Agent Carter – “So Long, Farwell, I hate to say Goodbye”

Spoilers for “Hollywood Ending”

Last night’s Agent Carter could very well be the last we ever get from this wonderful series. There was one mystery left in the air after all was said and done, but Peggy essentially got the Hollywood ending.

Quickie Recap:

The final episode flashes back 60 seconds before Wilkes stumbles into the room with Whitney and Masters to the standoff between Peggy and Thompson. Picking up with Samberly disabling the jamming device and Thompson just about to hit the detonator when Peggy threatens to shoot him. At first Thompson thinks she is bluffing, but Peggy is all sorts of serious when she cocks her gun.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

We never find out if she would have shot him or not because a blast comes from inside the warehouse. The group runs in to find Zero Matter all over the floor. Wilkes is okay and fully corporeal now that the Zero Matter has left his system and Masters has been evaporated. Whitney is stunned but the Zero Matter makes its way to her as she regains consciousness. Everyone does the smart thing and gets the heck outta there with Whitney on their heels. Luckily Jarvis and Howard Stark pull up and hit Whitney with their car and everyone drives away safe.

The Zero Matter has fully taken over Whitney and she is in full crazy mode trying to figure a way to reopen the portal again to bring Zero Matter into this world. Manfredi is worried about Whitney overly crazy state. She is no longer sleeping or eating, she is just working on her equations all day. Manfredi takes his mother’s advice and makes a deal with the devil to save Whitney’s life. That devil just happens to be Howard.

Since the SSR crack team is stumped on how to deal with Whitney’s increased power, they team up with Manfredi to sneak into Whitney’s room and take photos of her work. From there Samberly, Wilkes, and Howard figure out how to build the machine to open up the rift again and contain the Zero Matter that could come out. The plan is to open the rift up and wait for Whitney to show because she will know when it is open. When she gets close enough, they will hit her with the gamma canon blasting the Zero Matter out of her system and the rift will suck it all back to where it came from. Howard will then close the rift and all will be well.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The plan for the most part works. Whitney hears the siren call of the rift and they are able to blast the Zero Matter out of her body and send it back, but the machine keeping the rift open malfunctions and they cannot close it. Someone has to get close to the machine, in the danger zone, and close it manually. Whoever is too close when it starts to shut down will be sucked into whatever dimension Zero Matter came from. As Peggy, Wilkes, Jarvis, Thompson, and Howard debate who should go in, Sousa ties himself to a poll and starts to close the rift. The force of the rift starts to pull Sousa in, but the group (minus Jarvis who has an idea) bands together and tries to pull Sousa back. Jarvis in the meantime fetches a passed out Samberly (he freaked when he saw Whitney) and he pulls the core out of the gamma canon while Jarvis turns Howard’s hover car into a flying bomb. The two of them send the car straight into the rift and the gamma core blasts the rift shut before Sousa is lost for good.

Peggy says her goodbyes to Wilkes (who now has a job with Howard), Anna, and Jarvis before heading back to the office to complete the mountain of paperwork needing to be filed about the Isodyne case. Jarvis does his best to convince Peggy to stay in Los Angeles and at first she refuses. Her roommate and job is in New York. But after some teasing from Sousa on breaking her own rule on self-sacrifice Peggy kisses him. It looks as if she has found a compelling reason to stay while.

While waiting for Whitney to show, Thompson showed Peggy the Arena Club pin that belonged to Masters is also a key, but to what? Before Peggy and Thompson can join forces to find out, someone shoots Thompson in his hotel room as he is getting all packed for his return to New York. The mystery shooter takes the file Thompson acquired about Peggy before leaving. RIP Jack Thompson, I was just starting to really like you.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

Thompson started to become an actual good guy, so it is no shock that the show would kill him off. It does kinda suck because I could have totally seen him and Peggy together. They challenge each other in a way that Sousa doesn’t for her.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I am about 99.9999% sure Thompson’s killer is Dottie. Who else would want that file so badly?

About that file. It just says M. Carter on the front and in the beginning I assumed it was Margaret Carter, but what if the file was about Michael Carter. We all know that Peggy wouldn’t have made some of the egregious decisions some people made during the war and we all assumed the file was fake information to hold over her head. But what if the file was all about some of the things Michael did during the war?

I’m happy Peggy and Wilkes were able to part as friends. I really didn’t like that forced love triangle thing they had going. In fact, I’m over love triangles in general. Can we please stop those now?

Was anyone else super disappointed that Whitney was taken down so fast. She was such a great villain and there was so much build up to a final showdown. She kinda went out with a whimper.

There were soooo many great lines from the night (as there always is when Howard is making a guest appearance), but the best has to be after Jarvis hit Whitney with his car. These guys know how to deliver a line with perfectly dry comedic timing:
Howard – “Jarvis, you just hit a woman with my car.”
Jarvis – “I know, sir.”
Howard – “She’s a two time Oscar nominee.”
Jarvis – “Miss Frost is quite resilient. She’s Fine. Trust Me.”

Howard flirting with Rose is just amazing. And poor Samberly’s jealousy. How can he compete with the original genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Of course Howard would hit golf balls at the rift while waiting for the plan to start.

What did you guys think of what may be the final episode of Agent Carter? Are you sad to see Thompson go? Do you think it was Dottie who killed him? Do you think the big wigs at ABC may let us have a TV movie wrapping up Peggy Carter’s story if there is not season three? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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