Quantico – Who is the Real Bomber?

Spoilers for “Quantico”

Normally I would break things down into a recap, who is being the most shady, who can Alex trust, and who is guilty of what, but for this post I want to take a look at who could be the bomber and why are they doing what they do. I am going to go from least likely bomber to most likely. Obviously Alex is excluded from this list since she is the one person we know didn’t bomb Grand Central.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Natalie Vasquez – With the exception of the scar, she has been one of the few really honest people on the show. The fake scar was her way of getting a restraining order on her baby daddy who was emotionally and verbally (but not physically) abusive to her. For a while she kept her daughter away from him, but now that she is in Quantico he sued for custody of her. She may be a royal pain in the ass and needs to have that attitude checked, but she is no terrorist.

Liam O’Connor – He is a big screw up and kind of a crappy guy. We know that he has blown (at least) two ops which have gotten people killed and one of them ended up being a big cover up. I think he does care for Alex (the two of them are giving me Electra complex vibes) and is not the bomber.

Caleb Haas – He is all sorts of a douche, but is actually a really smart guy (when he is not being a total idiot). Because of those who are at the top of my list, I think he has been an unwilling participant in the bombing and cover up. More on that when we get to my main suspects.

Shelby Wyatt – I think she is an unwilling participant (like Caleb) and she is definitely helping out my main suspect in more ways than one. Serving as his alibi when he needed an excuse to be near the bombing site, her family’s company manufactured the wire used in one of the bombs, and she has ties to shady people in Saudi Arabia. Of course she didn’t know at the time they were shady, she just thought the person was family.

Simon Asher – It kills me to have him this low on the list because he has been the most shady guy in the entire show, but he also ends up being one of the more sympathetic characters when the truth of what he ended up doing in Gaza came to light in this episode. Simon being chloroformed by Elias at the end of the episode feels more like a crazy cliffhanger to build up excitement than anything else, but there is a chance it could be more. Like Caleb and Shelby, I think he has been an unwilling participant in the bombing and cover up. We know that he came up with the plans (which were supposed to be for something else), but there could be more. Again more on that when we get to my main suspects.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Raina Amin – For the most part, Raina feels like someone who would not be able to slaughter a bunch of innocent people in the name of religion or political ideology. She seems more like a person who is too full of love for people and wants to see the best in them. The only reason why she is this high on this list is because we don’t know how much she is involved with the leader of the terrorist organization she and Nimah had to infiltrate. She admitted to being in love with him and she thinks he is brainwashed and being used. But her love for him could have clouded her judgment and she could have helped with the bombing and offered up Alex as the fall guy.

Nimah Amin – She is only slightly higher on this list because unlike her sister, she only sees the worst in people and is not willing to let anyone close to her. We do not know what she was doing or participating in when she went off the grid with the terrorist group she and Raina were infiltrating. She is definitely a person who is angry enough to commit some terrorist acts if only to stick it to the FBI and offer up Alex as the fall guy. She developed a bit of a relationship with one of the analysts who vetted the NATs, she could have found out Alex was involved with some shady people when she lived in Mumbai.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Brandon Fletcher – He may have all of a sudden just appeared on the show as something for Natalie to do while in Quantico, but his being the bomber would be the kind of messed up twist this show would try to pull. I can just see the producers now… “He is least likely to be suspected because he is background noise in the past. Wow! You guys didn’t see that coming did you!?!”

Eric Packer – The Mormon who got a Malawian girl pregnant while on mission and killed himself while being interrogated by Caleb. Remember him? It just totally seems like a crazy twist this show would pull.

Charlie Price – Miranda’s son is still missing in the past and we have no clue as to whether or not he has been found in the present. I think when he brought a gun to school, he was about to pull a Jeremy and not a Columbine. He could have been recruited by a terrorist group while in prison and helped with the bombing in the present time. When seeing what the FBI does, he does kind of fall in love with the idea of being an agent, but he can’t join because of his criminal history. He could have planted the bomb with the help of the group as a way of getting back at the FBI which ruined his parent’s marriage and wouldn’t take him because of his past mistakes. Just like some others, he could be an unwilling participant in the whole thing.

Ryan Booth – I like the guy, but he is just too damn nice and optimistic for me at times. It almost seems like an act and he has admitted that he has spent his entire career going undercover. People who do that for a living are not normally good people. They have to lie and deceive for a living and I don’t know how one can turn that one on and off so easily. What makes him so damn shady to me is we still don’t know who shot him in Alex’s apartment the morning of the bombing and why he was in New York in the first place. His new assignment was in Los Angeles. If he knew Alex was based in New York, why did he take up with Natalie (the one person who blindly hates Alex and would gladly throw her under a bus) and not try and make a go of it with Alex?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Miranda Shaw – She was the first person to believe Alex was innocent and helped her to escape custody which supposedly could have ruined the terrorists plan for their second attack. But did it really? Miranda could have help Alex escape to make her look even guiltier and the rest is an act. Maybe she was hoping the FBI would be too busy chasing their tails looking for Alex to realize the evidence of a second bombing was there under their noses the whole time. Miranda is also the best person to have planned all of this. She knew everyone’s history and knew Alex would make the great escape goat. She has mentioned more than a few times about how she has sacrificed to the FBI and the glass ceiling she has hit. Charlie’s suicide note and her actions after getting him arrested may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. I wonder if she staged her attack and got Charlie out of there so he could be safe somewhere else while she carried out the bombing. Miranda also kept Alex isolated from the others in the episode by having her spy on the only people who think she is innocent and allowed them to walk out on her when they all inevitably found out.

Elias Harper – The kidnaping at the end of this episode really had me thinking about Elias. There is not much we know about him other than he is openly gay, was obsessed with Simon when they were at Quantico together (before he failed out), and he is a lawyer who has gotten the charges several people the FBI has tried to prosecute dropped in the present time. He swooped in briefly to help Alex prove her innocence to Liam, but may have helped in order to see what Team Alex knew about the bombings. I think he is working with my main suspect.

Clayton Haas – I am pretty damn positive this is our guy. He was at the hotel with Shelby the day of the bombing and he had Caleb delete an email that would have both proved Alex’s innocence and shown he was near the bomb site when he said he was somewhere else. When Caleb started to ask too many questions, the agent who could have proved Alex was innocent mysteriously died. Clayton jumped to the kill order for Alex pretty damn quickly (so she couldn’t prove her innocence?). I think he did it because he wants to kill his wife and get a nice big promotion while he is at it. Clayton is stuck in a sexless marriage to a woman who has big political ambitions. I bet he won’t be named Director of the FBI while his wife could hold such a big position in the White House. She is about to be named as a running mate for the Democratic presidential nominee and bombing the DNC Convention is a great way of killing his wife. The investigation of the Grand Central bombing and nearly foiling another bombing could make him a hero worthy of a promotion to Director of the FBI. He was the one to secretly bring Simon (our bombing planner) back into the FBI. Maybe he did it to give Alex an accomplice to the second bombing?

What do you think of my list of suspects? Do you have any theories as to who the bomber is? Let me know what they are in the comments section below.

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