. She kissed him and sent him inside so she could climb on the ledge and jump. While on the ledge, she has a strange vision of a white horse waiting for her at the base of the building and her riding away from Kilgrave on it. Before she can fully pry her brain from the after effects of being under his control and jump, Kilgrave commands her to come down from the ledge effectively putting her under his control again.

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Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment
Gif Courtesy of

When he looks back at that moment, he only remembers the kiss she gave him while she was not under his control. When she looks back, all she can remember was not being able to clear her brain from him fast enough and the argument they had after when he nearly made her cut her ear off. It is interesting that Kilgrave still holds to the delusion of Jessica’s love for him. Even at the restaurant (before things went to hell) he demands an apology from her or he will make the group of people hang themselves. When she gives a hostile and half-assed apology, he takes it as sincere because he wants to believe she is sorry. He is not always sure when he is compelling people and when he was nearly dying from crush syndrome after the bus hit him, he willed himself to live in a way. I wonder if he is willing himself to believe Jessica loves him unconsciously.

What did you guys think of “AKA 1,000 Cuts?” There were some crazy character deaths in this episode. Is there anyone you are going to miss? Were you a little satisfied when Wendy got to have some revenge on Jeryn? What do you think is going to happen to Pam or do you think that storyline is finally done? How do you think Hope’s death will impact the series and Jessica’s shot at salvation? Let me know what you think in the comments section below and please do not give away spoilers for any future episodes. I will be back on next Monday with episode 11 “AKA Take a Bloody Number.”

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