Coachella 2016 Lineup Released!!

The 2016 Coachella lineup was released last night! Take a look after the jump:

Coachella Lineup 2016

Several of the acts making an appearance have me pretty excited including the reunion of Guns N’ Roses, Ellie Goulding, Of Monsters and Men, Sia, and Calvin Harris to name a few, but what really has me freaking excited is Volbeat. I have seen them twice live and I can tell you these guys really know how to put on one hell of a show.

Other thoughts:

The Guns N’ Roses reunion will either be the greatest thing or a giant disaster, either way, I plan on being in the crowd to witness the whole ordeal.

Over the moon to see The Kills again. I hope this means they have new stuff coming soon.

The last time Ellie Goulding was there in 2014, she had a decent start time (around 5pm on a Saturday) and was on the main stage. Unfortunately she was pretty nervous and kept walking off the stage between songs to try and gather herself. Hopefully this time around she has toured enough to be able to handle a headlining time and crowd.

Since Straight Outta Compton did so well in the theaters last summer and introduced NWA to a whole new generation, I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a cast reunion on stage with Ice Cube. Dr. Dre will most likely make an appearance. I’m not a fan of his newest stuff, but I cannot wait to hear some old school Cube.

Lots of indie bands I have never heard of UberApe is going bananas over. LCD Soundsystem and Underworld have him bouncing around.

What do you think of the Coachella lineup? Are you planning on going? Let me know in the comments section below.

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