Questions I still have and things we need to remember before the spring premiere of Quantico


Quantico comes back to us this Sunday after a four month hiatus. There are just too many twists and turns in the plot and it would take a while to recap everything, but here are the basics. Alex Parish has been framed for the bombing of Grand Central Station. The frame up job started back when she was in training a few months before at Quantico. Now she has to team up with her former classmates to clear her name and find the real bomber.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

To get the full story, I would click here. There are still so many unanswered questions (chief among them who the puppet master behind the bombings and frame ups):

  • Who shot Ryan Booth at Alex’s apartment the day of the Grand Central bombing? We know it was not Elias because he was too busy drugging and dragging Alex all around New York for whomever was setting her up. It still weirds me out that despite the fact that everyone now knows it was not Alex who shot him, yet they are not looking into who pulled the trigger.
  • Are we going to hear Ryan’s song he wrote about Alex?
  • Did Alex and Liam sleep together after that disastrous New Year’s Eve party? Please let the answer to that one be no.
Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

  • What happened in Chicago that left both Liam O’Connor and Ryan’s asses in a sling? We know it was an op that went bad and Ryan was the fall guy for a lot of it, but I’m curious as to what happened.
  • How did Ryan know where Simon Asher went after he was kicked out of Quantico? Ryan was long gone before Simon was kicked out and the two weren’t exactly super friendly even when the both of them were there together. Even though he looks all shocked when he realizes Simon is working for Clayton Haas, it is really convenient that Ryan sends Alex to the one person working both sides.
Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

  • Why did Clayton bring Simon back into the FBI when he found him working for a tech company? He said that Simon had been undercover for months. Doing what exactly? It seems like to me Simon was reinstated so he could wait for Alex to come to him.
  • Who is Mark Raymond and why is Caleb Haas pretending to be him? Is Caleb using this alias to spy on the cult that he was a part of way back when? Or is he still a part of the cult and working an angle inside the FBI? What was he doing at the bank that was bombed at the end of the first half of the season?
  • Was Charlie Price planning on shooting up his school or was he going to commit suicide in front of his school? Who was Charlie talking to after he was released from prison? Who kidnaped him and how did he end up back home?

About that bank bombing in the winter finale… List of Possible Dead:

  • Liam O’Connor (Probably not since he is in some of the stills going around promoting the second half of the season)
  • Shelby Wyatt (Also in some of those stills)
  • Claire Haas
  • Raina Amin
  • Caleb Haas (Also in the stills)
  • Clayton Haas
  • Ryan Booth (Also in the stills)

People I think are the bomber (Least likely to most likely and for an explanation as to why I think these guys might be the bombers, read this):

  • Miranda Shaw
  • Ryan Booth
  • Caleb Haas
  • Clayton Haas
Photo Courtesy of ABC

Photo Courtesy of ABC

What questions do you have that you hope Quantico will answer soon? Is there anyone on the possible dead list I may have forgotten? Who do you think is the bomber? Let me know in the comments section below and come back Monday morning for another round of Quantico recaps and theories.

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