Agent Carter – Bad to Worse

Spoilers for “Life of the Party” and “Monsters”

Things turn very dark for our favorite spy and her partners as both Vernon Masters and Whitney Frost gain the upper hand on everything Peggy cares about. In the meantime, the annoying love triangle becomes more tiring and my favorite wife of my favorite butler is in peril.

Quickie Recap

Wilkes becomes more frightened of the plain he continues to disappear into and he devises a way to build a containment unit for himself so when he is exposed to Zero Matter again, he can stay whole. All the need is more Zero Matter. Peggy figures they can steal a sample of Whitney’s blood at a fundraising party for Chadwick. Jarvis has the invitations thanks to Stark, but there is no way Peggy is going to get anywhere near Whitney. She will easily see Peggy coming. Plus there is that gaping hole in her abdomen thanks to a rebar. Rose is conveniently out of town, no one in the SSR can be trusted, and there is no way in hell Jarvis can complete the mission alone so let’s go to the absolutely bad/marvelous plan of bring in Dottie. The writers really stretched for that one, but who cares, it’s Dottie time! Setting a mentally unhinged spy loose in a room with powerful people sounds like great television to me.

Peggy breaks Dottie out of her cell back at the main SSR headquarters with a promise to put Dottie right back in there when she is done, and sets her up with a gorgeous necklace complete with a tracking device and a kill switch just in case Dottie gets any wild ideas. Dottie and Jarvis both are giving communication devices so Sousa and Peggy can listen to everything in the surveillance van just outside of the party. Off to the fundraiser Dottie and Jarvis go, but there is a problem when Jack Thompson shows up to rub elbows with the powerful.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Jarvis distracts Thompson (who immediately starts to wonder what Peggy is up to) while Dottie corners Whitney in the bathroom and gets a sample of her blood. Dottie can’t pass up the chance to snoop around the Arena Club and ends up in the meeting room just before the Council gathers for their conference with Whitney that Chadwick had set up for her.

Whitney is excited to share her knowledge and power over Zero Matter with the Council by absorbing a rat in front of them thinking they are going to want to help her gain more power. As predicted, the idiot Chadwick was really trying to pass her off onto them to deal with. When the goons try and restrain Whitney, she extends her powers beyond herself and absorbs the goons and five members of the council, including her dim-witted husband. She declares herself the head of the new Council and orders Hugh Jones to give her unlimited access to Roxxon and have Masters find the missing plutonium rods Peggy stole. The head of the newspapers is to fabricate a story as to why all these powerful men just disappeared.

After everyone leaves, Dottie tries to escape the party, but runs into more goons. She gets past one goon by throwing him thru a window and he lands on the surveillance van containing Sousa and Peggy knocking out all communications with Jarvis and Dottie. While fighting another goon, Dottie drops the vial of Whitney’s blood. Thompson joins in and manages to knock Dottie out and hand her over to Masters.

Jarvis didn’t find out exactly what happened to Dottie, but he did find the vial of blood she dropped. Jarvis, Peggy, and Sousa rush back to the mansion so they can repair the tracking device to find Dottie. Wilkes is excited to see the blood and wants them to give up on Dottie and help him. He is scared of slipping away and feels that it is something worse than death.

Masters threatens to take all of the big promises he made to Thompson away if he doesn’t figure out a way to subdued and/or discredit Peggy Carter. When Thompson goes to see Peggy at Stark’s mansion later in the evening, he tries to warn her she is barking up the wrong tree, she quickly comes back at him with an “I have been wrong before, and I’m not wrong now.” (That was me paraphrasing, but you get the point)

At a press conference (presumably a few days after the fundraiser), Whitney announces the untimely death of her husband and the other Council members in a boating accident. With Peggy and Sousa looking on, Whitney proclaims “I will come thru this stronger than ever” as a warning to the two SSR agents.

Wilkes gets the construction of his containment unit complete with the help of Ana Jarvis (who was also helping Wilkes in the last episode) and it works. Wilkes is whole again and first thing he does is grab Peggy and kiss her. This would be a great thing for Peggy except Sousa had just confessed that Violet broke off their engagement because he is still in love with Peggy and the two of them almost kissed before all hell broke loose at the fundraiser.

