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We have come to the end. The last two episodes of Jessica Jones. Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did.

Spoilers for “AKA Take a Bloody Number” and “AKA Smile”


After Luke (who didn’t want to stick around and be questioned by the cops) and Jessica get back to her apartment after his bar blew up, Jessica interrogates Luke about what happened with Kilgrave and make sure there were no other commands implanted into Luke’s head. It is kinda crazy that she asked all of the right questions, but Kilgrave had such a control over Luke that she couldn’t detect anything wrong with him. Kilgrave is a sneaky and crafty man. How much of Luke’s story was true and how much was implanted there by Kilgrave?

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

When Luke gives Jessica his forgiveness for killing Reva, Jessica wants so badly to believe it and worked so much to try and earn it. Reva’s death, long before she met Luke, was the act Jessica tore herself up the most over. So when Kilgrave mocks her with the same sweet words Luke was compelled to say to her, it was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show for me at that point. It also goes to show you how bitter and cruel Kilgrave is. He knew just where to cut Jessica to make the wound more painful and then added salt when he ordered Luke to kill Jessica.

Super on Super Violence

The fight between Jessica and Luke was painful and intense to watch. In a way it makes me think of the potential fights we are going to be seeing in Captain America: Civil War or to be more specific, the differences in the violence with the Netflix shows and the MCU movies. Most all of the MCU movie’s fight scenes are slick and overly choreographed, but the brawling we have seen in Daredevil and Jessica Jones has been knockdown, drag out, and punishing. Kinda like the difference between Boxing and MMA. The brutal, but beautiful dance verses the testosterone filled beat downs. I do wonder if Kilgrave really intended for Luke to end Jessica’s life or did Kilgrave figure Jessica would live, but end up killing the man he felt she cheated on him with.

In the end, Jessica had to shoot Luke in the head to get him to stop. We all know nothing will happen to Luke because he has two more shows he has to star in, but the fighting leading up to the moment when she shot him had me on edge.

Night Nurse

Luke’s skin may be unbreakable, but his insides are normal. A major trauma that would cause the insides to shift violently (like one’s head being snapped back forcefully by a shotgun blast) will be damaged. Given Luke cannot be operated on, this makes it extremely difficult to get him proper treatment as Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson’s character from Daredevil making a crossover) found out when Jessica brought Luke into the hospital.

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Luke’s brain is swelling and there is no way to drill into his skull to relieve the pressure. To make things more frantic, the cops are looking for Luke. He beat up some police officers standing in between him and Jessica during his Kilgrave controlled rage. Fortunately for both Luke and Jessica, Claire has had some experience with gifted people and is willing to help them sneak out of the hospital and treat Luke in Jessica’s apartment. I don’t want to talk about the whole needle in the eye thing, it freaks me out every time I think about it.

While Jessica is out dealing with the Kilgrave fallout, Luke wakes up and takes off.

Kilgrave’s Powers

Before Luke hulked out on Jessica, the two of them went looking for Kilgrave by going to Albert’s hotel room to see if there are any possible leads. Jessica figures the only reason why they have not found Albert’s body is because Kilgrave is using him to amplify his powers somehow. Kilgrave is using the fetus of his unborn child (thanks Jeryn) to lengthen the time and distance his powers can work. Before his powers would only last from 10-12 hours at max and he had to be physically present for the commands to work. By the time we get to the final episode, Kilgrave is nearly unstoppable. He can give commands over the phone or thru speakers and the effects can last for days.

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

The extremes Kilgrave makes others go to make himself more powerful serve to reiterate that he is a spoiled child who throws temper tantrums to get what he wants and the only way to stop him is to kill him. He makes Albert and several scientists in a lab work nonstop without sleep or food. Some of the scientists working on a serum Albert needs passed out due to exhaustion. When Albert begs for sleep so he can do better work, Kilgrave makes Albert slowly lower his hand into a running blender so he will feel alert enough to keep going. Jessica nearly catches up to a currier for Kilgrave, so he makes the poor guy fall forward on his face with a pair of hedge sheers in his mouth so Jessica couldn’t get any information out of him. When Kilgrave is finally done with his father, he commands another bystander to remove Albert from the face of the earth which translated to cut him to pieces and stuff them down the garbage disposal.

We get a few big demonstrations in the finale of just how big Kilgrave’s powers have gotten. He announces over the hospital PA for everyone to find Jessica Jones and kill her while she, Clair, and unconscious Luke try to escape. In the big final showdown, Kilgrave is able to control several cops and a handful of bystanders. Jessica and Trish try to work their way around his control by using dressing Trish in Jessica’s clothing, putting headphones blasting music on her, and keeping her hood up so Kilgrave won’t immediately recognize that it is not Jessica. They were hoping to use pseudo-Jessica as a distraction while the real Jessica finds a way around Kilgrave’s traps. Trish’s headphones are knocked off her head when Kilgrave orders everyone to start killing each other.

Eventually Jessica stops trying to keep everyone from killing each other and starts to advance on Kilgrave. Her plan works when he yells “Stop” and everyone stops hurting one another and Jessica brilliantly acts as if he has control over her again. Kilgrave at first doesn’t buy it and orders Trish to come with him to see if Jessica will move. As much as it pains her, Jessica keeps still and answers his questions as if she is being compelled to tell the truth. After making Trish kiss him passionately and making a promise to violate her in every way possible, Jessica begins to cry and Kilgrave finally starts to believe he has power over her. Jessica snapping Kilgrave’s neck was satisfying, but the real triumph was her getting to finally tell her best friend that she loves her without fear of Kilgrave using that love against her ever again.

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Season Two

When all is said and done, Jessica is not charged with the murder of Kilgrave thanks to Jeryn’s skills as a badass and slimy lawyer. Jessica comes home to Malcolm cleaning up her apartment and several messages on her voice mail from people asking for her help. I was happy to see Malcolm embrace his nature whether he liked it or not by helping Robin and realizing that Jessica needs him to be the angel on her shoulder. Jessica is lost as to what she should do next and starts to delete messages from those who would need her, but Malcolm steps in and starts answering the phone for her.

It would be nice for season two to be more of the detective noir the show started with before venturing off more into superhero territory. The people calling for Jessica after reports of her killing Kilgrave to get her help in resolving cases the police can’t seems like a good set up for this kind of storyline. I don’t want Jessica Jones to turn into a serialized story of the week type show, but it would be nice for the series to go back to the tone in the beginning of the show. Considering IGH is being set up as a cooperate big bad, season two could focus more on her using her skills as a PI to find out what shady dealings the company has going.

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Images Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

I would also like to see more of Dorothy Walker in the next go round as well as Trish diving more into her own personal demons. Trish did love the strength and high the Red pills gave her and IGH might look to recruit her…

What did you think of “AKA Take a Bloody Number” and “AKA Smile?” Did they wrap up season one nicely? What did you think of Jessica Jones overall? Are you hoping for a season two soon? So far they have not announced a second season just yet because Netflix and Marvel Entertainment are working on Luke Cage’s series and deciding what in the hell they are going to do with Iron Fist, then figure out a way to bring them all together with Daredevil in The Defenders. Most likely Jessica Jones season two will happen after all of that. What was your favorite moment or line from the show? Let me know in the comments section below.

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