Agent Carter – Making Promises

Spoilers for “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance”

This week’s Agent Carter takes us on an emotional and action roller coaster ride as the stakes for power over Zero Matter get higher.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC


Flashing back to the beginning of it all we see Jarvis talk Peggy thru disarming a Stark destructive device from back in episode one. This time we see things from the other side of that phone call as Ana asks Jarvis about who he was talking to. He tells her all about Peggy Carter and how she is someone respected by Howard Stark and not another one of his women. “I promise you, Miss Carter won’t interfere with our lives in the least,” Jarvis tells her. Ana responds with the words that seem to haunt Jarvis this season, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Cut to the present and Jarvis just looks broken waiting for his wife to wake up. Ana survived the surgery, but she is still unresponsive. Peggy tries her best to comfort Jarvis by bringing him clothing, toothbrush, and a razor so when Ana wakes up she will see her loving husband and not an anxiety ridden man. The display of their friendship in that moment was really something sweet to see especially when we see that same bond nearly destroyed later on in the second hour. It is also a testament to how much Peggy loves Jarvis and Ana by making sure Ana was going to be okay before going after Whitney Frost again.

Jarvis pleads with Ana promising to do all those things that she loves (“Make apple torts ever week, love your brown sweater, wear the periwinkle tie you knitted me, protect you…”) if only she would just open her eyes. I may have had to pause the show for a moment because all sorts of dust got in my eyes making them all watery. Ana finally opens her eyes and chides her husband for continuing to make promises he might not be able to keep. She will be okay, but the complications of the surgery left her without the ability to have children the doctor tells Jarvis. Unable to break the news to his wife, Jarvis goes back to the mansion to pack some things (including a Last Will and Testament) for Rose to take to the hospital for her to watch over Ana while he gets involved in Peggy’s plan to take down Whitney.

Muscled out of his job and still doesn’t know how things went with Peggy and Jarvis’ rescue attempt for Dottie the night before, Sousa turns up to Stark’s mansion to see blood on the concrete. Luckily Peggy drives up at that moment putting his fears of losing Peggy to rest for the moment. She fills Sousa in on all of the bad and he tells her about Vernon Masters looking for the plutonium rods they stole a few episodes back. The two of them come up with a crack plan to exchange the rods for Wilkes. Of course they are not going to give Whitney the real rods as Dr. Samberly makes a couple of counterfeits.

This is when Jack Thompson makes his appearance with a redacted file he retrieved from a friend across the pond detailing something horrible Peggy may or may not have done during the war. He is hoping he can use it as leverage to stop Peggy from ruffling the powerful feathers of those he is trying to get in good with. Peggy doesn’t even blink at Thompson’s stupidity and tells him that he is a good enough man and agent to not need shortcuts to the top.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Whitney is too busy to worry about Peggy and the rods as she keeps Wilkes captive and tries to get him to share what he knows about Zero Matter. At first he resists as she tempts him with knowledge and power. Then she started going off about voices in her head telling her to do things and that should have been Wilkes’ cue to NEVER TRUST HER! But of course he ends up falling for the “it is a gift, not a curse” line and when Peggy rescues him, Wilkes turns on her.

Peggy and Sousa trade the fake plutonium rods for Wilkes and just as they are all about to get away one of Manfredi’s goons drops the case revealing the deception. Peggy, Sousa, and Wilkes drive off in a hurry before they can be recaptured, but Wilkes pulls a shotgun on Peggy and demands to know where the real plutonium is stored. Peggy is unwilling to give up the information and holds steady as the frantic Wilkes threatens to shoot her. Sousa does give in to the threat and tells Wilkes the rods are at the SSR lab. Wilkes becomes non-corporeal again and goes back to Whitney with the information.