Masters makes a very sad attempt to torture Dottie for information, but she manages to laugh off all of his intimidation tactics. Dottie has been thru this countless times before, some of it she did to herself, and there is no way traditional methods will get her to spill what she knows about Peggy. Whitney doesn’t need traditional methods as she uses Zero Matter to torment Dottie into telling her what she knows about Dr. Wilkes and the research he has been conducting.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Whitney reactivates Dottie’s tracker in her necklace to lure out Peggy. Of course Peggy knows the whole ordeal is a trap and she and Jarvis come armed to rescue Dottie. Jarvis bumbles the weapon they were to use to keep from getting captured, but it doesn’t matter as Dottie, Peggy, and Jarvis are able to break free of their restraints. But the trap was not set for Peggy, it was get her out of the house so Whitney can go and get Wilkes.

Whitney and her mobster boyfriend, Manfredi, break into Stark’s mansion and quickly find Wilkes and his research. She is impressed by what he has discovered so far and proposes the two of them work together. Wilkes is opposed to her ideas of researching Zero Matter claiming there is no way to harness that kind of power. But Whitney doesn’t want to just harness it for herself, she wants to use it to set the world right for people like her and Wilkes. Women and people of color who are marginalized by white men who hold all of the power. Wilkes is tempted but in the end he doesn’t think her crazy ideas will bring on the much needed change, just more chaos. Tired of trying to convince him, Whitney knocks him out.

Ana, who is still back at the mansion waiting for Peggy and Jarvis to come home from rescuing Dottie, sees Whitney and Manfredi carry Wilkes to her car. She tries to delay them as Peggy and Jarvis start to pull up to the mansion, but Whitney rightly assumes shooting Ana will delay them chasing after her. Jarvis and Peggy rush Ana to the hospital, but things look bleak as she is rushed into surgery. Dottie uses the distraction to break out of the car and make a run for it thanks to a police officer who doesn’t understand basic directions.

Masters is still pouting about being upstaged by a woman and goes to lean on Sousa to get back the plutonium he and Peggy stole from Roxxon. Sousa doesn’t cave to Masters sweet song of power and accolades as Thompson had done, so Masters goes a different route by having a group of goons break into Sousa’s house and beat him. Seeing the roughed up state Sousa is in the next morning, Masters declares himself head of the West Coast office and orders Sousa on vacation.

The episode closes out with Peggy realizing she has cost Sousa his position in the SSR, lost her friend to a crazy starlet with uncheck power in her veins, allowed a crazy Soviet spy to break out of her custody, and may have cost Ana her life. Talk about darkest before the dawn.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories

Jarvis overhearing the conversation about Sousa’s broken engagement, then witnessing the kiss between Peggy and Wilkes was funny because of his reactions, but did the show need to stop down in the middle of all the crazy intensity to discuss the conundrum as to who should Peggy date? I was okay with the romantic storyline between Wilkes and Peggy, but I don’t like the addition of Sousa because the whole triangle thing takes away from the series overall. Agent Carter is at its best when things are focused on the action not her love life.

It is amazing to me that the writers would make Hayley Atwell a supporting member of her own show in the first hour and let Bridget Regan take the reins. Risky, but brilliant. The chemistry these two women have with anyone one who shares screen time with them just astounds me. Also dressing Dottie in a black and red dress with the diamond shape pendant in the center of her chest for the party is just brilliant.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I really loved Whitney Frost and totally supported her rise to villainy until she coldly shot Ana Jarvis at point blank range and now I hate her. I’m sure she will do something awesome in the next episode and I will love her again. I can’t help it, badass women villains are a weakness of mine.

I find it fascinating that Peggy underestimated Whitney just as all the men in their lives have underestimated them. Peggy assumed that Whitney would never break Dottie to figure out Wilkes is still alive and that the traps would always be set for her.

We still don’t know what Dottie wanted with the Arena Club pin she stole in this season’s first episode. She wondered around the secret lair upstairs to find what? I’m thinking because Russia has disowned her, she was poking around for information that will get her back in their good graces. What are your theories as to why Dottie was looking around the Arena Club?

Best line of the night:
Peggy: “I won’t believe any stories about [Dottie’s] demise until I see her dead body.”
Sousa: “Even then I might not believe it.”
Someone understands how comic books work!

We have to go ahead and face the elephant in the room. Hayley Atwell has been cast in a major network role due to premier in the fall. The party line is she will be able to do both shows, but let’s just call it what it is, the beginning of the end of Agent Carter. Add that with two weeks of two episodes airing back to back has the look of a burn off to me. Ratings have not been good this season and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. The second season has been way better than last year and Agents of SHIELD in the same time slot has managed to win back some of the viewers the first season scared off.

What did you think of last night’s Agent Carter? How happy were you to see Dottie again? Do you hate Whitney for shooting Ana like I am? Do you think Wilkes is going to eventually cave to Whitney’s plans? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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