American Horror Story: Hotel – The High Cost of Marriage

Spoilers for “She Wants Revenge”

Never Enough:

Image Courtesy of FX

Image Courtesy of FX

The marriage between The Countess and Will is almost here and Will wants to make it a big affair with people and cameras. The Countess just wants there to be a witness (a requirement by law) and for Will to make her wedding dress. Hoping to take back control of a life in which she has never felt like she had control, The Countess plans on marring Will so she can get his money and turn the Hotel Cortez into a fortress against the modern world for both her and the newly recovered Rudolf Valentino to live. But Will and Valentino are not enough, she ends up taking back Donovan as well promising him that he will always be hers. Our Countess is an insatiable one when it comes to men. All she needs to do is take care of a few loose ends including Natacha who “speaks of nothing but shopping and Uber.”

And Yet Another Flashback:

Donovan goes to Ramona Royal with a peace offering, a pretty porn star for them to share and rekindle their plans for killing The Countess. He clues her in on The Countess’s plans since he is back in her…uh…good graces let’s just say, and pushes for them to make their move tonight. But first he needs to know why it took her over 20 years to finally get around to seeking revenge. Ramona tells the story of going home to her parents after her heartbreak to get a new perspective. Her mother was very ill and passed away not too long after Ramona came back and her father started to fade away with dementia. Ramona tried to give him some of her blood to try and heal him, but it only kept him from getting worse. Eventually she chose to end her father’s life rather than watch him continue as a shell of his former self forever.

While this was going on, her sense of time faded and the internet and streaming services happened. People were starting to recognize Ramona from her films. This would have been a moment when I would have called bullshit, but have you see photos of Angela Bassett over the decades?

Angela Bassett Collage

If anything she looks better than ever. Being in the world again made her remember who she was why she ran to her family in the first place. From there she started to plan her revenge.

One Must Dig Two Graves:

Donovan sneaks Ramona into The Countess’s hotel suite after he drugged her. But Ramona should have known better than to trust someone who told her he is addicted to The Countess. Donovan zaps Ramona in the neck as The Countess taunts her. Iris and Donovan lock Ramona in the refortified hallway which used to hold Valentino and Natacha. Iris is disappointed in her son for thinking The Countess actually loves him and doesn’t already have another man waiting in the wings to replace him when she gets bored. Donovan doesn’t hear Iris at first, but then he decides to follow The Countess and sees Valentino in the hotel where he and Natacha are held up at. I wonder what he will do now with this new information.

Lord of the Flies:

Max and the other vampire children have been busy eating up their parents, the homeless, and pizza delivery guys in order to keep the spots from coming back. Alex finds the group of them at Max’s house and scolds them for being so careless in their kills. The pizza guy they killed will be noticed when he doesn’t report back to work after his deliveries. Alex wants them all to come back to the hotel especially after seeing a couple of the children sick with the measles (the spots the kids are worried about). The few kids who are sick don’t want to kill anymore and miss their parents. The rest of the kids are happy to be free of any adults who tell them what to do. Alex only barely escapes with her life because Max declares her his blood mother and she gets a pass this time, but she is to leave them alone. Alex should be worried about the Countess finding out about her children because we have seen what she does to those who pass their gifts along to others.

Wedding Night Jitters:

Will was given plenty of warning by Mrs. Evers (who was going to marry March before The Countess swooped him away) and even by Liz when she objected during the ceremony, but he married her anyways. Not even an hour after calling her his wife, Will began to seriously regret saying “I do.” March shows up at the bar where Will is getting his celebratory drink while waiting on The Countess to change into her traveling clothes. March talks to Will about blending families and drops the bomb of The Countess’s child on him. Will is horrified at how the baby looks and The Countess takes serious offense to this. She decides to speed up her plans for getting rid of Will and locks him in the hallway along with a very hungry Ramona. Good news for Will is he gets to keep staying in the hotel, but now he has to share it with many other of The Countess’s victims.

What did you think of last night’s American Horror Story: Hotel? Do you think Donovan is an idiot for believing The Countess? Where you happy to see an angry Liz snap at The Countess? There is a narrative thread starting to really form and The Countess is definitely digging her own grave with all of the people she abuses to get what she wants. Do you think she is going to come out on top in the end? If someone does end up killing her, who do you think it will be? Let me know in the comments section below.

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