Whitney calls Masters, who was schooling Thompson on how it doesn’t matter if information you have on a person is wrong or not as long as it looks like it is official information. She wants Masters to retrieve the rods she needs from the SSR and Thompson finally displaying some backbone eavesdrop into the conversation and realizes that Peggy has been right the entire time. Thompson tries to stop Masters from getting the rods, but Masters uses the mind scramble device to make Thompson forget why he was there. When Peggy and Sousa find him in the lab, Thompson shows them the coordinates he wrote down for the meeting spot before getting his brain zapped.

Stark-ex-Machina to the rescue as she sends plans for a canon Samberly needs to build that will use Gamma Rays to diffuse Zero Matter. Peggy, Sousa, Thompson, Jarvis, and Samberly load up the new toy and head out into the desert to stop Whitney from opening another portal for Zero Matter. Whitney and Wilkes get the rift to open again and Zero Matter starts to form. Wilkes hears the voice talking to him and he is sucked into the vortex. Whitney is furious because the Zero Matter chose Wilkes over her. Before she can do anything about it, Samberly fires the canon and closes the portal to Zero Matter. But not before it returns Wilkes who is coursing with energy.

Careless with the need to take his revenge on Whitney, Jarvis rushes to her (with Peggy in tow trying to stop him) and shoots Whitney point blank. It is ineffective as the Zero Matter absorbs the energy of the bullets leaving her unharmed. Whitney orders Manfredi and his goons to take Peggy and Jarvis hostage because she can use them to keep Wilkes in line while she works to extract the Zero Matter from him.

The second hour starts us off with Peggy dreaming a delightful musical number about who she should pick, Sousa or Wilkes. She talks/sings to her deceased brother Michael, Dottie, and much missed Angie as they all tell her to make her choice. Jarvis and Ana make a quick appearance in full Ziegfeld Follies regalia to tell her Peggy needs to wake up. Back in reality, things are not good as she and Jarvis are tied up in the back of the van on their way to Whitney’s hide out. Peggy is always prepared for such a situation and has a hot wire in her belt to cut the doors open for them to jump out. The situation is only slightly better since they are no longer in Whitney’s custody, but still in the middle of nowhere with no water or transportation.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Sousa, Thompson, and Samberly are stuck in the middle of the desert as well since Peggy and Jarvis ran off with their vehicle. To make things a bit calamitous, the SSR agents working with Masters have been sent to dispatch those who fired the canon and shut down the Zero Matter portal. Thompson has a plan. He pretends to be on the same side as the SSR agents and keeps them from killing all of them on the spot. The group loads up the canon and takes Sousa and Samberly into custody for Masters’ to deal with back at the LA office.

Still stuck in the middle of the desert with nothing around for miles, Peggy becomes exasperated with Jarvis for his complaining about the walking and lack of rescue. She criticizes Jarvis for his selfish recklessness in his need for revenge on Whitney and for not taking the “adventures” she has as the life-or-death situations that they are. Jarvis in his grief is truly cruel in pointing out that many of the people in Peggy’s life end up dead. My heart plummeted in my chest during the argument because this felt like a fight that had been coming for some time. Jarvis has been continually putting himself in harm’s way since meeting Peggy and I’m sure it was a nice adventure for Jarvis who has been leading a really boring life before that, but it has not been without its struggles for him. Now that the danger has crossed over into his home life, it has hit him that what she has been asking of him has been something truly dangerous. Peggy is valid in her argument as well because Jarvis can step away at any moment he likes and bury his head away from the consequences, but she has to shoulder the burden of being the hero because she the weight of the mission is not something she can just forget. Jarvis then confesses that Ana cannot have children as a result in complications of her surgery and he hasn’t been able to tell her out of fear of breaking her heart. Thankfully the two of them are all sorts of British and kiss and make up in less than 30 seconds which ends up being good timing as the mob goons realize the two of them have escaped and have doubled back to find them. Peggy takes the guys down without breaking a sweat and the two of them drive back to LA.

