Cringe worthy in 2016

Another year is about to pass and now comes the onslaught of “best of…” or “worst of…” lists and that is fine, I kinda like those lists. But I don’t want to look back, I want to look forward to what is coming next. Since I am big on ending things on positive notes, I am going to start my lists off with movies I’m not looking forward to in 2016. This list is in no particular order.

Independence Day Resurgence

I loved Independence Day, it was a fun, action filled summer thriller that still holds up for me 20 years later. The first time in theaters watching all of the major cities get destroyed was awe-inspiring and exciting for me as a teenager. Will Smith was at the top of his Will Smith-like game and this movie along with Jurassic Park introduced me to the fantasticness that is Jeff Goldblum’s acting. Resurgence just sounds like a dark and emo remake of the original and to make things worse, there is supposed to be a third one coming so this will be just a big set up for a some kind of finale. Maybe I’m just being a big grump, but I get the same epic fail feeling from this movie that I have gotten from all of the other sequels to movie franchises that should have been left alone.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

I’m only down on this movie because the last TMNT movie was so bad. Maybe without Michael Bay at the helm it could be a little better and this could be a chance for newcomer Dave Green to make his mark. If this was an animated sequel, then I would be in. Something about live action TMNT just doesn’t sit well with me.


I can’t help but think this is going to be another Lord of the Rings like knock off. Fingers crossed a new trailer will come and change my mind.

Angry Birds

The game Angry Birds has long left the pop culture trend, yet the producers of this movie kept pressing on trying to pander to the masses who have moved on to the next big addictive game. If this movie would have come out a couple of years ago it would have made sense, but now it is Hollywood hopping on a trend that has long become passé. The only saving grace will be the stellar group of voice talent and the colorful animation.

Now You See Me 2

When you do a movie that takes place in a reality that is more or beyond the natural laws of this reality, you still have to root everything with some form of logic. If there is real magic, then it has to follow some laws of nature. Now You See Me gave a giant middle finger to basic logic and decent story telling in favor of a giant twist that makes zero sense and the possibility of “real” magic even though the movie kept telling you magic does not exist. I spent the entire run time face-palming the stupidity of the plot and I’m sure I will do the same for this one.

Underworld 5

I thought this franchise died a fiery death already. Why are they making more? And no Scott Speedman? I’m out!


I know I already raged on this one, but I still find this movie to be in poor taste.

Gods of Egypt

Never mind the whole white washing of the cast (which is still really bad considering the spanking Exodus: Gods and Kings got last year for doing the same thing), this movie just looks dull which is a shame because I do love this cast and Alex Proyas has made some interesting movies in the past. Gerard Butler needs to find a new agent fast, he has had a long line of bad movies on his resume lately.

On the border of being cringe worthy:

13 Hours, Dirty Grandpa, Risen, The Shack, Gambit (too many production problems), The Secret Lives of Pets, Legend of Tarzan, The BFG

Are there any movies coming out in 2016 you are not looking forward to? Anything looking face-palm worthy? Franchises that should just die already? Let me know in the comments section below.

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