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Spoilers for “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

The X-Files have on more than one occasion parodied themselves because how can you not. The show is about aliens and the search for the extra-normal. There is no way the show could constantly take itself seriously without becoming a joke. So every so often we would get an episode that is full of silliness and meta moments.

Image Courtesy of Fox

Image Courtesy of Fox

Jeff Jensen from gives a really philosophical breakdown of last night’s X-Files that I can’t even approach. It makes for a really good read of the existentialism of the revival season overall and the meaning behind the meanings from “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster.” It is quite a long recap, but worth reading.

I do want to say that last night’s episode may be my favorite of the revival series and I don’t know how the last three entries will ever be able to top that one. The only complaint I have is Chris Carter rearranged the order of how the episodes were initially supposed to air, so Mulder’s continued disbelief from “My Struggle” is out of place after his obvious enthusiasm for conspiracy theories in last week’s “Founders Mutation” which was supposed to be the penultimate episode.

Image Courtesy of Fox

Image Courtesy of Fox

Pretending for a moment that “Founder’s Mutation” hadn’t happened yet, we find Mulder still struggling with the fact that everything he worked so hard to prove in the past has been easily explained away by science or myth debunkers over the last couple of decades. Throwing pencils at Scully’s “I want to Believe” poster punctuating his fallen faith and bemoaning the need to “put away childish things.” Scully to the rescue with a case that “has a monster in it.” From there we get to meet Guy Mann (Rhys Davies) who, in a wonderful twist in the narrative, is not a person who is a were-creature, but a creature who was bitten and turned into a were-person. The real killer that brings Mulder and Scully to the case in the first place is just a run of the mill serial killer played by X-Files super fan Kumail Nanjiani, but he is not really the point.

The story centers around Mann’s drive after being turned human to get a job so he can pay his bill, get a mortgage, and save for retirement. This being who comes from nature finds humanity to be the grotesque creature with their loneliness and repeated abuse from junk food, porn, and the exertion over making money. Mann and Mr. Robot’s Elliot would get along famously. Mann’s fantastical tale had Mulder scratching his head wondering if the both of them need to be in the loony bin when he finally proclaims “I want to believe.” With the possibility of faith restored, Mulder was rewarded with seeing Guy Mann as his real self, a reptilian man (oh, wait, that is racist)… a scaly humanoid creature returning to nature in hopes he can sleep off this hangover known as humanity.

Image Courtesy of Fox

Image Courtesy of Fox

Moments of Glee:

After Mulder goes on a wonderful tirade about big pharma testing to try and explain the existence were-monster, Scully’s glee and her uttering of “this is how I like my Mulder” voicing what fans would have been thinking if all the episodes had run in their intended order.

The red Speedo.

A big thank you to for this

A big thank you to for this

Mulder laying the flowers he stole off of another grave on to Kim Manners’ grave. He directed the most X-Files episodes of anyone else before his passing. The epitaph of “Let’s kick it in the ass” was apparently a favorite saying of his.

Mulder’s ring tone is the show’s theme!

Scully’s reference to her immortality which Chris Carter confirmed. Now I want to re-watch “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.”

What did you think of last night’s episode of The X-Files? Did the premise have you squeeing with glee? How perfect was Rhys Davis for the role of Guy Mann? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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