Back at the SSR office, Thompson uses his silver tongue to talk Masters into keeping Sousa and Samberly alive to fix the canon so they all can get rid of Whitney and restore balance in the world. Masters can’t argue with that plan after Sousa agrees to participate stating that the real threat in the situation is Whitney. Killing her solves everyone’s problems and things can get back to normal. Peggy storms into the SSR office and repeatedly punches Master’s until Thompson and Sousa show up to let her know they are safe and have a plan. Peggy can’t quite trust Masters as she knows he will turn on them in a heartbeat, but there is no other choice at the time.

Whitney is impatient for the Gamma canon to be repaired so she can use it to extract the Zero Matter out of Wilkes. He has thwarted her efforts in extracting it out of him because he feels the imamate danger in the amount of power coursing thru him. He begs her to take him to an isolated area because he can’t hold it in for much longer, but she is determined to take Zero Matter from him. Thompson goes to Whitney to buy everyone at the SSR some time to get the machine working, but he uses this alone time to strike a deal of his own with her. He relays the plan to use the canon against her and wants a seat at the table in exchange for helping. Thompson is really a smooth criminal and actually has a plan with Samberly to make the canon into a bomb he can trigger remotely after he has left Whitney to deal with Masters effectively eliminating both her and Wilkes as a threat.

When Peggy and Sousa find out about his plan, they have Samberly make a signal jammer to keep Thompson from detonating the bomb so Peggy can rescue Wilkes. Even though he turned on her, she still believes he is someone who can be saved. But even Wilkes knows the situation is beyond help when she comes to save him yet again. After she unites him, he locks her out of the building and tells her to run because the Zero Matter is becoming out of control inside of him. Thompson manages to turn off the signal jammer and is about to detonate the gamma bomb as Wilkes gets to Whitney just as the Zero Matter comes pouring out of his body.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

I am really heartbroken at the thought of no little Jarvis’ running around the Stark mansion.

Am I a total weirdo for thinking Manfredi is a sweetheart for loving the power Whitney has and not just her pretty face?

Thompson and Sousa yelling “Do as Peggy says” as Samberly may have been one of the best things ever. Yes guys, always do as Peggy says and things will be okay.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

It is not a Whedon run show without their being some kind of musical element to it at some point and I was so happy to see Angie, if only briefly in a dream sequence. (Still waiting on the Agents of SHIELD musical episode)

Is there anything Hayley Atwell can’t do!?! She can act, sing, and dance beautifully. This woman already has my heart and after that musical number I feel as if I need to give that woman more. Someone please give that woman all of the awards.

I kinda hate that the musical number was all about choosing a man, though.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I figured Thompson was playing his own game when talking to Whitney and didn’t turn back to the dark side. That conversation made me really realize just how charming Chad Michael Murray can be and how well he really does play Jack Thompson.

Does anyone else think Thompson and Peggy have some seriously hot chemistry? Something about how they bicker is a little sexy.

“Who does Peggy have? Only you.” Yes Ana, Jarvis is the only person in Peggy’s life who actually looks out for her as does what is best for her as only a real friend would do. As demonstrated earlier, Sousa will do anything out of a selfish need to keep Peggy safe including putting everyone else’s life in danger. Thompson can be counted on doing what is best as long as it also is what’s best for him. Wilkes is just a desperate man willing to do what it takes to survive until it is evident that battle is already lost.

I’m kind of hoping Wilkes didn’t survive the Zero Matter, not because I am a shipper of Sousa and Peggy, but because I am really tired of the love triangle storyline and wanted it to go away like several episodes ago. Wilkes was okay in the beginning, but it has run its course now.

The final episode looks to get all crazy and intense as Whitney appears to have acquired all the power she wanted from Zero Matter and Howard Stark comes home to help try and save the day.

What did you guys think of last night’s double episode of Agent Carter? Are you happy to see Ana is okay? How crazy do you think Whitney is going to get in the finale? Do you think we have seen the last of Vernon Masters and Jason Wilkes? Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.

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