“Secret Life of Pets” Second Trailer

I was not completely sold on Secret Life of Pets when the first teaser trailer hit. I think it is mostly because the majority of animated movies that have come out lately (with the exception of Pixar) has been really dumb. Toilet humor is okay when used sporadically; but when it is the entire premise of a movie, it is a serious beating. And yes, I am one of those grownups who still love to go and see animated movies.

The second Secret Life of Pets trailer gives us more of a look at the plot of the movie other than the generalized statement of “what do our pets do when we go out for the day.” Take a look:

I think this might be one of those rare movies outside of Pixar where the adults will enjoy the movie as much as the kids do. It looks like a fun adventure with two very unlikely housemates trying to get home to their owner. Add in some extra goofiness with the other house pets going to look for their friends and a gang of street pets lead by a bunny.

Secret Life of Pets hits theaters November July 8, 2016.

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