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Welcome back Quantico, oh how I have missed your twisty turny ways! Some of my bomber theories have been squashed, but I love it because now I get to come up with new ones! Alex’s name has been cleared as a terrorist, but things do not look great for our favorite FBI agent as she has to try and convince others (as usual) that she is right. Let’s dive back into conspiracy shall we!

Spoilers for “Alex”


Back at training in Quantico, Alex, Shelby, and Natalie are swearing off the drama because they feel like they are falling off their game in training. Good thing too because the next round tests puts our favorite class of NATs against a class that is ahead of them in training. The two classes will compete in a set of challenges and whoever wins the most points gets to cut five members of the losing team’s roster. Some serious rivalries start to form while competing and of course everyone has an adversary. Alex’s new rival is Drew Perales, a former NFL player that left the league after a couple of seasons because of injuries or head trauma issues (I don’t remember or care really). Shelby’s new foe is Iris Chang, who is a business wizard that eventually sued her former partners for more money and power. Iris really doesn’t like Shelby because Iris is self-made and Shelby is a trust fund baby. Caleb’s new foe is Will Olsen, a socially stunted super brain that puts Caleb’s computer skills to shame.

At the end of the competition, (surprise, surprise) the two teams are tied and have to do a super awesome game of save the hostages and money to see who the winner is. The other set of NATs prove themselves to be cheaters as they hack the camera feeds so Caleb is blind, pull a Joker by dressing the hostages as the bad guys, and sacrifice one of their own so she could eavesdrop. Alex and co didn’t realize they were played until it was too late and ended up killing a few of the hostages while the other team escaped out the back with the money.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Everyone throws a temper tantrum because the other team broke all of the set rules, but Miranda makes on hell of a point in saying criminals are not going to follow the rules. Bad guys are going to do whatever it takes not to get caught so you have to learn how to think out of the box to catch them. But since a tantrum was thrown, three NATs from Alex’s team are cut and two from the other are cut with them. Oh and now they all have to work together from here on out. Fun times!

So that drama Shelby said she didn’t want anymore, well that whole ordeal lasted all of 20 minutes when she decided she was going to get back in contact with the woman who said she was her sister and maybe confront her about lying. Shelby sets up a meet with Samar/Haiffa but her husband, Khaled shows up instead to tell her that Caleb demanding a cut lead to her kidnaping. She went to the people who asked Haiffa to pose as Shelby’s sister to tell them she wanted out and they took her the next day. Khaled asks Shelby and Caleb to look into who took his wife. Caleb tracks Haiffa’s emails to Croatia.

In the present time, we have jumped forward three months since the bombings of Grand Central and the Bank. A Senate committee is investigating Alex’s claims that Elias was just a puppet in a larger scheme. The rest of the team that investigated the bombings feel that Alex is wrong and Elias did it all on his own because he grew to hate the FBI after his ousting from Quantico.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Everyone begs Alex to give up because there is no evidence Elias was working for someone. After hitting brick wall after brick wall in her investigation of him and realizing she has no one to help her anymore, Alex testifies that she no longer feels that Elias was working for someone else. Of course she was lying and everyone else knows it. They all get mad at her for doing exactly as they asked because they are kind of assholes now (some of them with reason). Alex is reinstated back to the FBI.

Sulking at home and dodging phone calls from angry citizens who though she was right in thinking there is a bigger conspiracy at work, Alex gets a phone call from a burner phone hidden in her apartment. It is the puppet master telling Alex she was right all along and that she is to go to a certain street corner for a meet. When she gets there, the person calls again to tell her that she might not be the terrorist before, but she is about to become one now. After they hang up, Natalie walks out of the shadows frightened with a bomb strapped to her chest.

Who lived and who died

It was revealed pretty early on that 32 agents were killed in the bank bombing. Clayton Haas was the only victim so far that we know of.

Image Courtesy of ABC

RIP Clayton Haas Image Courtesy of ABC

Shelby, Nimah, Raina, Clair Haas, and Liam all survived, but Caleb has not been mentioned or seen. There is a pretty big chance that he is severely injured or possibly in a coma. I’m wondering if any of the NATs we just met at Quantico are amongst the 32 agents killed in action.

Acting Shady

Raina makes the top of the list because she was able to get the names from Charlie as to who kidnaped him, but she didn’t give the info to Miranda and the FBI agent investigating the Islamic terrorist group they think is behind all this and contacted them on her own. Is Raina going off book and looking into the Islamic terrorist group on her own. Is she trying to be a hero and get info or is this something more sinister?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Don’t think I forgot about the Mark Raymond fake persona Caleb has. Also Shelby asked Caleb to but out of dealing with her sister and he follows her to the meet anyways. I wonder if he is just looking out for Shelby or does he have another plan at play?

Who can Alex Trust?

Even before she had the bomb strapped to her chest, it seemed like Natalie was the only person in the group willing to be nice to Alex during the Senate hearings. Natalie did ask Alex to give up on the investigation, but didn’t talk down to her about it like the others did.

Miranda testified that she thinks Elias acted alone, but I think she trusts that Alex may be on to something. I think she is someone Alex and Natalie can go to for help.

Who is Guilty of What?

Ryan and Shelby are guilty of being assholes. Simon is the only person in the group that has a right to be angry with Alex for holding on to the investigation. He looks as if he is suffering from PTSD because he is the person that planned the Grand Central bombing for a whole different reason and then unintentionally set off the bomb in the bank. He is carrying the weight of over 100 people that he inadvertently killed.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Ryan went to Alex’s apartment to ask her to drop her claims and when she did just that, he got angry because she didn’t mean it and was going to continue her investigation quietly and on her own. I don’t understand why that matters to him, she isn’t asking for his help or planning on flaunting anything unless she finds information.

Shelby is the absolute worst because her affair with Clayton was outed during the investigation and she had to quit the FBI and move back to Georgia to escape the bad press surrounding her. So who does she blame for being vilified for sleeping with a married man? Alex. Shelby made the choice to have an affair with her married to a Senator boss and made out with him in a public area with cameras, but Alex is to blame for Shelby’s failed career. As if I couldn’t hate that character more. I hope the new girl Iris puts her on her ass a few times.

What did you think of last night’s spring premiere of Quantico? What do you think happened to Caleb? Do you think Natalie is going to survive the next episode? Are you liking the new NATs? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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