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Spoilers for “Be Our Guest”

The season finale for American Horror Story: Hotel did not go as I expected. With all of the death, blood, and betrayal in the penultimate episode, I kinda figured the finale would go differently. The ending started out with a lot of promise, but then it turned into something that looked like a dream sequence. Everyone got a happy ending. It may not have been the ending they were expecting or wanting, but it was still happy.

Ruining the new Carpet

Making the Hotel Cortez into the premier place to stay has not been easy for Liz and Iris. They have spent lots of money renovating the rooms with a Japanese self-cleaning toilet, Egyptian cotton sheets, brand new carpet, fully stocked mini bars, and a new paint job. It is too bad they couldn’t find a proper exorcist to get rid of the heroin shooting tenant and former fashion icon ghosts haunting the room. Sally and Will have been wreaking havoc in the halls and killing any guests that come to stay, including the internet hotel reviewers Liz and Iris invited over to get the word of the new and improved Cortez out there.

Image Courtesy of FX

Image Courtesy of FX

If Sally and Will keep murdering the guests, soon enough no one would want to stay and then the city will tear the building down. Iris and Liz call a meeting of all the ghosts and Mr. March informs all of them if they can hold out until 2026, the Hotel Cortez would become an historical landmark and the city will never be able to tear it down. Sally and Will just need to keep it calm until then.


Sally is lonely and does not care if the Cortez stands or not, she is ready to face what comes next. Fortunately Iris has a plan. The Cortez now offers free Wi-Fi in all of the rooms and gives Sally a phone complete with Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The gaping hole in Sally’s heart is quickly filled with hearts and thumbs up from strangers. I have no idea if Ryan Murphy was pulling the irony card or is naive because let’s face it social media does not make us less lonely. I say this as an owner of two Twitter, two Facebook, an Instagram, and a Snapchat accounts. Sally eventually puts aside that whole must-murder-John-so-we-can-be-together-forever mentality and settles for complete strangers giving her attention until the next new shinny thing comes along and they forget she exists.

Howard Hughes of fashion

Will’s company was in a major downturn and creativity started to dry up long before his mysterious disappearance (the rest of the world still does not know he is dead) so his people have nothing new to show and the sunglasses line is the only thing keeping his company afloat. He does not know what to do to keep the money coming in for both the hotel and his son. Lachman is enrolled in the Thatcher School and is okay for now.

Liz this time to the rescue talks Will into using the fact that he can’t leave the hotel to his advantage and make himself a mysterious designer. The air of recluse genius always adds to the popularity of a designer. Liz will act as the public face to the company and do what needs to be done in the outside world. Will holds fashion shows in the hotel and uses the ghosts as models while banning phones and cameras to create a word-of-mouth buzz. His brand is on top of the world again.

Family Forever

Not all of the good times last. Liz misses her love, Tristan, so Iris brings in Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson doing double duty in the way I was not expecting) to try and find him. Tristan refuses to speak to Liz, but Donovan does chime in and tell Iris that heaven smells like her blueberry pancakes she used make him as a kid while he watched Saturday morning cartoons.

Liz manages to find love in other ways when she gets to meet her daughter-in-law and eventually her new granddaughter. Unfortunately, Liz becomes “the first woman with prostate cancer” and asks the ghosts to kill her so she can continue on at the Cortez with her new family. Everyone is touched that she would want to be with them forever, but it is The Countess who helps Liz transition to her new life. Liz was her most favorite creation. The Countess is pretty damn forgiving all of a sudden. Liz nearly killed her, but considering how many people were plotting to take her life, I guess The Countess is used to it by this point.

RIP Liz Image Courtesy of FX

Image Courtesy of FX

In death Liz is reunited with Tristan who chose not to talk to her while she was still living so she would go and live her life. I did tear up a little.

Home is where the Murder is

John, Alex, Scarlett, and Holden are having a hard time making things work. John is unable to find as many bad people as he needs to keep his wife and son fed now that he has been outed as the Ten Commandments Killer and they are on the run. For some reason, Scarlett tells them they need to go back home and by home she meant the crazy killers need to go back to the Cortez while she goes to the Thatcher School with Lachman.

Eventually Scarlett grows up and still spends time with her family in the Cortez. Why she does not run away and never looks back is beyond me, especially when she is going to be known around town as the daughter of the famous Ten Commandments Killer.

Devil’s Night

Flash forward to October 30, 2022 and John comes back to the Cortez for the annual serial killers shindig Mr. March throws. John also wants to deal with the nuisance that is Billie Dean Howard, who has filmed a handful of specials at the hotel and has been trying to communicate with John for some time. We see in flashbacks John is eventually tracked down by the LAPD while he was hunting for food for Alex and Holden. The police shoot and kill John just outside the doors of the Cortez so he is only allowed to come back and see his family once a year.

Image Courtesy of FX

Image Courtesy of FX

All the usual guests come to the Devil’s Night Dinner, Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Jeffery Dahmer, and the Zodiac killer. John invites her to meet all of them and at first Billie is worried, but she is determined the light will keep her safe. That sense of security goes out the window as soon as the killers surround her. They threaten her never to come back and Ramona makes a quick appearance to make sure Billie knows that if she breaths the word Cortez ever again, Ramona will hunt her down and kill her.

Back to the Beginning

The Countess sits in the bar observing the crowd and sees a beautiful man walk up to order a drink. She admires his face declaring, “You have a jawline for days.”

This season of American Horror Story was okay. In the beginning, the horror and the gore were pretty good, but the show went sideways fast. I did enjoy Lady Gaga. I didn’t think I would, so she was a nice surprise. David O’Hare should have gotten a Golden Globe nomination. His portrayal of the transgendered Liz Taylor blew everyone else on the show out of the water. I would like to see more mystery and horror next season, but I don’t exactly have my fingers crossed for it.

What did you think of American Horror Story: Hotel? Did you think the ending was just a little too nice? Were you hoping for a big final showdown with the ghosts? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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