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Spoilers for “AKA I’ve got the Blues”

While “AKA 1,000 Cuts” was all about Red overload of blood, pills, and anger, “AKA I’ve got the Blues” is all Blue with cold leads in trying to find Kilgrave and the eerie calm before a storm. Of all the episodes so far, this one in my opinion is the weakest of the series. After a huge build to the confrontations between Kilgrave and Jessica, and a chaos filled episode (which felt more like a build up to a finale rather than a fourth to last entry), Kilgrave disappears off the map for this chapter as Jessica and Trish look for the dead body of Albert and we get more backstory as to how Jessica and Trish formed their unshakeable bond.

The Damn “It’s Patsy” Theme Song is Stuck in My Head Now

The episode starts off with a teenage Jessica remembering bits and pieces of the accident that took her family’s life as she is recovering in the hospital. She overhears Trish and Dorothy talking about the death of her family and adopting her because it will change the conversation away from Patsy setting a tablecloth on fire when she passed out in a night club. After Jessica is released into Dorothy’s care and moves in with the Walkers, she hears the sounds of obvious abuse between the mother and daughter while unpacking her toiletries. Jessica tries to ignore it and ends up breaking her brush and the marble sink in the process. Trish goes into the bathroom to hide and finds Jessica lifting the heavy marble slab over her head.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

One thing I don’t buy completely is that Trish would let the abnormal strength Jessica displays go with just a shrug and a promise to not tell her mother, who would happily exploit Jessica’s powers for her own gain. This is a few years before Tony Stark announces he is Iron Man and Bruce Banner Hulks out on Harlem in the MCU narrative. Powers and abilities are not seen as common place just yet, so why do the two girls treat it as such?

Even though she promises to keep her nose out of it, Jessica eventually comes to Trish’s rescue when Dorothy tries to make Trish throw up the dinner she just ate because the camera adds ten pounds. Dorothy doesn’t want people calling the show “It’s Fatsy.” Dorothy is exactly how I picture Kris Jenner behind closed doors with her daughters. Jessica knocks Dorothy across the room effectively scaring the crap out of her. Trish is worried about Dorothy knowing, but Jessica sees it as a chance to control what Dorothy is doing to Trish. The sisterly bond is fully sealed.

“At best, they’re assholes. At worst, they’re zombie assassins”

Malcolm is truly the most sympathetic character of the entire series outside of Trish. We never got to meet him before Kilgrave got a hold of him, but we as an audience are starting to see more and more the kind of man he was before. He does everything he can to get answers and absolutions for those around him whether they deserve it or not. Malcolm helps to clean up after the death of Rubin to save Jessica and plays along with the Hope suicide story to keep the police from getting in the way of Kilgrave, but it is not without emotional turmoil. He just hopes it will all serve the greater good.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Malcolm and Trish are the heart and soul of Jessica. In the beginning they were the loudest supporters of brining Kilgrave to justice, but now the two of them have come around to the notion that Kilgrave has to die. They didn’t arrive at that decision lightly. They had to witness a lot of destruction and death Kilgrave can cause to get on board with killing him to save others.

Malcolm is trying to make up for bad things just as Jessica is, but he is more compassionate about how he approaches his penance. He kept the Kilgrave support group going long after Jessica had any use of them to try and give others like him a chance to work thru their emotional pain. He tried to get Jessica to tell Robin something about Ruben so she could grieve for her brother and have some closure. He does everything he can to keep Jessica upright so she can keep battling. This is why when Malcolm starts to despair at humanity, it is something truly heartbreaking. I understand Robin probably has a reason for thinking the way she does, but I truly hate her after she berates and beats Malcolm down for having faith in humanity.

Food is always the Best Kind of Bribery

Jessica is determined Kilgrave will have his father killed as soon as he gets the opportunity so she starts to search morgues for older white men who have died in mysterious ways. No proper sleep in days is starting to take a major toll on Jessica and she is having trouble focusing or standing. She sees a man wearing a purple coat and tries to follow him, but she ends up getting hit by a truck. Trish gets Jessica patched up and tries to get her to rest, but a morgue attendant Jessica and Trish had bribed for information with reservations at fancy restaurants texts Jessica that there is another body that could match her description of strange and mysterious death. It is not Albert, but it is Detective Clemons. In all of the chaos surrounding getting Hope out of prison, Jessica realizes she forgot all about him and the evidence at the old CDC building. Now that it is all burnt up and the only truly credible witness she has is dead, the series has painted Jessica in a corner of having to kill Kilgrave.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

When Jessica tells Trish about Clemons’s death and the fire, Jessica blames it on Kilgrave. Does she actually believe it at the time or did she already start to put two and two together about how Will found Trish and Albert at the hotel? Did she tell Trish it was Kilgrave to spare her the truth about Will? That doesn’t seem like something she would do unless she knows Will is going to try and approach Trish again and Jessica doesn’t want Trish to do anything to spook him.

Speaking of Will…

He finally loses it and kills a couple of the guys sent to bring him in outside of Trish’s apartment in front of Trish. He claims he wants to help Jessica kill Kilgrave, but really he wants to kill Jessica so she won’t get in his way anymore. Eventually all of this turns into a knockdown drag out fight between Jessica and a Red pilled-out Trish against Will. Watching the two of them beat the ever living snot outta that guy was very gratifying and it was nice to see Trish get a chance to save herself. Unfortunately the Red pill causes the users brain to forget to tell the lungs to breathe without the Blue pill to bring them down and Trish collapses. Jessica calls an ambulance who gets Trish breathing again and rushes her to the hospital. While they are gone, more of the group Will is affiliated with comes to Jessica’s apartment and takes away an unconscious (or dead?) Will.

Does anyone else hope that is the last we will see of Will? He was okay in the beginning, but he started to wear on my nerves fast. I’m willing to bet the whole Red pill, Blue pill stuff and Trish’s liking of the power it gave her will play out more in season two. Right now the series has enough going on with the whole killing of Kilgrave plot.


Jessica decides to stay with Trish in the hospital while she recovers from the effects of the Blue pill when she gets a text from Kilgrave telling her he has her “boyfriend” and she should go and tell him goodbye. She rushes to Luke’s bar and he sees her from his window and walks off. She starts to run into the bar when it explodes. Luke comes stumbling out in a daze with his clothing on fire, but he is okay. Jessica helps to extinguish Luke’s clothing as he becomes aware of what just happened.

Sorry it took me so long to get to this episode, the holidays are becoming more hectic for me as I’m sure they are for you as well. What did you guys think of “AKA I’ve got the Blues?” Were you a little disappointed by how much this episode slowed the momentum down? Do you think we have seen the last of Will? Let me know what you think in the comments section and please be courteous to the readers who have not gotten to watch the whole show yet and do not give away spoilers for the last two episodes. I will be back on Monday with episode 12. Next Wednesday will be the breakdown for episode 13 and the series as a whole as well as predictions for season two. Hope to see you then!

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