Daredevil Season 2 – “Well Sweetheart…”

I know I dropped the ball on the first part of the Daredevil trailer that was released last week. Thankfully I was by my computer and waiting for this one to come along.

Just in case you needed a refresher, here is the Part One of the newest Daredevil trailer featuring Frank Castle AKA The Punisher:

Part Two, as teased, is more about Elektra Natchios and the organization known as The Hand is briefly talked about. Take a look:

Part One is all about how bad can it get for Matt Murdock and his quest to save the city and how far The Punisher is willing to go to get “justice.” Part Two is focuses more on the overall mythology of Daredevil and his involvement with the mystical (even though the mystical has only been hinted at before).

Elektra comes a knocking (or more like comes a breaking in, gotta love the way Charlie Cox says “Well sweetheart, you don’t break into my house and then talk to me about trust”) and asks Matt to help her with the Yakuza who are starting to rebuild after Daredevil took them down last season. There is unquestionably a fallout from the events of season one and now Matt will wrestle with the idea that the chaos in the city may be of his own making.

The timing of season two’s release definitely has me wondering just how much The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will be referenced in Captain America: Civil War. Season two will have been streaming for a little over a month by that point and most of the fan base will have watched the entire run by May 6th. It has been announced that The Defenders crew will be in Infinity Wars so they have to be acknowledged at some point in the larger scale of the MCU.

Season two of Daredevil will be released on Friday March 18th and I will do one breakdown for all 13 episodes each day. Hope to see you guys back here!

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