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WARNING! WARNING! ALL OF THE SPOILERS FROM STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS! If you haven’t seen TFA yet than why are you reading this article? Read this review and after you have seen TFA come back here.

Now that most of the world has gone to see this movie, we can get on with talking about what I enjoyed about TFA, some fan theories, and what may come next for Episode VIII.

Best surprise moment:

The Millennium Falcon reveal might have been the best surprise of the entire movie. Many of you could argue that it was Rey is Force sensitive (and not Finn) was the biggest surprise, but the movie was building to the moment when the Lightsaber ends up in Rey’s hands. The Falcon reveal came early in the movie and was done perfect, everyone in the theater cheered when the camera swung around to show the beloved ship and laughed when they realized Rey has called it a piece of garbage. Seeing it fly was great, but when Han sat in the pilot’s seat and looked happy was a moment several people (myself included) choked up a bit.

Image Courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm

Image Courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm

Rey and Finn:

Somehow I knew I was going to like those two before I even saw TFA because Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were so adorable and likeable. Both Finn and Rey went beyond my expectations. Finn had some of the best comedic performances as the guy who wants so bad to be on the run from the First Order, but his conscience wouldn’t let him leave Rey or the mission. Rey is going to be loved by little girls for a very long time. Leia was a badass in her own right in the original trilogy, but growing up, us girls were told we could not love Star Wars, that was a boys thing only. And then as the years went on, the only image we were constantly bombarded with was Slave Leia. I guarantee you Rey will not have a Slave Leia like costume girls will constantly have to see down the road. I know that comes off as all “I’m a feminist, hear me roar” and part of it is, but I want my friend’s daughters to have more badass female characters to look up to and I’m happy to see Rey is going to be one of them.


It is hard to think there is a droid I could love more than RD-D2, but BB-8 kinda stole my heart a bit. I loved it in all of the promos for TFA, it seemed like a cute little guy that would be a great toy for the kiddies. That little droid ended up having such a great personality and Rey’s and Finn’s interactions with it were delightful. I have tons of favorite BB-8 moments from the movie, but my favorite had to be when it nearly mowed down Finn to get to Poe because it was so happy to see Poe alive.

Image Courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm

Image Courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm

Kylo Ren:

I hated Girls so I was not the biggest fan of Adam Driver until I saw him in This is Where I Leave You and decided to move on from his past with that obnoxious Lena Dunham show. Kylo Ren is probably the most fascinating character of the new trilogy so far and was what Anakin Skywalker should have been if a decent actor would have been cast and not the walking, talking piece of furniture in the role. Ren was training to be a Jedi, but was seduced by Snoke into coming to the Dark Side. Ren still fights with himself about the Light and Dark Sides of the Force. He wants to make his dead grandfather (Darth Vader) proud in continuing the mission of the original Empire, but he feels the Light calling to him. Killing Han Solo, his father, was Ren’s way of sacrificing his soul to the Dark Side. It will be interesting to see in Episode VIII and IX, Rey and Luke try to save Ren and bring him back to the Light.

It also occurred to me very recently that Ben Solo (Ren’s real name) was named after Old Ben Kenobi. I don’t know why it took me so long to make that connection. And Han’s death mirrors Kenobi’s in A New Hope.

Speaking of Han Solo:

His death was inevitable since Harrison Ford had claimed in the past that he had no interest in playing Han Solo ever again. My guess is that Ford only came back to Star Wars so he could get the hero’s death he wanted Han to have back in Empire Strikes Back. My only complaint is the death was glossed over so swiftly and then it was back to the action. J.J. Abrams did the same thing in Star Trek Into Darkness, the only difference is that death was quickly negated. It was good to see the scruffy, nerf herder one last time.

Now for some theories. I don’t have too many mostly because I have only seen the movie once at this point and haven’t had a chance to possibly develop more. If you have any theories to add, please be my guest and leave them in the comments section below.

Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis:

This is one of the bigger theories going around right now and many make a compelling argument for it. For those of you who may not know, Darth Plagueis briefly talked about in Revenge of the Sith. Emperor Palpatine told Anakin Skywalker the story of Plagueis while they were at the strange opera thing. Plagueis was a Sith Lord who was able to manipulate the Force to keep those around him from dying. He taught his apprentice how to use the power and his apprentice thanked Plagueis by smothering him in his sleep. It is heavily implied Palpatine was trained by Plagueis, but never said out loud. A part of the theory is that Plagueis was able to resurrect himself after his pupil killed him and has been working in the shadows since, influencing everyone’s fate.

