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Spoilers for “The Atomic Job”

Heist jobs are always a good plot device to move the narrative along with some action. When done right, like it was last night, it makes for great TV. Add in some recurring characters we didn’t know we wanted more of (and now can’t do without) and a couple of atomic bombs and you are cooking with plutonium.

Quickie Recap

The tissue sample from Jane Scott contained trace amounts of Zero Matter which called to Wilkes. While he is extracting the Matter from the tissue to show Peggy its existence, the Matter ends up bonding to Wilkes. His eyes go all dark and freaky and for a moment he is corporeal again. The Zero Matter shows Wilkes exactly where Jane Scott’s body is being kept and thinks this is the key for him to be a real boy again.

Peggy and Jarvis attempt to steal the body, but Whitney and Chadwick get there first and soak up all of the Zero Matter in Jane’s cold dead body. The surge of power makes Whitney hungry for more. She convinces Chadwick that they need to steal the atomic bombs used during testing which lead to the discovery of Zero Matter so she can recreate the exact environment to find more.

The only two bombs left from the testing are locked up in a Roxxon facility which contains security measures that make Fort Knocks look like an open house in comparison. Chadwick has a key to the facility and Whitney has an old mob boss boyfriend with some muscle to move the bombs out of there. What the married couple doesn’t know is Peggy is on to their plan and is working on a crack team of her own to steal the bombs before Whitney can get her hands on them.

But first Peggy needs to get a key from Roxxon evil overlord Hugh Jones. Time for another Peggy Carter dons a great wig and her flawless American accent scenario!

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

When searching for the key in Jones’ office, she again meets Hugh and he hits on her. Peggy plays off the flirting and sends Jones off on his lunch date. Unfortunately for Peggy, she made a pretty damn good impression on Jones after their first meeting and he realizes the SSR is breaking into his office. Thanks to a lovely invention by Dr. Samberly, the SSR’s main scientist, she is able to scramble Jones’ brain a little so he would forget the last two minutes. After having to zap him a couple of times due to his constant recognition of Peggy, she realizes that the key is most likely on Jones’ person. She finds it hiding in his belt buckle, but only after zapping him a few more times. She scrambles his memory one last time holding the gadget to his head for a while and Jones wakes up thinking he had one hell of a lunch date.

Peggy needs more than just Sousa and Jarvis to help her get those bombs, but there is no one they can trust within the SSR. The Council of Nine has eyes and ears everywhere so they have to find trustworthy people who are up to the task. Enter Rose and Dr. Samberly. Rose, like Peggy, is smart, tough, and knows when to use her feminine charms or her fists to get her way. Samberly has been looking for a way to get out of the lab and test his equipment in the field as promised when Sousa recruited him. They are the only two people Peggy and Sousa know the Council of Nine hasn’t gotten to because they are overlooked as people of value. The heist is on and cue the slow motion group walk.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

After Rose and Samberly take down the guards around the facility parameter and Samberly unlocks every door in the facility, the team goes to get the bombs. They hear sounds of Whitney and her goons looking around in the next hall, so Rose takes the goons out while Peggy keeps Whitney distracted. Samberly works on the wiring to lock Whitney out of the area, but manages to lock Jarvis in with the two bombs. Sousa talks Jarvis thru removing the plutonium from the bombs (“Just like taking a soufflé out of the oven”) while Samberly tries to unlock the door. Whitney and Peggy start to trade blows and Peggy is giving Whitney everything she’s got and it doesn’t even faze the starlet. Whitney grabs Peggy’s arm and starts to absorb her energy, but Peggy is able to fight and get herself free only to tumble over a railing and hangs off the edge of a platform. Whitney goes to grab Peggy’s arm again with the intention of finishing her off when Peggy lets go and becomes impaled on a rebar when she hits the floor below.

Chadwick grabs Whitney after hearing the plutonium in the bombs is gone and the two get away. Sousa pulls Peggy free of the rebar and he and Jarvis take her to Violet’s house. They can’t go to a hospital because the Counsel of Nine could hurt her there so they need Violet to treat her wounds. Sousa is in shock over the idea of losing Peggy and how he feels about her is written all over his face and Violet can’t help but notice. After she gets Peggy stabilized and Jarvis takes her home, Violet confronts Sousa about why he really left New York and that he still loves Peggy. This really puts a damper on that adorably sweet proposal speech he gave Violet a couple of nights before. I have a feeling that is the last we are going to see of the charming nurse.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Jarvis tucks Peggy into bed back at Stark manor with some tea and orders to rest while Wilkes looks on. Wilkes and Peggy talk about getting him whole again when he feels the pull of Zero Matter and disappears.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories

I cannot express how much I loved the addition of Rose and Dr. Samberly to the team. The two of them were able to fit into the dynamic created by Peggy, Jarvis, and Sousa beautifully and brought and extra something to the group. It was like a mini Agents of SHIELD team. That slow motion walk may be one of my favorite things this season.

Rose and Peggy are a lot alike, but Rose adds a nice air of calm when things get a bit tense. She took down a goon nearly twice her size without breaking a sweat and then proceeded to keep Samberly calm and focused on the task at hand. Even effectively cut him off at the pass when he attempted to ask her out.

Samberly is a bit of a doof, but he is super smart and handy with the cool gadgets. He is a little too much like Fitz during season one of Agents of SHIELD, but there is a lot of promise in his character.

Here is hoping the two new members of the team get to participate in more missions throughout the rest of the season. IF (and it is a really big IF right now) Agent Carter comes back for a third season, I really hope Lesley Boone and Matt Braunger are bumped up to regular cast members.

Jarvis’ ability to disarm the bombs without panicking is a strong indication he will be leaving Stark as a butler soon and joining the ranks of the SSR. It was one hell of a job interview and since there are few people Sousa and Peggy can trust there is no doubt the two will recruit Jarvis.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Best line of the night:
Sousa: “How’s the door coming?”
Samberly: “Yeah, how’s the not blowing us up coming?”
Sousa: “Fair enough.”

Kudos to whoever directed Wynn Everett to play Whitney as super calm during the confrontation between her and Chadwick. Calm Whitney Frost after a setback is terrifying.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Chadwick’s call to the Council of Nine for an emergency meeting is essentially the end of him. Frankly I wouldn’t be trying to pick a fight with my wife who can absorb my energy, but Chadwick is clearly a power hungry dumbass. There is no way that meeting is not going to back fire.

When Sousa proposed to Violet, I was going to give them another couple of episodes before something happened and Sousa would realize he is still very much in love with Peggy. Thank you to the writers for not dragging that storyline on. Poor Sarah Bolger is critically underused on the show so why keep her around.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I think Whitney’s continued advancement in her abilities of using Zero Matter is what is pulling Wilkes. He is now a part of the Zero Matter and she could gain control over him. Where do you think Wilkes went exactly? Back to the dimension Zero Matter came from or to Whitney Frost?

What did you think of last week episode of Agent Carter? Were you excited to see the inclusion of Rose and Dr. Sambely? Sorry it took me so long to last week’s episode. Last week was a little bit hectic as I went out of town for the Ween Reunion shows in Colorado. Tonight will be very exciting as we get a two hour event and the return of Dottie!

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