What Movies will be the Top Earners this Summer?

Now that the major studios have dropped off their January and February crappy movie offerings (the one notable exception being Deadpool of course), it is time for the big movie guns to come out. That’s right people, I’m talking Summer Blockbuster time! From now until September, the big studios start releasing the movies that continue to make them kings of everything in Hollywood. Not every movie released during this time is a big success and every year there is that one wild card that makes bazillions of dollars that no one saw coming.

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So UberApe and I have decided to make our picks as to what we think will be the top ten movies coming out this summer, what wild card will blindside everyone and kill it at the box office, and what five movies will bomb big time. (UberApe’s predictions are coming early next week)

My Picks for the Top Ten (In no particular order):

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25th) – Batman (DCs most popular character) is battling Superman (the second most popular). Explain to me how this movie will not make at least $100 million in its opening weekend. Well there is all those rumors going around that the WB executives are not too thrilled with the reactions from test screenings, and those other rumors BVS is being recut (again) to feature more of Affleck’s Batman since he is testing better than Cavil’s Superman. I think those rumors will only deter the handful of nay sayers out there. The rest of us have already purchased our tickets.

Captain America: Civil War (May 6th) – This movie is getting all sorts of positive buzz from screenings and it pretty much tops everyone’s most anticipated list. Dubbed Avengers 2.5, Civil War looks to break all of the box office records for a summer comic book movie release while breaking everyone’s heart by putting our favorite superheroes against each other.

X-Men: Apocalypse (May 27th) – This one got off to a little bit of a rocky start when photos of Oscar Isaacs’ Apocalypse were released and people started to compare him to Ivan Ooze from The Power Rangers.

Image Courtesy of Moviepilot.com

Image Courtesy of Moviepilot.com

Thankfully things were cleaned up a lot in post and Apocalypse may end up being one of the best comic book movie villains since Loki. Many fans are excited for the addition of young Jean Grey, Cyclops, Psylocke, Storm, and Nightcrawler, along with a bigger part for Evan Peters’ show stealing Quicksilver.

Finding Dory (June 17th) – Dory was a huge fan favorite from Pixar’s mega-successful Finding Nemo. Of course they are going to give her a sequel. What really works in this movie’s favor is Pixar took their time getting this movie out there and put a lot of love into it, much like they did for both of the Toy Story sequels. We also get to reconnect with more of the characters we fell in love with and meet some new ones that will definitely be a welcome addition to the Pixar family.

The Jungle Book (April 15th) – Another big Disney movie! I was iffy putting this one on the list because it does have to potential to go either way. In the end I think it will be a hit in theaters because it looks like a big adventure movie kids will absolutely love. The big name actors voicing several of the animal characters will be a big draw for the parents and grownups without children who enjoy kid’s movies (like me).

Star Trek Beyond (July 22nd) – The third entry of the very popular Star Trek reboot looks like it will focus more on what the original show was about, traveling thru space and learning about new civilizations while getting tangled up in their drama. J.J. Abrams has passed the torch to Fast and Furious director Justin Lin. Less lens flairs and more psychotic action judging by the first trailer which was pretty damn bitchin.

Jason Bourne (July 29th) – The Bourne franchise has been pretty solid in terms of box office numbers with the exception of The Bourne Legacy. But that movie kinda doesn’t count because it doesn’t star Jason Bourne. No worries this time around because both Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are back for the next installment along with a stellar supporting cast that includes the super awesome Vincent Cassel and Oscar Winner Alicia Vikander. Nothing is known about the plot yet, but that only serves to build the buzz around this film.

Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Suicide Squad (Aug 5th) – In the beginning, this movie seemed like it was going to be a massive gamble on the part of Warner Bros and the DCEU. The plot is a bit risky trying to sell a group of villains teaming up and becoming heroes. But it was the casting of Jared Leto and Will Smith caused all sorts of a ruckus from fan boys and racists alike and made for some bad buzz for a movie that was looking to be precarious already. Two very awesome trailers to the rescue! Not all of the skepticism surrounding Leto’s Joker has abated, but most everyone seems to be focusing on how fun the movie looks in comparison to the super seriousness of BVS or Civil War. In think after two very heavy comic book movies in a row will drive people to want to see a group of smart asses save the world.

The Magnificent Seven (Sept 23rd) – I actually don’t want to put this movie on this list because I think it is going to be terrible. First of all, the original Magnificent Seven is a classic Western (a remake of the even better Seven Samurai) beloved by many and should exist on the “Never Touch” List in Hollywood. What makes me think it will be a big box office smash is the cast. Christ Pratt, Matt Bomer, Denzel Washington, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ethan Hawk, and Peter Sarsgaard are just some of the big names. What is going to make it awful is the horribly bland movie maker Antoine Fuqua is directing. Don’t give me the Training Day song and dance, even a blind squirrel finds a nut eventually especially when given a stellar cast and script. Here is hoping a Nic Pizzolatto script and great actors will save this movie from Fuqua.

Ghostbusters (July 15th) – This is another one I was hesitant to put on the list. There was so much idiotic backlash over the casting of female leads that it looked like this movie was going to be doomed even before it began filming. The trailer release on Thursday may have calmed some of the haters and doubters down a little. There is still a very divisive split on how people are reacting to the movie, but I think majority of the responses out there have been positive. As long as the cast gets out there and markets the movie well, I think ticket buyers are going to respond in kind.

Wild Card: Keanu (April 29th) – The first movie from the comedy team of Key and Peele looks to be freaking hilarious. If you are a fan of the duo or Comedy Central, then this movie has been on your radar for a while. But Keanu is not going to be a movie marketed to a larger broad audience because the leads are POC and it is a Rated-R movie that will definitely push the boundaries of language and cartoon like violence. I think it is going to be a big box office smash because Key and Peele are a lot more popular than the studios give them credit for and it has the potential of good word of mouth.

Top five box office bombs (In no particular order):

Angry Birds (May 20th) – This movie is about five years too late. Most people have moved on to other addictive mobile games and have forgotten about how much they loved playing Angry Birds. Also, it just looks unfunny.

Image Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Image Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Independence Day Resurgence (June 24th) – This sequel is about 18 years too late. Independence Day was a fun, fast paced action film that helped catapult Will Smith into super stardom. Resurgence looks all overly somber (read: boring) and has forgotten Smith made the first film awesome. His character was killed off before the events of this movie!

Warcraft (June 10th) – This one suffers from Video-Game-Movie-itus. Pretty much all films based on a popular video game have been terrible and failed pretty hard at the box office. I have a feeling this one is not going to do any better than the rest of them. Until I see a trailer, I don’t have high hopes for Assassin’s Creed either.

The Legend of Tarzan (July 1st) – This is not a Disney live action remake of the Tarzan animated movie. This is kind of an original telling of what happens after Tarzan returns to the jungle after many years living in England and adopted his given name of John Clayton III. There have been a lot of issues in getting this movie off the ground initially and production had to be shut down due to budget issues. Usually problems behind the scenes like that end up reflecting in the final product. Add that to lackluster viewings of the trailer and you got a failure on your hands.

Now You See Me 2 (June 10th) – The first movie did really well in the foreign market, so you have China to thank (again) for a sequel no one asked for to a movie people didn’t like.

What movies do you think will crush it at the box office this summer? What movies do you think will crash and burn? Are there any wild cards you can think of that will surprise studios with its popularity? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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