Collider has a great theory about Darth Plagueis’s manipulation the Force to create Anakin (remember the whole virgin birth story from Phantom Menace?) so Plagueis could transfer his conscientiousness to Anakin when he became older, but he became a pupil of Palpatine first and then was disfigured. Now that Palpatine and Anakin are dead, Plagueis is training Kylo Ren in order to eventually transfer his conscientiousness to a younger, healthier body and continue on.

Rey is Luke Skywalker’s Daughter:

This is another big and popular theory and it makes sense. Rey has a natural ability towards the force which could be explained by prior training by her father. She was in training at the new Jedi Academy when Kylo Ren turned to the dark side and started slaughtering other Jedi’s in training. Luke sent her to live on Jakku with Max Von Sydow’s Lor San Tekka (another Jedi?) looking after her but keeping his distance (like Obi Wan Kenobi did for Luke after Anakin became Darth Vader). Kylo did freak out at the mention of a girl with Finn and BB-8. Did he think she might be his cousin? It also makes sense that Rey was able to defeat Ren because he was hurt and she has some training she was starting to remember.

Image Courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm

Image Courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm

Rey is Obi Wan Kenobi’s Granddaughter:

Both Ewan McGregor’s and Alec Guinness’s voices were used during Rey’s vison when she touched the light saber. Obi Wan could have fathered a child when he was on Tatooine. I know the Jedi of old were not supposed to father children because that would take them away from their mission, but the Jedi were long gone and Obi Wan may have needed cheering up one long cold night.

Poe Dameron is Force Sensitive:

It would explain why he is such a badass pilot. There could be more than one character training to become a Jedi. Plus Finn had a crisis of conscience when he saw other Stormtroopers attacking Poe. Poe could have used the Force to implant an idea in Finn’s head to defect and save him. It is a stretch I know, but it is a fun thought.

Questions for Episode VIII that will hopefully be answered:

Kylo Ren, Supreme Master Snoke, and Luke Skywalker have been announced as being more heavily featured in Episode VIII, but I want to know if Maz Kanata will be as well. Her character’s potential seemed to be wasted in all of the chaos.

Image Courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm

Image Courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm

And how in the hell did she get Luke/Anakin’s Lightsaber in the first place? Was she holding it for Luke? Did she steal it?

What did Snoke say to Ben Solo to turn him from the Light?

What are the Knights of Ren exactly? They were talked about very briefly and seen in Rey’s flashback killing the Jedi trainees with Kylo Ren. Who are they in relation to the First Order and the Sith?

What has Luke been up to for all of these years?

What is Finn’s parentage? Where did he come from?

What in the hell happened to Poe after he crashed on Jakku? He claims he was thrown from the wreckage which is why Finn didn’t see him, but why did he leave Jakku in the first place? He went back to try and find BB-8, but he told Finn later that he just left after he woke up without looking for BB-8.

We all know Captain Phasma will be in Episode VIII, so how did she get out of the trash compactor and off the planet before the whole thing blew up?

Do you have any questions you hope will be answered in Episode VIII? Let me know in the comments section below. What was your favorite moment from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Who is your favorite character? Mine is definitely Rey and I can’t wait to get some of her action figures and dolls. UberApe is a big fan of Poe Dameron. Let me know what you thought of the movie, this is now a spoiler safe space.

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  1. I loved everything about it! Though someone spoiled me for Han’s death and I literally unfriended them. I daid I would and I did. Anyway, I agree- Rey’s parentage was a source for major speculation and will play a huge part in future films. What did you think about that end scene though. 5 minutes of Rey and Luke just staring at each other? Come on. Otherwise, fantastic film!

    • The last few minutes of them staring at was a bit anticlimactic, plus I really wanted Luke to say SOMETHING to Rey even if was just a “how did you find me” kinda thing. Other wise I loved the movie.

      A couple of my friends had Han’s death spoiled for them too when they were on Reddit reading a news article on Ethan Couch. As if we didn’t need enough reasons to dislike that kid.

      • Lol. I totally agree about the Luke scene. T Mack had a great point. She said they should have used it as a post or mid credits scene. Like, she’s flying off to who knows where and roll credits. Then… Bam! Luke freakin’ Skywalker.

      • I found the whole we have to find Luke part a little pointless. The Star Wars mythology has always shown that the universe is just too big for just one hero. Even in the original trilogy, when discussing how much they needed Luke to do the right thing, Yoda said, “There is another.”

        • I agree, the who Finding Luke plot was super thin. Here is hoping the story becomes more about finding and training the new Jedi and redemption for both Kylo Ren and Luke.

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