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Spoilers for “My Struggle II”

Chris Carter and Fox are totally trolling us, right? I’m sure by the time you are reading this on Tuesday morning there would have already been an announcement that a season 11 will happen and all this panic and nerd rage has been for not. Fingers Crossed

Image Courtesy of FOX

Image Courtesy of FOX

Update: No word on a season 11 this morning.

It feels hard to recap this episode because I spent most of it very confused as I was in the first episode of the revival series. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been going back and re-watching the entire series from the start and I have found that, so far, the episodes having to do with the overall alien conspiracy were the ones I kinda check out on. The standalone monster of the week types were so much more fun and were actually more suspenseful. I found I had the same reaction during the revival episodes. The three episodes that had nothing to do with the overall conspiracy were much more fun to watch than the three talking about alien DNA and the cloning project to create more superior beings.

Here are my take away thoughts from last night’s finale:

This better not be the end.

Image Courtesy of FOX and

Image Courtesy of FOX and

Scully made one hell of a Mulder like leap to “We are all going to die” when the one guy infected with Anthrax came in. And just so you guys know, those Anthrax vaccines hurt like a mother f$%ker when we would get them. I wouldn’t be able to use my arm for about 24 hours afterward.

So Mulder is seriously paranoid, but he would leave his laptop open and unlocked with a Track My Phone app clearly visible on his desktop? I could totally buy Scully having a Track My Mulder app on her phone more than I would buy that scenario.

Image Courtesy of FOX

Image Courtesy of FOX

The Cigarette Smoking Man is using global changes to weather patterns as a result of man-made climate change as his reason for killing everyone off, but Scully and Reyes said the introduction to the faulty DNA has been going on since the Roswell crash in the late 40’s, maybe early 50’s. But climate change didn’t become a genuinely studied science until the mid-70’s. Was the world population’s DNA altered to be faulty as a just in case everything goes to hell kinda situation? Or am I reading too much into a TV show?

Dear Chris Carter,
Vaccines don’t cure people, they prevent the disease from taking hold in the first place. Einstein and Scully are medical doctors and would know the difference in the terminology. Please try and make them sound legit even when they are talking about alien DNA.
Thank you,

When Clyde Bruckman told Scully she doesn’t die, is this what he is referring to because if it is then Chris Carter may be a little bit of a genius and I could forgive him for trolling us with that ending.

Scully was able to stop a potential riot with the power of her words. That is some serious skills on display.

Scully brings up the need to find William and all of a sudden a space ship appears. Coincidence? I think not.

Image Courtesy of FOX

Image Courtesy of FOX

I watched the first five or ten minutes of Lucifer in hopes I would get a “Next Week on The X-Files” type preview. Alas, no dice.

What did you think of last night’s revival finale? Are you thinking this is Chris Carter’s way of forcing Fox to give him a season 11? Did you keep watching long after the episode was done to see if there was going to be more somehow? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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