Some Fun to Add to Your Star Wars Marathons

Next week Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters and most of us are gearing up for Star Wars marathons because why in the hell not. UberApe and I plan on watching the original trilogy next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so when we see TFA on Thursday we will be properly amped up. We don’t watch the prequels because we constantly try to pretend they don’t exist. I know there are plenty of people who defend them and try to enjoy them, but those people we are not.

If you don’t mind poking a little fun at the original trilogy, here are some silly extras to add to your marathon watching party.

(Episode IV from HISHE was really not funny, so I chose not to include it.)

Just incase you are watching the prequels, here are some add ons for it as well.

I think HISHE will be releasing Episode III soon and I will add it here when they do.

Enjoy your marathons!

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2 comments on “Some Fun to Add to Your Star Wars Marathons

  1. No, don’t do this. Just pretend like Episode 7 is just some movie you have never heard of. I learned the hard way about getting all excited when I went to se the midnight showing of Episode 1, and I was completely disappointed. If I just assumed it was just another crappy movie and caught a matinee showing after the crowd died down, I might not hate Jar-Jar Binks quite as much as I do now.

    • You are probably right. I am trying to keep my calm and keep my expectations low, but it is hard. A part of me just wants to be a little kid and get excited about a Star Wars movie.

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