Agents of SHIELD – “I’ll be damned… Tatooine”

That finale could have been two hours long and it still would have felt like there was not enough time to get all of that action crammed in there. But what a way to end things for 2015. Is it March yet? I already miss this show and I can’t wait to see what happens in the second half of this stellar season.

Spoilers for “Maveth”

Quickie Recap:

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and ABC

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and ABC

Ward, Fitz, and the Hydra goons wonder around Maven (I’m pretty sure that is what the planet has to be called, right?) looking for the Inhuman creature while Coulson tries to get his bearings after dream Rosalind reminds him his team needs him. Using the data Jemma collected, Fitz finds the underground bunker Jemma described along with an injured Will. Fitz manages to convince Ward they need him to find the spot where the portal will open again in order to spare him.

Fitz quickly explains the situation to Will who leads the group into the No Fly Zone just as a sandstorm conveniently springs up. Will uses the confusion of the storm to kill a couple of guards so he and Fitz can make a run for it. The two of them get a nice head start before Ward realizes what has happened, but before he can make a run after them, Coulson kills the remain Hydra goons, wounds Ward, and takes him hostage.

While trekking thru the No Fly Zone, Will and Fitz come upon the ruins of a city. Will explains it was nine cities of a great civilization, but fear of change lead to their extinction. Fitz is confused as to how Will knows all of this while tending to Will’s wound when he sees the injury would have been more than Will could survive. As Will exclaims he was there when the civilizations fell, Fitz figured out what the rest of us kinda already knew. Will is the Inhuman creature, the real Will Jemma knew died protecting her from the creature when she escaped.

Fitz tries to make a run for it, but Inhuman-Will runs him down quickly and almost smashes Fitz’s head in with a rock. Coulson to the rescue again as he shoots Inhuman-Will as he and a bound up Ward come upon the fight. Ward takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Coulson. Gun fire does not keep Will down for too long when the portal opens up. Fitz uses the gun he took off of a Hydra goon and opens fire on Will, but he won’t stay down. Fitz then shoots Will with a flare gun setting the creature’s body on fire and stopping him from reaching the portal in time. Coulson is able to get the upper hand on the wounded Ward and starts to walk away leaving Ward on the planet to rot. But then one last vision of Rosalind flashed thru his mind and he crushes Ward’s chest with his mechanical hand as Fitz looks on in shock. Coulson disconnects his hand and leaves it on Ward’s chest before finally running towards a closing portal. What they don’t see as they run by the smoldering remains of Will is a silvery creature sliding out of his mouth.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and ABC

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and ABC

Speaking of the portal… Mack decides the best option in rescuing Fitz, Jemma, Coulson, and the innocent Inhumans in stasis is to take two small teams and quietly storm the castle. Lincoln zaps the power and Jemma uses the distraction to escape her captors. Before she can fully get out, she finds the room with the other Inhumans in stasis who are going to be offered up to the creature as an army. She also finds Andrew in the SHIELD containment unit. Andrew tries to convince her to let him out and she eventually gives in when a group of Hydra goons find her. Andrew transforms into Lash and kills the goons while Jemma escapes.

The two SHIELD teams find Jemma and take the portal room, but there are too many Hydra goons to keep them out for too long. May tries to get to Andrew and the other Inhumans where Jemma tells her they were stored, but all May finds is the remains of the Inhumans Lash/Andrew slaughtered on his way out. Joey is able to fortify the entrances to the portal room a bit more, but with time running out before the portal opens and no idea as to who/what is going to come thru when it does, Mack decides to make the hard call. He and Daisy are going to stay behind to either get Coulson and Fitz outta there or kill anyone who is not them. Everyone else is to go back to the new bus and have all weapons ready to fire as soon as Mack tells them to.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and ABC

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and ABC

May lets the bombs fly as soon as Mack gives her the go ahead, but thankfully he, Daisy, Coulson, and Fitz get into the containment unit in time to survive the blast and get back to the bus. Daisy and Lincoln have a sweet reunion as Mack, Coulson, May, and Bobbie have a group hug. Jemma goes to the containment unit hoping to see Will and breaks down in Fitz’s arms as she realizes he didn’t survive the creature attack when she escaped.

With all hope lost, Malick rushes to the airport to get outta dodge when his car comes upon Ward holding Coulson’s fake hand. But it is not Ward, it is the creature possessing Ward’s body much like he did Will’s before Fitz burned the body up.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

Great Lines from the night:

Joey: “I don’t want anyone knowing what I’m thinking”
Lincoln: “You mean that you are not a hero? That you are freaking out and want to be anywhere but here? We’re all feeling that”
May: “Not me.”

“This is how SHIELD works. You make a plan, plan turns to rubbish. You make a new plan.” Hunter, as always, getting right to the truth of things.

Can we all agree Coulson’s Tatooine is the best line of the night followed closely by Mack’s Power Rangers quip?

Joey was so adorable in his first fight. I hope to see so much more of him in the second half of the season. The fact that he jumped in front of those bullets for Daisy not knowing he was bullet proof makes him just that much more awesome. Then his excitement and relief… Juan Pablo Raba may be my new favorite person on the show now that Constance Zimmer is gone.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and ABC

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and ABC

Ian De Caestecker’s accent becomes so thick when he is playing Fitz all scared and panicky that I need subtitles to understand him. Am I alone in this one?

I think Andrew is beyond saving after he slaughtered all of the Inhumans in stasis.

Daisy wanting to stay behind with Mack because he is her partner is sweet, but Lincoln not stopping her is just plain awesome. The writers are doing their romance right. It is there, but it is in the background. Lincoln understands that Daisy is powerful enough to take care of herself and SHIELD is very important to her so trying to talk her out of staying is something he is not going to do.

My Will is the Inhuman theory was sort of right. I guess Will was himself the whole time and when we saw the post credits teaser for “4,722 Hours” that was the creature taking over Will’s body. I’m glad the writers decided to go that route because the whole triangle of Will/Jemma/Fitz would have been too CW for this series.

A very brilliant twist by the writers to get rid of a Ward, who was becoming kinda one-note, but not getting rid of Brett Dalton, who I do enjoy. Seeing what the Inhuman-Ward will do is going to be lots of fun for the back half of the season. If Agents of SHIELD gets a fourth season, I wonder if Brett Dalton is going to be back. A creature that powerful working for Hydra is most likely going to be killed off in the season finale.

What did you guys think of the Agents of SHIELD Winter finale? Did you see the big twist for Brett Dalton coming? Are you excited to see what is in store for the back half of the season? Let me know in the comments section below.

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