Agents of SHIELD – Secret Warriors, Come Out and Play!

New Inhumans (one who is super creepy), new challenges, new start, and a new hand as Agents of SHIELD starts to drop hints at a grim ending for someone three months from now (which happens to be right after Civil War hits theaters!). Let’s dive in!

Spoilers for “Bouncing Back”

Quickie Recap:

Three months from now there will be a quint jet in space with at least one SHIELD agent on board that will explode. The only clue is the golden cross we see floating around along with some blood. When we cut to present time in Colombia, we meet Elena Rodriguez (Slingshot for those who follow the comics and Yo-Yo for those who love Mack) and she is wearing the same golden cross.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

When we meet Elena, she is stealing weapons from the local police. She is able to move so quickly she cannot be seen by the officers transporting the guns. SHIELD comes sweeping in to investigate why an Inhuman would need weapons. Joey is gets to do more than just melt metal and acts as a translator for Mack and Daisy. While investigating the scene, Mack notices Elena, who is looking suspicious. Mack moves to question her, but she moves very quickly and gets his gun and throws him into a van before he really knew what hit him. Elena takes Mack back to her place and duck tapes him to a bathroom sink while she passes the weapons to her cousin. Mack escapes but only momentarily as Elena gets the upper hand on him again. Elena doesn’t speak English and Mack doesn’t speak Spanish, but the two manage to have a conversation. Elena thinks her powers were a gift from God. Mack tells her it was fish, which she was having for dinner the night she transformed. Just as the two were starting to gain some headway, Daisy, Hunter, and Bobbie bust in the save Mack and take Elena into custody.

After Elena wakes up in the containment unit, she and Joey start to talk about why she was stealing the weapons. She explained that the local police are thugs who use their power to take advantage of those who have none. She and her cousin were destroying the weapons so no one could use them and maybe the people can take some of the power back. Bobbie and Hunter find Elena’s cousin as he is throwing the weapons in a river. Shortly after their arrival, the police show up with an Inhuman of their own who can freeze people with his eyes. The police take Hunter and Bobbie with them to find out exactly who they are and they kill the cousin as a message to Elena.

Mack, Joey, Daisy, and Elena work together to break into the police station to rescue Bobbie and Hunter. Along the way Joey destroys all of the guns in the station. “Medusa Eyes” is in custody for a short while until a Hydra helicopter shows up and nabs their prisoner.

Joey tries to convince Elena to stay with them and join the team, but she doesn’t want to leave her home. She feels like she can do more good work in her country. Mack gives her a watch so whenever they may need her, or vice versa, she can get a hold of them. Daisy gives another one like it to Joey so he can return home and try to lead a normal life. She made the same offer to Lincoln (who is no longer a wanted man), but he made a choice to stay with Daisy and SHIELD.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Coulson meets with the President in Rosalind’s old apartment to talk about Inhumans. The President can’t officially reinstate SHIELD (the helicarriers crashing in DC is still fresh in everyone’s mind), but he does give Coulson his blessing to continue working as a Black Ops unit for the ATCU. As for Gideon Malick, he has way too much power for the President to take on and no information to give him. His “hands are tied, yours are not” (read: “Please take that man out, but I can’t be involved or implicated”). Plan B for catching Malick is to use to brain stimulating machine Coulson has been thru twice to get information out of Strucker Jr. who is still in a persistent vegetative state.

Strucker Jr. tells them about the place he would go to call Malick in cases of emergency. Coulson uses the information without a problem and calls Malick to warn him that he will shut him down. Coulson also warns Malick that he is tracing the phone call and he will raid every place the call is routed thru. Malick taunts Coulson with his unconcern for having to shut down a few branches of his company. It will be a minor inconvenience, but no real harm done. Malick is too busy with his new friend to really care what Coulson is up to. On the plus side Coulson gets to show off his new hand Fitz made for him to May. It looks and feels like a real hand, but Coulson still doesn’t feel whole. Everything he has done since the death of Rosalind has left a mark on him, especially killing Ward. May tells him that feeling means he just joined the Calvary.

Dead Ward/Hive has been severely weakened by his exile in Maveth and has not moved or talked since his arrival. Hive has been sitting in front of a group of TVs trying to catch up with life on Earth since his exile. Much to Malick’s delight, Hive is asking for him and wants to feed. Lots of steaks later (I’m seriously wondering if that was cow he was eating) Hive is able to stand and communicate more and he wants to demonstrate why exactly he was feared. We will have to wait till next week to see what that demonstration will be.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

I think the golden cross is meant to throw us off in the beginning. I don’t think Elena is going to be the person who dies in the quint jet explosion. The cross was used as a way to tie the two events together as if they are saying meeting Elena was the start of the chain of events that leads that person there. Any guesses as to who might be the one to die? Please don’t let it be Mack.

Did anyone else pick up on the Elena and Mack romance vibes they had going on?

Jemma and Fitz were a side note to all of the action. The two of them were super awkward about what happened on Maveth with Will and Hive, but they made up and decided that they are going to start over. So YAY!

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Of course Hunter would have taken the fish oil pills to see if he would gain powers. Is anyone surprised he wanted X-Ray vision? Bobbie thought about taking them and after the two of them were rendered basically useless the entire episode, I kind of understand why.

The Secret Warriors be the center of focus this episode was very enjoyable, but I really hope the writers don’t make a habit of sidelining their two badass females. I really missed seeing the two of them in action this time.

We were just getting to know Joey and now he is gone. I know the cast is getting huge and they have to find a way to manage it for now, but I liked the guy.

You guys found Hive to be super creepy too right? Something about the dead eyes just really freaked me out. Brett Dalton is really getting to stretch those acting chops with all the new personalities the show gives him.

Please don’t let Coulson be Sad Coulson for too long. I miss his dry wit and humor.

You guys saw the appointment of Glenn Talbot as the new head of the ATCU coming. It felt too inevitable.

What did you think of last night’s spring premiere of Agents of SHIELD? Does Hive creep you out too? Who do you think is going to die in the quint jet explosion? How wacky do you think the antics will get between Talbot and Coulson? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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