“Pearl Harbor” gets the Honest Treatment

When it comes to true events, especially events involving a major tragedy, I like the South Park approach to how much time must pass before it is funny. 22.3 years is their rule of thumb and I think that should be the rule before Hollywood is allowed to make a movie about it. After the 22.3 years have passed, the movie based on true events should NEVER be done by Michael “Blow It All Up” Bay.

Unfortunately for those who were killed in Benghazi, Hollywood only waited 3 ½ years before exploiting their tragic deaths for profit with 13 Hours. And they let Michael “More Explosions” Bay direct the movie.

This is not the first time Bay has made a film about major American tragedy. All of us (especially those who are like me and served in the Navy) would love to forget the horrible Pearl Harbor. Fortunately Screen Junkies gave it the Honest Trailers treatment.

Of course whenever I think of the movie Pearl Harbor, I think of this:

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